Happy 2nd Birthday Zayyan Umar

My little petite baby is 2 today! Pejam celik sudah dua!

Happy Birthday Yayan sayang! Mama Ayah and Abang doakan Adik grow up healthy and happy. Be a good man. You are always in my prayers. Always and forever.

All grown up. This clingy boy is becok at home but shy with strangers. Level of tantrum is 2-notch higher than IY. A work-in-progress on the weaning off process. Very camera friendly (vainpot juga!!). Very putera lilin. Very kaki bodek. Classic case of the second child syndrome. Adorable nevertheless. Mama loves you with all my heart.



2 thoughts on “Happy 2nd Birthday Zayyan Umar

  1. happy birthday ZU. Semoga membesar dengan sihat & kuat (macam iklan Milo). Seronok tengok gambar Yayan sebab selalu senyum & happy. May Allah bless u, dunia & akhirat. Amin…

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