Breastfeeding: Year Two

Another reason to celebrate yesterday, apart from it was Z’s birthday was of course my 2-year breastfeeding journey. Wow the feeling! Ah-mayy-zing!!

Though I can’t say the journey has ended yet, but at least if it stops now at any point, I don’t mind. Right now I’m just waiting for Z to slowly coming to terms that he has to say goodbye to mommy’s boobies. LOL!! No pressure. Mommy’s just chillin’.

At the mo, Z is still a casual drinker. He only requests for nenen bila dia teringat. Which most of the time I will try to distract him with his bottle of milk. He drinks Dutch Lady 123 (white). Nak tau napa tuka from Pediasure? Sebab masa balik from Istanbul haritu, the formula stock we brought dah habis. So dalam plane I requested from the flight attendant if they had spare formula. They had Dutch Lady in white original flavour. Surprisingly Z liked it. MAS gave the whole packet pulak tu suruh bawak balik semua. Wahhh best! Balik rumah sambung minum lagi and when I gave Pediasure, dia tak nak dah pulak!

We had a few successful no-bf nights. He still wakes up usually at 3-4am for milk but when given the bottle, he will just drink up and doze off.

But!!! When he wants nenen and nothing else, he WANTS it! Sampai hentak2 kaki and jerit nangis. And when he gets it, he will giggle and smile…drink, pause and look at me..”mama, dap!! (mama, sedap!). Awww, how can you NOT melt?? It’s okay baby, we are getting there. Slowly but surely ya?

I have to say, weaning off is a very painful heartbreaking process. Sedih betul mommy ni. Eh, mommy yang sedih? Emo habis!

Said this in my insta, wanna say it again – YAY!!! MOMMY DAH GRADUATE!! BALING TOPI CONVO!!



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