Speech Therapy

We’ve been noticing that IY stutters. At first I thought it was nothing. Then our parents noticed it too and I started paying more attention. Hubby thinks it’s because he talks too loud and wanted to finish his sentences kelam kabut that’s why dia berebut-rebut nak cakap semua benda cepat-cepat. Or maybe both of us are in denial. I don’t know. Currently reading a lot about stutters in children. We haven’t decided if we should go to a speech therapist yet.

Right now I’m trying to record IY when he speaks. Maybe nak bawak pi jumpa paed dulu and ask for opinion showing the videos. Then we’ll see how it goes. Harap-harap it’s nothing.



5 thoughts on “Speech Therapy

  1. dear, gibran used to stutter too. and funny enough tau he is a lot like IY from what i read about IY. gibran talks very loudly, and stuttered sbb dia nak ckp cepat cepat and byk byk, so stutter la jugak for a while. about a year plus jugak lah. what we did was that we spoke calmly to him when he starts stuttering and we go back to his last sentence to show him we’re paying attention to what he says, then we tell him calm “ok baby, so the teacher did that.. and then what happened next? pelan-pelan k…jgn la rushing jer nanti mummy tak paham..”.. it seems to work coz at that time we feel maybe he had too much to tell and nak express all at once dgn cepat cepat coz dia takut org tak dgr dia or will stop paying attention to him. well in our case that was the case lah. but honestly u are the parent and u know IY best and if in any doubt at all lagi elok gi dr and rule anything out.. justttt in case,kan.

    • Oh Nina! You have no idea how lega I am to read this! So it’s common la kan. Okay maybe each case is different but at least ada la jugak someone out there yang lebih kurang sama dengan IY. Phew!
      We are trying to do just that tapi from I read dia cakap jangan suruh anak cakap slow or jangan suruh dia “think before speak” — which was the exact thing I did! Just let him talk however he wants. Yang penting jangan mock him!
      Well, I takut kat sekolah nanti kawan2 yang mock pulak. The teacher pun ada report “about the way he talks” (politely they never mention the word gagap, but I get it).

      We’ll see la how. By primary school kalau tak ok jugak kena la bawak refer the experts.

      Thanks so much dear!

  2. Ooo i noticed it too but I thought it was one of those thing yg will soon go off. Wawa pun mcm ni sikit dulu…dia byk nk cerita her brain mcm thinking of many things but her mouth mcm x boleh nak catch up hehe. Dont worry too much but.just monitor dulu..hopefully it’s nothing!

    • I don’t remember Wawa being gagap? Dia penah jugak eh stage macam ni? I guess I worry too much kan? Haih!
      Yeah hopefully it’s nothing. I want to believe it’s just a phase.

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