Our little surprise

A little bun is in the oven! Coming our way 2014. InsyaAllah.

Alhamdulillah. Rezeki yang tidak disangka-sangka. All this while we were struggling to conceive IY and Z, this time around contraceptive pun tak lut. Effort-less! LOL!!

Doakan a smooth journey for me ya! Toodles!



The above was supposed to be the entry I’ve drafted to be published AFTER my first gynae appointment. I was waiting for Dr Seri to confirm baru nak announce officially.

I’m 6 weeks into my pregnancy now. Last Saturday I had some spotting and at first I thought it was nothing. Implantation bleeding is normal during the early days. I had that masa IY dulu. It should go away within days.

But on Sunday I was shocked to see spots of fresh blood. Oh my! I know that’s not a good sign. After berbuka, we went to the ER and the MO gave me a shot. He referred me to the gynae on call for a full checkup the next day. I didn’t go to the appointment sebab the gynae was a guy. I called up a few more hospitals to fix appointment with a female gynae. Cari yang paling cepat tak payah Q lama-lama. Dapat Dr Suriati kat Pantai Cheras. She did a vaginal scan (see why I didn’t want male doc?) and confirmed that there’s a sac but the baby is too small to be seen.

I was prescribed with Duphaston pills and a lot of bed rest. Jalan pun kena slow-slow macam orang dalam pantang. Went home and rested some more.

That night I started to feel menstrual cramps. Memang sebijik rasa macam tengah period. The pain was bearable though. Takde la sampai tergolek menonggeng punya senggugut. The next morning my pad was soaked with blood. Memang terkejut sangat-sangat. I showed the pad to Gee and had a good cry. Luluh rasa hati ini. Gee consoled me. If it’s meant to be, it’s meant to be. I must try to fight for our baby.

My cramps come and go like waves of contractions. I decided to go to the ER again because I was worried. They sent me straight to the gynae on call clinic. Though she’s not Dr Seri, any lady doc is fine by me. Dr Tan is a lovely lady. Soft spoken and asked a lot of questions. I like her. She did a vaginal scan (again!) on me and I saw the same thing Dr Suriati showed me semalam. Since I already had my pills, Dr Tan didn’t prescribe me any drugs. Her only prescription was to admit me and let me have a bedrest. Full rest without the kids without distractions.

So here I am. In the hospital room. Lying on the bed. Bored and missing my kiddos. This will be the first time ever Zayyan sleeps without me over night. I wish daddy good luck!

Pray for me and baby ya. I just hope there’s still hope. No matter what God has decided, I know it’s for the best.

Dear Baby,

Mama is doing my best to keep you safe and warm until the day you’ll be born. Please do your best too to stay strong and hold on. Hang tight to my uterus and don’t let go ok? We can do this. We will beat this odd sayang. I love you so much no words are enough. Please be our little miracle.

You are always in my prayers. Always. Amin.



8 thoughts on “Our little surprise

    • Thanks Kak Farah. Yeah I’m trying to just think of happy thoughts. And resting a lot. And I gain my spirit from reading comments from everyone too. Really made my day.

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