Confinement after miscarriage

It’s been a week plus and I’m feeling much better now — physically. Emotionally — ok la jugak..sesekali teringat kat dia and jenguk luar tingkap backyard bila rindu.

It never crossed my mind that I needed to berpantang after my miscarriage. Luckily, ramai yang mengingatkan. Fuhh sangat ramai. Although no need to pantang like a real mommy yang beranak, I followed a few pantang regimes yang make sense lah (to me at least!).

1. Rest – of course this is my no one priority. I just sleep whenever I feel like it (albeit the boys being noisy and bugging me wanting this and that). Daddy layan their needs. Thank you sayang.

2. Food and drinks – No ice no cold stuff rules. I eat almost macam biasa but still being picky.

3. Jamu – I am not a jamu person. Never makan jamu when I had IY and Z. Tapi this time I decided nak give it a try. Tapi tak beli la the whole set. Just the necessary ones from Nona Roguy.

4. Bengkung – My uterus dah start mengembang although I was only 6w carrying the baby. I no longer bf Z so I had no natural mechanism to shrink it. So I braced myself to this! Sapu the Pati Halia cream and lilit myself with the traditional bengkung yang panjang tu. Alternate la dengan PB girdle and waist nipper. It felt good walaupun agak susah nak gerak and jalan macam robot. Tapi takde la pakai all the time macam pantang betul. Amik syarat je la.

The rest semua macam biasa. My life goes on as usual. I didn’t confine myself dalam rumah nor did I pakai socks sweater all the time. I couldn’t bring myself to do that. Boleh jadi meroyan stress kot I buat macam tu! And being stressed is a total no-no for me. So far I’m planning to do all of the above for about 2 weeks. Cukup la tu kan?

I was back in the office working after 6 days. Work is a good distraction. I don’t think much of it anymore. But of course, my baby is in my doa all the time.

One thing I wanted to do tapi belum berkesempatan is a body massage. Dapat full package pun sedap nih! InsyaAllah will do it soon.



2 thoughts on “Confinement after miscarriage

  1. Salam Put3. Takziah for your lost. Allah ada plan yg lebih baik bila Dia ambil ‘ the little one’. I’ve been there. Losing my 1st baby, arwah Ahmad. Same as yours, we burried him in our backyard, pada taman bunga. 1st few weeks susah sikit coz, kena lalu ‘kubur’ dia bila nak ke kereta. I hope you strong.
    I pun pantang 2 minggu je masa gugur dulu. Ada org pantang sampai 100 hari. Itu yg strict ikut pesan bidan2 la.. Better lepas dahp pulih nanti pergilah bercuti. So xde la teringat sangat. Boleh bond balik dengan suami & anak2.
    Better luck next time.. Take care…

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