And we are officially done

At 2 years 1 month, I’m proud to announce that my mission is accomplished! Yeay! Alhamdulillah. Zayyan is officially off the boobies! Weehoo!!!

When I was bedresting at the hospital, he slept with Gee and IY at MIL’s for 3 nights. No mommy, no nenen. Gee said Z was coping well. He didn’t ask for nenen. He just asked for “tutu”. When the boys came to visit me, Z was too busy playing and exploring the room he didn’t even mention nenen. And thank God I was not engorging too. Lega sesangat my strategy worked! I wrote about my weaning off strategy here.

When I was discharged, Z started asking for it at home. But I just distracted him with toys and offered him the bottle. He was okay during daytime but there was a little bit of drama when it comes to 3am! He started to demand for it! Nangis and pukul-pukul kita. But I knew I just had to. He was doing so well when I was away,  I didn’t want to ruin this progress, I thought. So I just had to force myself bangun malam-malam and bancuh his susu (or when I was too sleepy, Gee la orangnye yang turun bawah). Oh but now we have a mini susu station in our bedroom for the night service. Complete with thermopot! Daddy is much happier now. Tee-hee!!

And so, my breastfeeding journey ends here. Sadaqallahul’azim……Sehingga kita ketemu lagi di episode yang akan datang. Aminnn!



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