Gee’s thyroid – 18 months later

It’s been almost 2 years since the first diagnosis.

We were at the doctor’s office last month for his monthly blood test. Dr Faridah is quite worried that Gee’s not responding well to Camazol (the name of the med) for the past 18 months. Gee has not missed a pill (kalau ada missed pun it won’t be more than 12 hours gap). His T3 and T4 reading sangat la yo-yo and not stable. It doesn’t show any sign of going constant.

She then moved on to suggesting alternative treatments. Apparently, this is a very stubborn thyroid (exactly her words). There’s 2 treatments to choose from; radioactive or surgery.

Next appointment is in a couple of weeks. By then , we will decide which way to go. We are leaning more towards surgery though. Doakan yang terbaik untuk kami ya? Thank you.



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