Krik krik krik

Where have I been?

Rasa dah lama tak jot down stuff here. Like really really jotting down. Dunno if there’s still people reading. Ada la kot nampak je kat stats tu sekerat dua masuk jengok. Oh thank you, you. Masih sudi membaca.

I think soon I will write love letters to my sons in my blog. IY is almost reading now. Yang simple-simple dia dah boleh grasps the sound of the word. Cannot tipu him anymore (hehe!). He even peeks on my sms/whatsapp these days. “Mama tulis apa tu ada nama abang situ?” MasyaAllah, how much he has grown. I am at the stage where I need to explain everything in detail now. With facts and concrete evidence. Tak leh main hentam belasah je.

Thanks to Adni, things are much easier for me. He has the basics from school and we at home will just elaborate. Sometimes I just underestimate him. For example, he came back one day talking about the sun, the planets and the universe. Something we don’t really borak kosong at home, kan?

So maybe if I write something for him or something about him here, he will read it. And I hope later over the years I will have an easy teenage-years parenting stage (Wishful thinking! Since when parenting is EASY? At any stage!).

On a different update, I went for my HPV vaccination. Went to see Dr Seri after my miscarriage. Had my first jab then. Going for the second one tomorrow. Final dose will be in 6 months in April 2014. I have always wanted to do it knowing that it is important to be vaccinated. Walaupun sakit demam tu kalau Allah nak kasi, Dia kasi jugak, still kita usaha dan tawakal. Before this masa IY asyik tangguh je. Then I became pregnant of Z. Then I had to wait until I was done with breastfeeding baru boleh pulak. See how long that was? Sudah 5 tahun woi!

A little bit jealous dengan my sister who got it for free at school. How come my time dulu takde dapat free pun? Oh well, when was that? Entah-entah they haven’t even invented the vaccine masa tu. Tua dah kita. It’s been ages since I last left high school.

On another unrelated update, we are going on another trip. To UK! Weehoo! Will blog about that later lah when we are back. I’m more relaxed this time compared to the Istanbul trip. Dah pro dah travel dengan budak-budak ni. Cewah! Not! Or maybe because we are familiar with the places and the weather. Hope the weather will do kind to us. Autumn/winter-ish should be okay. But never underestimate the British weather. Soooo unpredictable. You can have 4 seasons in one day! No kidding!

I’m not really into the trip, yet. Belum full swing mode lagi. Mainly because my mind is on Gee’s surgery. Selagi tak settle ops dia, selagi tu hati tak keruan. Appointment lagi 3 hari. Dup dap dup dap jantung ni.

So okay that’s all for now. Until my next update (which I hope won’t be THAT long).




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