Allergic Rhinitis

IY has allergic rhinitis.

It’s been going on a few years now. When he was younger, he coughs at night. Bila nak tidur je dia start la batuk non stop sepanjang malam. After a few visits to the paeds, he was diagnosed with rhinitis. Right now he doesn’t cough much tapi he sneezes pulak! Especially in the morning after shower. Or during his swimming lessons, he will sneeze dalam pool and berlari dia naik to me nak lap hingus. His coach pun dah tegur tanya dia tak sihat ke? He thought IY’s having flu. I said no, he has sinus.

The boys take honey everyday as supplement. I was hoping that would relieve the symptoms tapi nampaknya IY’s condition is not getting any better. We bought the air fliter at home to clean the air, switch off the aircond at night and macam-macam jugak la usaha untuk make sure we eliminate the trigger factors. He used to depend a lot on anti-histamine meds which I don’t favour much. Tak suka la dia makan ubat banyak sangat. I have yet to take him to the ENT sebab I know the doctor is going to shove that camera thingy inside his nostrils (I’ve seen it during Gee’s sinus checkups). Kesian tau. Gee said that camera thingy is very uncomfortable. And since IY has started complaining that his nostril hurts when he blows his nose, lagi lah I hesitant nak bawak dia jumpa ENT.

I know IY got this from us. Gee ada asthma. I have asthma and eczema when I was a kid. I remember sneezing every morning masa nak pergi sekolah kecik-kecik dulu. I remember I rubbed my eyes sampai merah-merah sebab gatal. IY suka tonyoh hidung dia sebab dia kata gatal. Genetic lah ni. Z on the hand is healthy with mild eczema. His skin is not as smooth as. Suka menggaru bila panas. I pray Z tak de la sakit apa-apa yang lagi teruk dari itu.

Last week I saw a friend on IG who took her daughter to see an osteopathy practitioner. Her daughter has a severe case of eczema. I got intrigued to know more about this alternative treatment. It is said to be proven to help people with asthma, eczema, allergies, etc without drugs. I still haven’t grasp the idea of osteopathy treatment yet. Still tak paham. If you have any info please share. I’m still in doubt too. Tapi I think it might be worth the try.

I called and made the appointment. The clinic in Plaza Damas is called One Osteo clinic. Will blog more about this later after our visit next week. Until then, more research and googling for me. Keyword: OSTEOPATHY.


3 thoughts on “Allergic Rhinitis

  1. It’s genetic thing. Yes. I have a sinus and eczema. I had a serious skin problem (pupp) during pregnancy. And now it inherits by my daughter. One of the main factor is the weather nowadays. it’s getting worse. hazy almost everyday. dust, urgh… I pun dh rasa nk give up with this things… The doc advice me not to go outside very often. If jerebu, guna aircond. kslau tak jerebu guna kipas. if dealing with dust, guna mask and gloves. We van only prevent dear..For kids, jgn bagi mandi awal sgt. kalau awal pun guna warm water, kalau mandi petang plg elok before pukul 6pm. Hope my advice helps you a little. 🙂

    • thank you dear.
      yup weather is one of the factors. dalam rumah memang dok pasang Coway air filter and aircond siap ber ion nano bagai. Mandi pagi takleh nak elak coz pegi sekolah kan..tapi mmg berwater heater la. Petang tak mandi (sebab dah mandi kat taska). Unless busuk masam sangat before maghrib la.

      I’m so fortunate the boys takde asthma. Harap2 sampai ke besar la sihat.

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