Weaning off the bottle

At 5.5yo, IY is off the bottle! Weehooo!! Akhirnya. Lama gak tu kan? I patiently waited coz I wanted to make sure he still drinks milk even without his bottle. I didn’t want him to stop drinking milk altogether just because takde bottle.

When he entered kindy at 4yo, I have a mental plan nak stop him cold turkey. Masa tu beli segala tok nenek sippy cups. Beli fresh milk jugak konon nak encourage dia minum from the box tak payah dah berbancuh bagai. Mission failed. Last-last I just gave in bila dia mintak bottle (especially bila nak tido).

Last weekend, I casually spoke to IY about him being a big boy and his milk is for the big kids. Dutch Lady 4,5,6 ni abang tak yah minum dengan botol. Bottles are only for Dutch Lady 1,2,3 macam adik punya. Nasib baik la dia tak pandai baca sangat lagi. Kalau tak, sure dia jenuh cari nak baca kat packaging mana laaa tulis kena minum dengan mug tu. Kekekeke!!!

Cumanya–everytime he drinks, I have to teman him and give him encouragements. Terpaksa la berdrama sikit cerita how he is going to be strong and clever lepas minum susu. We both start to imagine how drinking the milk is similar to the battery charging for the Ipad. Siap suruh kira lagi “berapa percent dah ni mama? Ala bang baru 67%, tak cukup battery lagi. Kena minum sampai habis satu cawan baru percent tu naik sampai full.” Imaginasi melampau!

He drinks about that much everytime. At least 3 times a day. That should be enough. As long as he drinks milk, I'm a happy mommy.

He drinks about that much everytime. At least 3 times a day. That should be enough. As long as he drinks milk, I’m a happy mommy.

So there you go, another milestone for IY. Mama and Ayah are proud of you son.



2 thoughts on “Weaning off the bottle

  1. wahhh bagus nyer IY…my son iskandar just turn 5 this october, still drink his milk from the bottle. at school he drink his milk from the cup..itu pun just becoz his teacher ask him to…tp bila kat rumah pandai dia jwp…”i drink susu in cup at school only”…so looks like my mission is still on laa…hehehe

    • takpe jihah..take it slow. jangan push sangat. i dulu pun ingat nak push IY but then I fikir2 balik takpe la, when he’s ready he’s ready.
      IY minum botol kat taska selamba je dengan geng budak kecik..muka x tau malu kot. haha!

      good luck in your weaning off journey!

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