Osteopathy treatment: The Gesret Method

Continuation from this entry.

We had our first appointment with Nicolas Grimaldi, the certified GESRET practitioner last Wednesday. Alhamdulillah IY cooperated well. I was worried that he will be all restless or even cry when treatment was done on him. Tapi he was behaving well on the table.

First, Nicolas had a series of questions of IY’s history. What kind of birth he had? How was he as a baby? Any reflux problem? Was he a normal or breech baby?

What is Osteopathy? Osteopaths is an alternative med-free treatment which diagnose and treat problems with muscles, ligaments, nerves and joints to help the body’s natural healing ability. And the method is called Gesret. Sekali pandang, it’s like Chiropractic. But it’s not. They believe that if our body is perfectly aligned, we will have a natural mechanism to menepis penyakit-penyakit ni. Bunyi macam tak real je kan? Oh well, ni satu cara usaha kami for our son. Yang lain we leave it to Allah. Dia lebih tahu apa yang terbaik untuk IY. I’m still learning about Gesret. Nak kena pahamkan lagi supaya bila treatment time I takde la blur bila di explain.

Ok back to the treatment. After the sesi soal jawab, Nicolas asked IY to lie down on the table. Pastu dia start luruskan kaki IY and ukur. Kaki IY panjang sebelah katanya. And the straightness of the kaki tak simetri. That’s because IY was a breech baby. He has clicky hips. Selama ni pernah dengar tapi tak sangka IY has it too. I sometimes forgot he was a breech baby. Dia tekan-tekan, kepak-kepak, tarik-tarik IY’s legs, spine, back, kepala etc sepanjang 45 minutes tu. Sekali sekala terdengar bunyi “pop pop” (macam bunyi kita “letupkan” jari). Memang seriau gak tapi seeing IY relax je, I know he’s not in pain. He was kinda enjoying it kot? Macam kena urut dia kata. Haha! Lagi satu dia excited sebab treatment table tu boleh auto naik turun pakai remote (macam katil hospital).

This picture taken in front he clinic

This picture was taken in front the clinic — it is not just for allergy. Macam-macam lagi. Even infertility.

Gesret Method is still not widely known in Malaysia. Me myself is still skeptical but I'm not losing hope

Gesret Method is still not widely known in Malaysia. Me myself is still skeptical but I’m not losing hope.

Curi-curi amik ni. Segan lagi sebab first time. HE was explaining to us each and very move he does to IY's body.

Curi-curi amik ni. Segan lagi sebab first time. He was explaining to us each and very move he does to IY’s body.

Next week is our second appointment. So far we are going for weekly treatments. After that if he progresses well, kita akan reduce sedikit demi sedikit. Depending on his natural ability to heal, it is an ongoing process. Kalau tulang-tulang tu lari balik and not aligned after some time, kena la pegi balik and align kan balik.

Before we went home, Nicolas taught us the right way to sleep (on our back, not tummy), and if nak mengiring, must be supported with the right pillow. He also pesan bila nak pakai baju, seluar, kasut, socks kena duduk (not berdiri sambil terhenjut-henjut macam main teng teng – which IY lovesssss to do). Dia kata kalau boleh cuba praktikkan the right posture supaya tak waste all the treatments dengan dia.

Nicolas can be found on FB. Search: Nicolas Grimaldi Osteopath KL. Banyak info available on his page. You can learn more there.

The bill was RM150. In case you are wondering.



21 thoughts on “Osteopathy treatment: The Gesret Method

  1. Babe. U sent IY there for what symptom again? Sorry I know you have been mentioning, tapi I kinda malas nak carik2 balik. Both my kids have mild asthma. Company pun cover. So mcm menariklah!

    • Allergic rhinitis i.e. adik beradik resdung.

      Oh I think I forgot to mention in this blog about his symptoms. Letak kat FB je dalam one of my comments status.

      He sneezes EVERY morning without fail. He sneezes whenever he’s in the swimming pool. Suka tonyoh hidung coz dia kata hidung gatal. Suka gosok mata sampai merah2. Selalu batuk malam (dah dekat2 nak bedtime dia start batuk) and bersambung batuk in his sleep. All of the above happen masa dia sihat. Bukan masa dia demam/flu/batuk.

      Dulu I went to Dr Anna (PCMC) and she diagnosed IY rhinitis tu. Dia cakap ubat will be anti histamine. Tak kan forever nak makan anti histamine kan? Lagi satu doctor suruh avoid all the triggers i.e. dust/mites/cold etc. Most of it I dah try. Bought the Coway air filter, pagi2 mesti mandi air panas, etc.

      Osteopathy is our new option.

      Your kids mild asthma? Boleh la kalau nak explore this. Maybe you can learn a thing or two about this before deciding. I nak recommend pun tak berani lagi sebab IY pun belum terbukti. Just sharing my experience so far. I pun masih learning process gak lagi.

      If you do decide to go for this, share with me the progress too ok? Kita compare notes ya? Good luck Al!

      P/S: Bestnye company cover. I think most insurance tak cover ni. (rasanya lah–belum check with my agent). I pun company cover but on claim basis direct to finance dept.

    • Hi Shirl,
      At some point yes. He doesn’t sneeze in the mornings or cough at nights. But I have to admit we were not discipline enough to go to treatments once a week as needed. We are trying to best to even go once a month at least. Our bad, yes. As of now, he has occasional symptoms only when the weather is extreme e.g. rainy weather, haze, winter holidays, etc.
      Please don’t be discourage with our results ya. Every patient is different. I hope yours will be much better than him.

  2. Assalamualaikum
    I baru je balik frm osteo workshop
    So interesting to knw dat ur son pon ade treatment dgn dia. How’s his condition after the treatment? Ade improve tak. I plan nk bwk my doter yg ade ekzema

    • Wsalam Kyna,
      You went to Nicolas workshop ke? Wow, that’s good.

      Well, to answer your question, the thing with this treatment is it needs to be continuous and consistent. My boy was okay during the treatment, he had lesser symptoms that trigger his allergies. Tapi lepas tu dah tak pegi sangat sebab tak sempat nak pegi seminggu sekali.

      We couldn’t keep up with the once a week appointments. Kalau boleh dia nak kitaorg datang 2x seminggu. To get the optimum results, we should follow the treatments closely. Skipping appointments will only defeat the whole purpose. So jadinya, kami pun tak pegi dah. Kejap pegi kejap tak pegi so kitaorg tak boleh la nak hoping miracle cure kan.

      Good luck to your daughter. Harapnya dia cepat sembuh ya.

  3. Hi, I came cross your write up and was wondering how’s the treatments have been so far in terms of results? have you any friends with eczema issues and had positive results from the treatments? i brought my son (with eczema due to allergies to certain foods) for his 1st trt yesterday (and the cost has risen to RM318, costly!). The process was quite similar to what you have wrote. I’m hoping this would be a good alternative for my son (now 18mths)..kesian lihat bila sooo itchy..
    Thanks for sharing ya!

    • Hi!
      If you refer to my comments above, we have stopped going to the treatments due to reasons mentioned above. We just couldn’t keep up to the costs and frequency of visits.
      I can see that the costs has risen wow!
      I hope your son will improve soon. I understand how worrying it is seeing them not well.

      • Hi,

        Thanks for the reply. It’s really something we can’t ‘see’.. hopefully yet.. and if it’s really true.. Thanks again for sharing..

    • My son is suffering severe ezcema since he turned 3 months (now, approaching 6 months)..Wondering how is the result? RM318 per treatment?

      • I have not been going to treatments for quite some time now. Perhaps you can check out his Facebook page for more info.

        Search for “Nicolas KL Osteopath”. Hope this helps.

      • Dear Kenneth,

        I went for 2 consultations only, somehow i’m not too convinced but i went to give myself a possible chance to help my son. My son too started having eczema around 3 mths of age, and it’s heart wrenching, till now it’s loads and frequent cream application and yes, minor to less or no hydrocortisone. My 2 cents worth, try to identify what he’s allergic to, whether food or environment wise. Hope it helps, hugs to your lil one, please be patient both mummy and daddy 🙂

  4. Hi Ms. i came across this website and when i looked for list of practicioners in Malaysia, this is what i got. http://www.asthma-reality.com/malaysie.htm ,

    Warning : very important information

    Mr Nicolas Grimaldi has been excluded from the Gesret method® practitionners network as he did not practice properly the method and was not fully within ethical bounds. The local authorities (Consulate of France and chamber of the trade) were informed about his actions.

    In addition, he did not honor his commitments to Jacques Gesret and is suspected of swindle against him.

    His partner, Mr Didier Suchet, seems also wanted in Switzerland and in Ivory Coast for embezzlements.

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