IY’s first milk tooth

He marked another milestone yesterday. His first milk tooth came out at 5½ yo. As usual, mommy yang over! Actually the tooth dah longgar for about a week plus, we were just waiting for it to tanggal sendiri.

My mom helped to cabut the gigi coz that’s her forte. She has the magic hands to cabut gigi without the pain!  My siblings and I punya milk teeth dulu semua dia yang handle. She was itching to do it for IY the moment we told her gigi IY dah longgar. Haha! So when I saw the tooth dah ready to come out, we went to Opah’s house for the “dentist appointment”!

I even recorded a video! Of course!

There you go! Yang sebelah kiri tu pun tak lama lagi tu.

There you go! Yang sebelah kiri tu pun tak lama lagi tu.

After it was done, the hard part was to ask him to kumur air garam (to stop the bleeding). Dia pegi telan air garam tuu! Memang la masin yang amat. Nasib baik takde lah darah banyak sangat.

IY is so proud of being toothless. Apparently he felt like a big boy! He kept asking me to take pictures of him and suruh send to everyone (his uncles and aunties). Even asked me “mama dah show kat kawan-kawan mama ke?”. I think he meant the Instagram. Kah kah kah!!

P/S: He doesn’t know the existance (or non-existance; more like it) of a toothfairy. Tak payah nak introduce pun rasanya. Save duit mak bapak. We just told him that we will bury the tooth beside baby adik in our backyard.



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