UK Trip 2013: The intro

We just got back from our UK trip. Will blog about it bit by bit. 10 days worth of stories mana muat dalam satu entry kan?

In the meantime, sneak peek dulu. Sabaq naaaa!

First stop was London

First stop was London

Then we headed to Cardiff

Then we headed to Cardiff

Last but not least -- Manchester

Last but not least — Manchester

This trip was a whole new challenge for us as parents. Bringing 2 kiddos on a long distance journey in the extreme weather was one heck of an experience. Demam, batuk, flu, jatuh tergolek, tersepit jari pintu, muntah di mana jua, tantrums dan macam-macam lagi.

Despite all that, it was a memorable trip. Fuhh tak akan ku lupa anakku muntah di Paddington train station minutes before the train had to leave. Gile lah running macam Amazing Race. My mom was this close to pitam with the rushing and all that chaos. I feel so guilty sebab lama sangat dalam toilet. Lama sebab I was cleaning up Z and the stroller and myself. Haihh! OCD sungguh aku ni! Sorry ma.

Alrighty, I’ll see you in my next entry — all about London!



4 thoughts on “UK Trip 2013: The intro

  1. Lama tak jenguk but sinve I know ub r going to blogging abt ur uk trip, singgah sat utk lpskan kerinduan huhu. Miss the coldness, the rushing for the train, kecoh 2 dlm train w stroller n luggage šŸ™‚ among other things la kan. Kesian the boys ye..but sure they did enjoyed themselves despite the sickness… Insyaallah ada lg trip in the future

    • I missed it too. When we first arrive UK, the smell of the air of UK pun dah buat kami tersenyum. Terubat rindu.

      Yes they enjoyed themselves. Seronok eventho sejuk. Insyallah hopefully ada rezeki boleh pegi lagi. But next time we will make sure it’s not as cold.

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