UK Trip 2013: London

Saturday 16 November 2013 – Tuesday  19 November 2013

The journey and the arrival

13 hours of direct MAS flight was a wee bit boring and tiring. For the kiddos at least. IY kept asking “bila nak sampai ni?”. He was feverish a few hours before we landed. I started to panic but trying to keep my cool. Z had his own seat this time so it was a bit spacious for him to sleep. But all in all it wasn’t that bad lah. Cuma maybe for future long haul journey, we will opt for transits. Breaking the journey into parts keep the kids on their toes and excited seeing new things around them.

From Heathrow we took the fast train to the city. Bro and wifey were already there waiting for us. They came from Cardiff to spend the weekend with us playing tourist in London.  We stayed at Grand Plaza Serviced Apartments in Bayswater. The 3-bedroom 2-bathroom duplex unit was comfortable for the 9 of us! What I loved about this place is that they have daily housekeeping service. Also it is located very near to everything. Taxi pun senang dapat. Or jalan kaki pun dekat je to tube or main road. What I don’t love is they don’t have washing machine inside the unit. Ada laundry service with a charge je.

The stairs are leading up to the 3 bedrooms

Open space living-dining concept. The stairs leading up to the 3 bedrooms. Ada dishwasher, fridge, stove and microwave. We didn’t do any cooking. We ate out on-the-go or just tapau to eat-in. Halal food berlambak. In our case, we were regular customers of TukDin!

The weather was about 8-10C which by orang Malaysia punya standard is freezing cold!

That night we just lepak indoor and settled in. Tucked the kids to bed and seperti biasa mak bapak pun lena sekali. My siblings however, went out for dinner and tapau food for us. Ahh the perks of being young. Energatic! We were like that once upon a time. Now dah masuk 3 series, tilam lagi sedap dari kebab. Hehe!

London sightseeing

We went to Madam Tussauds and took the open top hop-on hop-off bus for sightseeing around London. IY was cranky all morning coz he was not feeling well. Luckily ada uncle yang rajin mendukung. He didn’t want to walk at all! By noon he was already moody to max! We stopped at Trafalgar Square and took a cab back to the apartment. The rest of the family continued the journey on the bus to London Eye.

All of us on the double deck! Hubby's not looking. Pfft!

All of us on the double deck! Hubby’s not looking. Biasala tu. Pfft!

She's new. The last time I was here, she wasn't there yet.

She’s new. The last time I was here, she wasn’t there yet.


My family went to the top. View from the London Eye. It was already dark at around 5-ish pm.

We were supposed to go on the River Thames cruise tapi due to the kids’ health condition, we scrapped that off! My mom was not feeling well too. She was coughing and just wanted to rest. We didn’t want to push everyone’s limit. Took it slow and follow the flow.

I was disappointed at first. Frust sebab already paid everything in advance. Beli online from Malaysia sebab cheaper and faster boleh cut Q nak masuk. In the end, we had to burn most of it. I thought I had it all planned perfectly. Tapi who am I to make the so-called perfect plan kan? Allah is the best planner of all. I learned my lesson. Astaghfirullahalazim.

IY’s fever come and go. He could be jumping up and down driving us crazy with his antiques one minute. Or will be sleeping all day long shivering the next minute. I was on nurse duty giving him PCM and Prospan every 6-8 hours round the clock. I just prayed and prayed for him to recover soon.

We also went to Bicester Village and Portobello Market in Notting Hill. Most of the days we started the day early and end early too. Before the kids buat perangai. Pagi-pagi biasanya semua masih fresh lagi. By 2-3pm kita dah balik apartment to rest. By 5pm biasanya the kids dah tidur. So lepas the kids tidur, we went out again for short shopping trips. We took turns to babysit.

Me and Z and my family at Bicester Village. Gee was staying with IY in the car at the car park. We took turns to shop. IY slept the whole time lepas makan ubat. Verdict of BV? Not my cup of tea.

At Bicester Village. We rented an Estima and drove here. Gee stayed with IY in the car at the car park. We took turn to shop. IY slept the whole time lepas makan ubat. Verdict of BV? Not my cup of tea. We were done within a few hours.

We also went to the London Zoo. Just me, SIL and baby sis. Sepatutnya the zoo was for the kids to enjoy. But oh well, nevermind, banyak lagi zoo lain. I took tonnes of pictures and videos at the zoo for the boys to see.

If it wasn't for the cold weather, we would've enjoyed the zoo

If it wasn’t for the weather, we would’ve enjoyed the zoo. Oh don’t be deceived by the sunlight. Sunny but freezing cold!

As a result of sleeping too early, the kids usually woke up at 3-4am in the morning asking for food or milk or it’s ubat time. Memang jetlag sokmo. All the way for 10 days. Mommy terpaksa la bersengkang mata melayan kerenah anak-anak. If tak tahan, just pass baton to daddy pulak. During the wee hours I showed them the pictures and videos of things they have missed. Other activities to kill the time was also colouring, writing and little bit of Ipad. Not forgetting – instagramming or whatsapp-ing people in KL! Sampai ada yang tanya mommy “eh tak tidur ke?”. I wish I could say “tengah tidur la niii”. Haha!

Okayyy…Next stop – Cardiff City!



2 thoughts on “UK Trip 2013: London

    • Aah kita hanya merancang. I learned a lot from this trip. Not to over plan and just flow the flow.

      Not my cup of tea maybe sebab anak tengah sakit kot. Ilhan was sleeping in the Estima dari mula pergi until sampai balik ke hotel balik dia tak sedar apa langsung. Badan feverish and batuk. My mind was not on shopping mode at all. Lagi pulak I’m not into branded high end stuff sangat. I tak reti sangat. Setakat clarks and cath kidston I enjoy la suka. Bila part luxury item, I tak berapa minat sangat.

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