Hello February!

So what’s up? What’s new?

We enrolled IY into a taekwando class at Adni. He was super excited! Well, he’s always excited when it comes to school and such. Alhamdulillah. Teruskan excited sampai grad ye nak!

Class is 1x each week after the normal school time. Every Monday we pick him up a little late and kena bawak snacks sendiri. Usually on normal school hours, the teachers prefer no bento coz they want the kids to learn to eat together whatever the school provides. And also to teach the kids to not be a picky eater. Well, I guess that works on IY. He’s much better at food selection now and open for trying new type of food. Kalau tak, memang jenuh la nak ajar dia makan variety.  For taekwando class je kena bawak bekal snacks for after training session. Usually, IY bawak cookies or bread.

Z on the other hand lately kept asking if he can go to school like Abang. He’s pretty much a chatter box now. Pelat here and there, but we could still understand him nevertheless. We discussed a possibility of playschool but so far we have not decided on anything yet. Apa-apa pun tunggu he turns 3 dulu this June. Oh my, he’s going to be 3! How time flies. My baby is no more a baby. I sometimes feel like wanting to freeze the time and go on slow mo mode, just for the sake to enjoy their growing up moments.

Anyway, here’s the latest of IY with his taekwando uniform. Recycle gambar from my Instagram. More updated pictures of the boys and of us on my Instagram if you feel like following. Blog has been abandoned (sorry blog). But I try to update as much as possible for memory sake.

See you in March? (Errkk!)





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