Art class for IY

I think I wrote in my previous entry about enrolling IY into an art class. But at that time we didn’t feel the need of it yet. However lately, he’s been showing interest. For instance, he really enjoys when we go to Kizsports in GE or Get Crafty in OU for the 1 hour art session. He would be begging to go there each time and tak sampai hati rasanya to say no. Bukannye dia mintak yang bukan-bukan, kan? By the way, for the record, we are happy that he has cut down the iPad hours tremendously. The art class would be a good way to channel his energy and creativity.

Then we saw the Kiddo Science Centre banner at the same place where he goes for his swimming lessons, we found out that they have art and gym class too. Aduhai seronok dia bukan kepalang! We went for a site visit and we liked what we saw.

I love the space and the light. It somehow reminded me of his previous kindy Treetop house.

I love the space and the light of the place. It somehow reminded me of his previous kindy Treetop House.


The art classroom

As usually, the daddy was not so happy at first because he said tak nak anak penat. Too many activities already. Walaupun in my defense, bukan banyak mana pun. Daripada dia duduk rumah with the iPad or tengok tv, better he goes somewhere to do something he likes. And mommy was ready with her reasoning and all. Of course mommy won. Yeehaa! *flips hair*

We agreed to start in March. New month, new week. But this little fella is so tak sabar. Luckily they don’t charge for the missing classes in February. Just pay for the remaining. And to my surprise, Toys R Us members dapat discount! Ahhh the perks of collecting membership cards here and there. Teehee!!

I hope this art class will do good to IY’s development. Polishing the right brain. And hopefully will benefit him in the long run. And I hope ini bukan hangat-hangat tahi ayam.



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