Our Laville house has finally found a new owner. Phew! It was a long search I tell you!

The house has been in the market for more than a year now. Many agents and potential buyers come and go, they loved it but most of them didn’t like the POSITION of the house. Specifically because it’s located in front of a T-junction. Bad feng shui they say. I couldn’t get a non-Chinese buyer coz it’s a Chinese majority housing area. According to our agents, most of the buyers loved the house, loved the area but looking at the junction terus tak jadi. Fuhh hebat betul penangan feng shui ni rupanya.

I had a few funny buyers yang jenis tak kisah fengshui, tapi when they come for the second or third visits with the family, the elderly don’t approve. Sebab tak ong! Haihh back to square one.

Well, I don’t believe in feng shui (obviously!) but I have faith in rezeki and the power of doa. We waited patiently and never stop praying that when the time comes, it will. Just wait.

And the wait has ended. Syukur Alhamdulillah.

So, where shall the next investment be? Another property, perhaps? I’m kinda getting the hang of this realty business. Macam best pulak! Teehee!



2 thoughts on “Sold!

    • Well, we decided that the area we live now is much better. And the market price was pretty much tempting. Haha! The ‘tamak’ side of me said we could’ve made more profit (if not of that darn junction) but hey I’m not complaining. Rezeki Allah ni I’m very thankful.

      Oh dear I’m a noob myself..nak buat blog entry pun tak reti lah. But basically, my property agent did everything. And once buyer is found, my lawyer does the rest of the paperwork. So I guess, the key to it is a good agent and efficient lawyer. And of course the property itself too mesti lah ticks all the criteria. And criteria is very SUBJECTIVE depending on people.

      Give it a try. You won’t know until you do. Good luck! p/s: I jarang tinggal comment kat your blog but I have to say I loveeee you house. Cantik. Very inspiring! Blog more about it ya?

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