Potty Training Z

…is in progress. And guess what? It’s not planned at all!!

Masa time IY dulu, we had a rough time keeping him off the diapers until he turned 3.9yo. Itupun sebab dia nak masuk kindy. We just went cold turkey.

This time with Z, it’s a breeze. He just came to me one day and said “Mama, adik nak kencing. Kat toilet.” Oh bahagia nya rasa!! And we jumped with joy when he peed in the bowl. Even IY cheered for the little brother. Dah macam sukaneka pun ada gayanya lompat-lompat bagi semangat. Haha!

So far, he’s still wearing pull ups. We named the pull ups as “spender”. Or as Z named it “spender macam abang”. Awww, he’s really looking up to the big brother. IY is the major contributor to this potty success. Credit to Abang!

I don’t plan to put him on the training pants yet. Tak larat nak handle “accidents” (I don’t have a maid, remember?). But we do treat the pull ups macam training pants though. Asking him every now and then if he needs to pee. And for the “big business” purposes of course. Haha!

Hopefully he will be 100% diaper-free by his 3rd birthday. Senang nak gi jalan nanti. Yay!



2 thoughts on “Potty Training Z

  1. ok. jeles giler. senang tak yah training. zayn skrg di peringkat poop kat toilet jer. pee belum masih boleh cakap lagi though i suspect he knows bila dia nak pee cuma malas nak cakap sebab sibuk nak main jer… i’m letting him lead… tak kuasa nak mengelap bagai…

    • I guess I got lucky this time!
      Eh poop kat toilet is an achievement too! Well done Zayn! I’m also letting him lead. Not really pushing him. Let him go at his own pace. Bukan nak kejar apa pun kan. As long as before kindy, that’s good enough.

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