Thyroidectomy – The recovery

It has been more than a month since the thyroidectomy. So far he is recovering well. The scar has healed nicely. Alhamdulillah.

I was reading the previous entry and I saw that I was supposed to write about the PCMC staycation. Haha! Lupa! Tak per lah, tak penting pun. To cut the story short, we spent the nights at the hospital with the patient. Pagi-pagi pergi sekolah and taska from the hospital and petang balik to the hospital. During the day, I was at the hospital being his personal nurse. Hehe! I was on the run. Phew! Penat tapi lega sebab semua orang depan mata. My mom offered to babysit but I politely declined. Lagipun Gee wanted the boys to be with us. Rindu katanya. Hehe we are clingy parents like that!

I guess the arrangement worked well for us. They behaved well throughout our stay and Gee also had me all the time (especially at night when he needs help with the pillows, to the toilet, to get water and stuff). So yeah, it was not bad at all despite being tired and sleep deprived.


After the surgery, I can see that his eyes is “shrinking”. The eye balls are less bulging. When he sleeps, the right lid has closed completely (yay!). The left is still renggang but I think it’s much better than before. The doctor said it will take some time for the eyes to go back to the normal size but she also warned us not to be too berharap. The eyes could stay like that forever. Well, one can pray and wish.

I noticed that his voice is a little bit different now. I read that might be one of the effects of the surgery sebab the gland is located very very near to the vocal chord. Somehow or rather mesti ter usik jugak that area. We will have another appointment with the ENT to check if everything is ok.

I guess that’s it for the thyroidectomy series. We are done with his thyroid!Hip hip hooray!

This was taken after his first follow up with Dr Harjit a week after the surgery

Pictures are from my IG feed. Perhaps my followers might have seen it a few weeks back.


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