Ilhan is 6

He turned six on 2 May 2014. It is obvious that I have been neglecting this page kan? Sorry about that. I guess that darn Instagram just stole the thunder.

Anyway, for the record, celebrated his birthday this year just us on the actual day. Took the day off from work to enjoy it with the birthday boy. Treated him with some shopping and playtime sampai malam! Boy he was one happy birthday boy!

We will be hosting a birthday party for the boys this year so mommy is currently busy with the party preparation. Trying to keep my calm and not to stress. I need to stop trying to make everything perfect! Semua benda nak buat and buat sendiri. Gosh mommy relax will ya! Yang penting the kids enjoy themselves and have fun helping preparing for the party.

Ice cream cake for the birthday boy and the it's-my-birthday-too boy

Ice cream cake for the birthday boy and the it’s-my-birthday-too boy

Random milestones:

On house chores:

  • Filling the dryer with washed clothes from the washing machine. Later emptying the dryer for mommy to fold the clothes. I already taught how to fold his own shirts and pants tapi QC tak cukup lagi so end up mommy have to re-fold. Oh!
  • Clearing the table after meal and stacking the plates in the sink. Mommy’s not ready to let him wash the dishes yet simply because mommy cannot tahan the water splashes! Although he sometimes insists. Oh!
  • Put in new fresh dustbin liners everytime mommy clears the rubbish.
  • Washes his own school shoes.

On being a big brother:

  • Putting on Z’s clothes/socks/shoes.
  • When they shower together, I can count on IY to make sure Z is squeaky clean.
  • On looking after Z when mommy needs to have her usual mandi koboi.
  • Surprisingly, sometimes when Z cries sebab jatuh or sakit apa-apa, he wails “Abangggggg…nak Abanggggg.” And that just melts my heart.

On learning:

  • Can read both English and Malay. Simple ones lah.
  • Can do simple math (addition and subtraction).
  • Currently on Qiraati Book3.
  • Started to solat although belum perfect. Training him to be alert of prayers times. He’s doing the actions with simple surahs. We kept telling him next year we will rotan if he doesn’t pray.
  • Swimming freestyle and breast stroke. Currently learning back stroke.

AND..he still co sleeps. Clingy parents we are. Heh!





2 thoughts on “Ilhan is 6

  1. Happy birthday big boy… Semoga sejahtera dunia akhirat.. Anak lelaki ni harta kita, Put3.. Yg akan sambut kita di liang lahat nanti… Didik sebaiknya.. Semoga berjaya dunia akhirat..amin…

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