Zayyan is 3

Baby Z turned 3 a couple of weeks a go. Wow, three! Obviously a baby no more.

Since his birthday fell on a weekday, I figured it would be awesome to let him have tiny party at his daycare with his mates. Well, as IY suggested “Mama, abang rasa kita kena buat birthday party untuk adik. Kesian adik takde party robot macam abang.” Heyy, the robot party was for both of you. Banyak cantik nak buat party asing-asing. Pengsan mama ayah!

Anywaayyyy, I ordered some brownies this time instead of a cake. Simply because tak puas makan those brownies masa robot party. Well, the ‘party’ at daycare was not really a party per se. Just one round of happy birthday singing during tea time. Enough to make everyone happy. Ahhh, the joy of being kids. Nyanyi Happy Birthday pun dah happy dah.

Birthday boy!

See that happy face!

Random milestones of this boy:

1. He’s quite the opposite of the big brother. A loud person at home with his antics, tantrums and cakap-tak-berhenti but a very shy and takes-a-while-to warm-up when he’s in public. Pretty much like the father.

2. He’s very attached to me. He still cries at daycare on his moody days despite being there for more than 2 years now. It’s not that he hates the daycare, he just wants mama. And it breaks my heart everytime.

3.  He’s the typical 2nd child. Every mommy with a second child would understand me. *insert emoji picit kepala here*

4. He’s not a picky eater. Thank God! He might not like what he eats, but he tries. Unlike IY who just rejects bulat-bulat anything yang tak menarik dia mata dia. Z would just open up and makan. If he decides he doesn’t like it, then only he would spit it out. But he’s a small eater. Dia makan sikit tapi kerap.

5. Still in diapers and bottle. Still a WIP for mommy.

6. His big bro is his idol. Apa yang abang buat, dia akan ikut.

The other day we brought him to the IY’s soccer school for a trial class. Z wanted to join the big bro since forever! Everytime he follows abang to training, we would occupy an empty court and play ball. He couldn’t wait for his 3rd birthday for this. Well, that’s what I thought lah kan. Guess what happened during the trial class? Please refer to point no 1 above. Mak aiii! He refused to run with the rest of the kids, he sulked when the coach asked him to sit in a circle and the coach finally had to hold his hand and run together with him! After 15-minutes, the kids had a break for water and guess what? Z took his water bottle and ran straight out of the court. Tak masuk-masuk dah. Haha! We decided he wasn’t ready yet. Nasib baik pegi trial class dulu tak payah bayar fees or anything yet. Phew!

I foresee a hard time to playschool next January. *emoji lap peluh di dahi here*

Another round of singing at home. Whatever makes you happy kid!

Another round of singing at home. Whatever makes you happy kid!

Happy Birthday Adik!



2 thoughts on “Zayyan is 3

  1. cute..reminds me of my two boys. your desription of Z is typically the same with my 2nd son, but mine just turn 2 last march. He’s the entertainer in the family. very active, talkative, sweet to everyone but couldnt tahan the tantrum. Kalau mengamuk, he would just lie on the floor sambil buat buat aksi swimming dia…hahaha…the joy of having 2 boys…hehe

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