Singapore 2014: SEA Aquarium

Our first (and might be the only) travelling series this year was Singapore. The boys have been waiting for this day to come since a few months ago. We kinda mutually agreed on a road trip to the south because initially I wanted to fly but that did not happen, obviously.

We left KL early Saturday (13 September 2014) morning. Had brunch when we reached JB before heading to Singapore. We were happy to get our dose of nasi ayam penyet at our favourite restaurant in JB. Nasib baik dah buka and serve walaupun baru pukul 11am masa tu.

We cleared the immigration with a breeze and went for a quick spin around town. Since it was still too early for the hotel check-in, better we kill time ronda-ronda dulu. Parked our car kat Vivo Mall and took the Sentosa Express to the Sentosa Island.

We wanted to go to the SEA Aquarium for a quick tour. While queuing for the tickets, a nice lady in front of me had extra discount vouchers and offered me some. Wahh rezeki! Dapat vouchers discount SGD20. Yay!

There was a huge crowd inside. Sesak! Luckily Z was in his stroller and I just need to mind IY. Nak snap pictures with nice shots pun takde mood coz nampak kepala orang je. But the kids enjoy la of course. IY suka sangat sebab nampak live benda-benda he saw in his books. “Mama, that’s hammerhead shark! Wow, this is awesome!”. Dia ni bila pegi zoo ke exhibition ke tengok binatang ke apa ke mesti nak belek satu-satu and baca semua signs and narrations. Had to wait for him. Jenuh jugak la tapi thinking of his sel-sel otak yang sedang berhubung, layan je la kan.

We were done in a few hours and ready to check in. Drove to our hotel in Bugis Street. Got lost for a bit sebab tak jumpa cari the street. Waze kept on showing us the wrong street tapi it’s one way and we can’t find the entrance. Bangunan dah nampak, jalan nak masuk tak jumpa. Hehe! Had to call the hotel and finally we made it.

Lepas maghrib we walked around the hotel area cari dinner. Went to the famous Zamzam restaurant just around the corner and had chicken briyani. The boys were starting to get cranky by then (must be tired of the travelling since morning). We just shoved everything down our throats and balik bilik to sleep.

End of day 1.

Enjoy the pictures!


3 tickets for us.  Z went in FOC.

3 tickets for us. Z went in FOC

IMG_6054 IMG_6059

IMG_6064 IMG_6081

We stayed here. Halal breakfast served. Good location very near to MRT and shopping area

We stayed here. Halal breakfast served. Good location very near to MRT and shopping area


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