IY’s first Taekwando tournament

A few weeks ago IY came home telling us that his Taekwando coach at school selected him to enter a tournament. I didn’t believe him. Haha! I never saw IY as this fighting kungfu kinda boy. The only reason we picked taekwando as his extra curricular activity at school is just for some ilmu self-defence. Nak kasi confidence sikit la kan. Never crossed my mind about tournaments whatsoever. Then I contacted his coach and he confirmed that IY and his friends were picked for Sparring Under 7 Category. Heck, I didn’t even know what sparring means!

Then the day came. We went to watch him fight. Gosh, even saying those words made me cringed. Seriau yang amat nak tengok anak bertumbuk bertendang. It was a big tournament I must say, students from all over datang to UIA for this. The hall was packed with students, parents, teachers, coaches and tournament officials. Belum apa-apa kami dah berpeluh berlengas dah. Panas!

Nasib baik IY’s category was shifted outside the hall. Yay! More space to move to take pictures and berangin la sikit. Before the event started, the judges gave a short speech on how this tournament for kids were nothing serious. It’s just for fun. He made it clear that he wanted for the kids to learn the team spirit, enjoying themselves and most of all, he reminded us parents to support all the children. Not just anak sendiri. Bagus betul judge tu. Very kid-friendly. Berpeluk sakan dengan anak-anak kami. Thumbs up to the organizer!

IY won 3rd place. I was super proud of him. He took his semifinals defeat like a champ. Smiling and saying how he had fun that day. That’s my boy!

IY and his team mates from Adni

IY and his team mates from Adni

IMG_6507 IMG_6535 IMG_6547

Proud mommy moment!

Proud mommy moment!

IY at 6y5m

IY at 6y5m



4 thoughts on “IY’s first Taekwando tournament

  1. Good for u IY. Untie pun proud jugak.. watch him grow from this blog.. tetiba rs mcm cepat je masa berlalu… keep it up… to Put3 too… kalau Linda la.. mesti gugur jantung tgk.. hehe terbayang Karate Kid yg anak will smith berlakon tu.. heheh

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