IY in Primary 1

IY dah darjah 1. I need a tissue please! *lap air mata*

12 January 2015 was IY’s first day in Primary 1. We continued with Adni as we think that is the best solution to avoid the pening-ness nak enrol him to SK and SRA separately. We figured senang sikit dia sekolah dari pagi 8am until 4pm everyday with both national and islamic syllabus integrated in his school hours. Plus, the teacher to student ratio is small 1:10 and we love Adni’s whole concept. InsyaAllah we hope this is one of our best investment ever, dunia akhirat.

His first day was a breeze. Seronok dapat kawan baru and seronok jumpa balik kawan lama from kindy. We left the school after assembly. All parents were not encourage to stay to stalk. Haha! Since food are provided in school 3x a day, so senang la cerita tak payah nak kasi duit belanja. IY is not a heavy eater so apa cikgu kasi makan, dia sebat je. No need for extra bekal from home.

It’s been 3 weeks now and he’s adjusting well to his routine. So far takde homework sekolah lagi so his after-dinner time masih boleh bersenang lenang depan tv or baca buku cerita. By 930pm he’s already asleep and wakes up at 630am in the morning.

It’s a whole a new experience for me as a mom of a primary kid in this new technology era. First day lagi cikgu class dah create Whatsapp group for all 20 mommies in his class. Sesi berkenalan para mommies bermula. And I must say the group is quite active and the mommies are all really helpful and informative. Contohnya, ada buku baru kena beli coz baru masuk stock but the bookshop only opens during office hours. One of the mommies offered to help buy the book for sorang mommy yang cakap dia tak sempat nak pi beli. And guess what,  in the end, all 19 mommies kirim kat dia. Haha!

Next entry nak cerita Z’s first day at school pulak.

Besar dah anak-anak saya. *lap air mata*


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