Z’s first school

7 January 2015 was Z’s first day to Treetop House. We chose the same route Abang IY went 2 years ago. We believe a play-based school is a great way to introduce kids to the real school later.

A few months before school starts, we kept telling him about school so that he will be mentally ready for it. Everytime lalu depan sekolah, beriya-iya lah kami ni cakap tu sekolah adik, sekolah adik best. Abang nye pun semangat bercerita.

So the first day was fine. He was aware of the whole morning fiasco bersiap ke sekolah. Bangun pagi tadahal, happy gumbira. IY was still on holiday, so dia pun tag along hantar adik ke sekolah. When we arrive, the teachers pun excited and still kenal IY from 2 years ago. Ada teachers yang still kenal me, “ooohh is this Ilhan’s little baby brother that you dukung dulu everytime you send him?” Yes, this is THE baby. All grown up and ready for school!

And what a co-incident, Z’s class teacher is IY’s class teacher dulu. So imagine how happy I was nak tinggalkan Z with someone we are familiar with. We enrolled Z to a half-day programme i.e. from 9am to 3pm (instead of 9-1 macam IY). The reason is because we wanted to synchronize the pickup time supaya align dengan IY yang balik pukul 4 everyday.

Little did we know Z was not ready for that.

On the second day, I received a call from school saying that Z cried during the afternoon session. He was fine in the morning. But after lunch, when they change the classroom for afternoon activities, he started to cry. Menangis sampai tertidur. At first I thought this is normal, but when he still cries even after day 4 (but only during the afternoon session), I figured he wasn’t ready for long hours yet. I had a chance to peek and it breaks my heart seeing him crying like that. Macam lost and takut. Walaupun the teachers tak marah dia sebab tantrum macam tu (they were very sabar), I see that he’s a distraction to the class dengan high pitch voice tu. So we decided to pull him out from the afternoon programme and stick to the normal 4 hours programme je.

Things get much better after that. Except for the drama peluk kaki nangis during the morning goodbyes. He’s just too clingy lah. He was 100% okay ONLY after day 11. Only then he could wave me bye with A SMILE! No more tears and happy to go to school. Now dah tak sabar pegi sekolah. Bila weekend “adik rindu cikgu adik lah.”

Phew Z! With you, it’s always that first-time-mommy-feeling moment.


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