Done with potty training Z

Yes you heard me right. We finally made it! Success PT at 3 years 8 months old.

We started potty training Z seriously masa dia bersunat on 3 November 2014. At first he refused the briefs and preferred the pull-up diapers. The diaper stayed dry the whole day and he knows when it is time to go to the toilet. Ada la sekali dua terbabas jugak atas sofa (eeekk!) and atas lantai. Mostly sebab dia tengah ralit main or watching tv/ipad.

Then after 4 months of training, he managed to go diaper free and wearing briefs. Day and night! Weehoo! Ayah dia gumbira sebab tak payah beli diapers dah. Hehe!!

While training we had a few challenges like during car rides we had to stop at petrol stations or city R&R. Cuba bayangkan my anxious-ness when he said “nak kencingggg, nak berakkkk” when we are in a traffic jam? Whoaa! Mencabar sungguh!

But my ultimate challenge was of course the night time training. I had to be discipline enough to ensure he doesn’t go to bed without going to the toilet first. If he terlena somewhere else, like on the couch, in the car, I had to take him to the loo and force him to pee while sleeping. Alahai kesian gile masa ni. Tersengguk-sengguk pejam mata sambil kencing. And if he can’t go, he would cry asking me to carry him to his bed. “Tak jadi mama, kencing tak jadi datang.” Hahaha!

And I also had to set my alarm at 2am and 4am every night to wake up and take him to the loo. Angkat dia and put him on the toilet seat making sure he doesn’t fall. But yes, accidents still happened though. After all of the above!! Ada gak time mama dia terlelap, maka basahlah tilam. Lucky he’s still sleeping in his babycot (converted to toddler bed). So tak banyak la kerja sangat. Cuba bayangkan kalau tilam queen size mama ayah itu! Hoh! Sakit jiwa nak cuci.

Finally, after a few weeks of dry mattres and dry pants, I am convinced that he’s is fully in control of his bladder. I no longer need to wake up in the middle of the night to take him to pee. He is also able to hold it in if we are in a traffic jam or somewhere yang tak ada toilet. “Takpe mama, adik tunggu kejap balik rumah”.

Awww, my big boy. Thanks for catching up real quick. Mommy can sleep well now at night. I need my so-called beauty sleep back!

Z at 3y8m

Z at 3y8m



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