Hey March!

Hi people!

March is here and I have been waiting for March since 2014. We will be visiting my brother in Perth so yes, excited we are. Or you can say, excited I AM to finally be travelling again.

2014 was a hiatus year for us. We decided to put our travel plans on hold because of the unfortunate incidents that happened throughout the year. Hubby was the anxious one actually. Saying NO to every destination that required us to fly. This year he said okay (with a tight face) when I say let’s start with a short journey. 5 hours is not too bad I supposed. Kalau ku suggest London, confirm reject dengan veto!

It’s gonna be a quick getaway for the four of us. Nevertheless, we sure hope to enjoy every second of it.

Will be writing the travelogue when we get back! Until then, enjoy my IG pictures for live updates.

Doakan kami selamat pergi dan pulang. Amin.



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