Perth 2015: The Arrival

Just got back yesterday. Took an extra day off work today to recover from what I call a holiday hangover. You know, that tired and malas feeling of unpacking and laundry and sorting out stuff. That’s a hangover to me. Hubby has resumed work today and while I’m waiting for the laundry and the kids are playing, I better jot down our travelogue before I lupa. While it’s still fresh!

We took the morning MAS flight and after 5 1/2 hours, we arrived Perth at 3pm on a Sunday (15 March 2015). In Perth, we rented a car for us to move about since our itinerary required us to travel out of the city centre. When in town, we just hopped on the free buses that were available. We searched for the rental car deals from VroomVroomVroom and Thrifty had the best offer. The counters of the rental car companies are in the Arrival hall itself and the parking lot for car collection pun kat sebelah je, so it was convenient la for us. Not that we have a lot of luggage (hubby is a light packer) but yeah with kids in tow, memang our hands were full.

Weather was bright and sunny of 28°C. Panas terik macam Malaysia but the cool breezy wind made it bearable for us. Tidak berpeluh tidak berlengas. Yay!

Clear blue Australian skies. I love the view so much!

Clear blue Australian skies. I love the view very much!

Our ride in Perth. Got upgraded from the original booking. Hubby loved this!

Our ride in Perth. Got upgraded from the original booking. Hubby loved this car!

We drove straight to our hotel to check-in. We stayed at Adina Apartment Hotel in Barrack Plaza. Booked a one-bedroom apartment via Agoda. I utilized my Agoda points for this apartment so no need to pay full price this time. The perks for being loyal. Yay!

One bedroom apartment complete with kitchen, washing machine and a dining area.

Our one bedroom apartment complete with kitchen, washing machine and a dining area. Washing machine and the dryer was the winning factor. Hubby was happy because boleh bawak baju sikit je tak yah beg berat. The room is with a king bed which was my no 1 criteria when choosing a hotel sebab the kids co-sleep with us; we need all the space we can get!

After settling down, my brother Adam who is studying in UWA Perth came to the apartment and brought us to dinner. Maghrib time was 6.30pm so by 7pm dah gelap malam dah. We had dinner at supposedly Oleh-Oleh Cafe which is a halal Malaysian cuisine cafe. Tapi rupanya dah tukar management kot sebab the name is now different. It’s called Nyonya something (I lupa nama kedai). The kids had satay and we had nasi gorengs. The food was so-so. Nothing to shout about lah. Went to the local mini mart just around the corner to get our breakfast supplies.

We sent Adam back to his college after dinner. He showed us around his uni area and pusing-pusing town centre. I was amazed how the town is already shut off by 8-9 at night. Jalan raya and housing area pun gelap gelita. Gee usik the kids saying that zombies are coming out to play anytime soon. Tapi ada je ada kedai yang bukak up to 11pm. Mostly Asian restaurants lah. We called it a night early that night. Exhausted, of course!


The apartment has an indoor basement parking space for guests at $25 per night. I emailed the hotel prior to our arrival to book but unfortunately there are only 2 nights availability. Lagi 2 malam tu we had to park at the Wilson Parking which is located at the next building. That one mahal sikit la coz is goes by hour. But all in all, we were happy with the service.

 We had a fire scare that night. At about 11-ish, an announcement came from the PA system that the alarm went off and there is a possible emergency. We were told to remain calm and wait for further instructions if evacuation was necessary. Ya Allah, dengan pyjamas nye, dengan anak-anak dah tido nye, dengan mamai penatnya…uwaaa panic tau! I quickly pakai my tudung and grab our wallets and passports and waited. We went out the balcony to see 2 fire engines arrived at the lobby and heard the alarm (we didn’t hear the alarm at first when in the room). I recited Rabbi Yassir Walatua’ssir Rabbi Tamim Bil Khair. Ya Allah please make everything easy for us.

After 1/2 hour, another announcement came in and they confirmed that the nature of the alarm was not an emergency. Phew! Lega. Boleh tidur balik dengan aman. I jokingly said to hubby, ada orang masak apa la agaknye tu sampai smoke detector bunyi kot!

Okay, done with day 1. Will sambung lagi later! Hopefully before I go to work this Monday. I figured if I tangguh this entry tak siap this weekend, it will never be completed until our next trip ke next destination! Lol!




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