A little update

Last week IY told me that he read my blog. THIS blog. He said, best la mama abang baca mama cerita pasal kita pegi Perth aritu. And it strucked me that I have not been blogging for a long time. I am so malas these days to log in and babble about stuff. But when IY said he loves reading what I jotted down, I jadi insaf sekejap. Erk!

He said he can’t wait to read our Bali trip story. OMG! Pressure mode on. Anak sendiri nak baca blog mak pasal trip yang dia sendiri pegi! He said he wants to write something too about our travelling trips. He requested a notebook. A real notebook, not the computer. Phew!

I have always loved travelling although I might not be as avid traveller as some people. Though my body is not somewhere out there venturing the world, my mind is. I constantly found myself drawn to reading and finding interesting stuff on places and world maps and other culture and whatnots. The Amazing Race show has been my favourite since Season 1, OMG can’t it be more obvious?? Haha!

Instagram has brought me to see the world. I made new friends who has the same interest and I build new interest I never thought I would.

Anyway, back to Bali story. Huwarghhhh!! Will start to write about it soon. Very soon. Hopefully IY hasn’t finished his essays by then. Tercabar mak nya nanti!

So I guess stories about botol susu and work and ramblings will soon be extinct. More on travels (if we do travel) and positive vibes only. Hope there’s still people who wants to read. Oh well, at least I know I have one boy who will.


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