2014 in one go

It’s the 20th-ish day of 2015. So how was my two-oh-fourteen? Here’s a recap. Better late than never they say!


  • Nothing much in January. IY started his 6yo and final year kindy.
  • I was busy with prepping my brother’s house to be rented. Repair works and all the jazz was kind of fun. Tiring, but rewarding. It’s my first time being involved in this landlord-tenant business. Making sure the house is in a good condition and ada value for tenant. Interesting business. I might want to venture doing this property thingy when I retire early nanti.


  • IY started his art class and taekwando lessons. But in 2015, he suddenly started losing interest in the art class and I didn’t want to force him. Rugi duit bayar class yang dia malas nak pergi. And if paksa dia pergi, dia tak happy. What’s the point? So 2015 will only be his football training at The Goal Academy. Swimming masih dalam perancangan nak stop jugak sebab kat sekolah dah ada lessons jugak. Planning to enrol Z for the football training once he turn 4 nanti.


  • Sold our first property and boy that was such a relief. We managed to use the fund to pay off the car loan, other debts and fixing our current home. And some investments sikit. Alhamdulillah, rezeki.
  • MH370 happened. Need I say more? I don’t think so.


  • Gee had his thyroidectomy. Removing his thyroid gland. He’s hyperthyroid-free now!


  • IY turned 6.


  • Z turned 3
  • We had the robot party for the boys. A full blast birthday party was held. Fuhh nasib baik la tak buat selalu. Penat gilers. I remember that I never wrote an entry about the party kan? Oh well, dah terlambat, cerita basi dah. Kekeke! But this year we are not planning any party for sure. Layan dengan birthday trips pulak.


  • We turned 9. Happy anniversary!
  • My little brother went to Perth for his degree. Sorang lagi adik yang jauh di mata.
  • Hari Raya road trip up north. Same ‘ol same ‘ol.
  • MH17 happened. Let’s not go there. I just can’t.


  • I turn 34. Tua dah.
  • We finally installed fake grass to our tiny garden. I have always wanted to have a clean neat garden tapi ibu jari ini tak berapa nak hijau. Hehe! Sedih nye tanam apa pun mati je. Chronic sungguh. Last-last we decided to just put a fake carpet grass and see how we manage. Kalau tak jadi jugak, tak tau la nak cakap apa. Well, so far it’s been 5 months and we are okay. Haha! Ada la jugak case kucing berak sekali dua tapi small matter lah. Check out www.inspiregrass.com.my in case you are wondering.
Our tiny garden. The only yang hidup subur are the daun pandan and that pokok. Self-grown je. They are the survivors. Haha!

Our tiny garden. The only yang hidup subur are the daun pandan and that pokok. Self-grown  pulak. They are the survivors. Haha!


  • IY’s first video clip was aired for the first time during the World Summit on Media for Children. He went to shoot the video masa bulan puasa in July. I forgot to blog about this. Well, last year memang mojo blogging agak kurang. For the summit, there was an official video clip and IY was selected to play a part dalam tu. The song was by Helen Yap and sang by Atilia. The video is on Youtube. Here’s the link if nak tengok. Z was selected too tapi he was too shy and didn’t want to cooperate. Halahh adik oi!
  • Our JB-Singapore trip.


  • Our Kuantan trip. Went to Kuala Gandah to the elephant sanctuary. The boys had fun feeding the elephants.
Elephant feeding. We couldn't see gajah mandi kat river coz the sungai cetek that day.

Gajah makan tebu. We couldn’t see gajah mandi kat river coz the sungai cetek that day.


  • Gee turned 35. Pun sudah tua.
  • Z was circumsized on 3 November 2014. He was 3y 5m. I haven’t blogged about it. But basically he had an infection on his birdie. Same classic case like IY in 2012. Luckily we were more prepared this time sebab dah ada experience dengan si abang dulu. It took Z 10 days to heal compared to abang’s longer recovery period. Z had the exactly same method like IY. Under full GA and laser (clean) cut. This time Dr Razak put a polystyrene cup in Z’s brief to prevent from the wound to touch any surface. Sebab tu cepat heal.

    Taken before the surgery. All cheery and happy. Lepas keluar OT he was crying sebab uncomfortable. Boy that was an unforgettable experience handling OT aftermath. Satu ward boleh dengar dia jerit!

    Taken before the surgery. All cheery and happy. Lepas keluar OT he was crying sebab uncomfortable. Boy that was an unforgettable experience handling the OT aftermath. Satu ward boleh dengar dia jerit!


  • Z is fully potty trained! Yay! Sejak dia bersunat we went all the way to fully get him diaper-free. When he started school in January 2015, we stopped buying the pull ups and nekad to diaper-free malam pulak. Agak zombie la maknye ni checking him tengah-tengah malam buta and angkat dia ke toilet. Sian dia kena paksa kencing sambil mata tertutup. Haha!
  • My girlfriends and I planned a few playdates activities for our kids sempena cuti sekolah. We went to the Farm In The City, Jumpstreet Trampoline Indoor Park, baking class at Wondermilk and ended with the kids culinary class at Kidz & Creme (Aaron Aziz’s cafe). No, mommies did not get to see AA. Haha! But the kids had fun with the activities. Si abang kakak dekat class, si adik-adik buat hal sendiri main together. Mommies pulak catch up bersembang dan makan of course!
On their last day at Kidz & Creme

On their last day at Kidz & Creme

I guess that wraps up my 2014.

Hoping for a good 2015 ahead.



Thyroidectomy – The recovery

It has been more than a month since the thyroidectomy. So far he is recovering well. The scar has healed nicely. Alhamdulillah.

I was reading the previous entry and I saw that I was supposed to write about the PCMC staycation. Haha! Lupa! Tak per lah, tak penting pun. To cut the story short, we spent the nights at the hospital with the patient. Pagi-pagi pergi sekolah and taska from the hospital and petang balik to the hospital. During the day, I was at the hospital being his personal nurse. Hehe! I was on the run. Phew! Penat tapi lega sebab semua orang depan mata. My mom offered to babysit but I politely declined. Lagipun Gee wanted the boys to be with us. Rindu katanya. Hehe we are clingy parents like that!

I guess the arrangement worked well for us. They behaved well throughout our stay and Gee also had me all the time (especially at night when he needs help with the pillows, to the toilet, to get water and stuff). So yeah, it was not bad at all despite being tired and sleep deprived.


After the surgery, I can see that his eyes is “shrinking”. The eye balls are less bulging. When he sleeps, the right lid has closed completely (yay!). The left is still renggang but I think it’s much better than before. The doctor said it will take some time for the eyes to go back to the normal size but she also warned us not to be too berharap. The eyes could stay like that forever. Well, one can pray and wish.

I noticed that his voice is a little bit different now. I read that might be one of the effects of the surgery sebab the gland is located very very near to the vocal chord. Somehow or rather mesti ter usik jugak that area. We will have another appointment with the ENT to check if everything is ok.

I guess that’s it for the thyroidectomy series. We are done with his thyroid!Hip hip hooray!

This was taken after his first follow up with Dr Harjit a week after the surgery

Pictures are from my IG feed. Perhaps my followers might have seen it a few weeks back.


Post surgery

Alhamdulillah the surgery went well. We stayed in for 4 days and he’s currently resting at home. Will write more about his recovery and our staycation at PCMC soon. It was fun! Haha!

As for now, I’m back at office and work is piling. Don’t even know where to start. Yikes!

Here’s a (blurry) picture of him right after the surgery.

1 April 2014 | 3pm | PCMC | Ward 5G-03

1 April 2014 | 3pm | PCMC | Ward 5G-03

It’s now all over and done with. Let’s hope the eyes will shrink bit by bit as time goes by. I read that it will take time, some say it might never go to the original size. Whatever it may be, I’m just glad it’s never going to get any bigger.

He’s planning for a LASIK next. Hopefully before his birthday this year coz apparently the price is different for 35yo and above. Harap-harap the eyes are even qualified for a LASIK. We shall wait and see.



Graves’ Disease

Here’s the story that led us to our surgery decision.

Dr Faridah has left PCMC. She gave us her new number should we decided to follow her to the new place. Or we could stay with PCMC and continue with the new doctor, Dr Shamin. At first, we were contemplating on where to go. Then we figured, tengok doctor baru macam mana dulu. If rasa tak ada chemistry, we will see Dr Faridah balik.

Seeing Dr Shamin was not a bad idea after all. She’s very informative and comforting as well. It’s a like a breath of fresh air to listen from someone else. Although the things that we hear from her are things that we already know. You know, second opinions usually give a different perspective.

Dr Shamin was worried of Gee’s eyes. He has the classic symptoms of Graves’ Disease.

Graves’ disease is an autoimmune disease. It most commonly affects the thyroid, frequently causing it to enlarge to twice its size or more (goiter), become overactive, with related hyperthyroid symptoms such as increased heartbeat, muscle weakness, disturbed sleep, and irritability. It can also affect the eyes, causing bulging eyes (exophthalmos). It affects other systems of the body, including the skin, heart, circulation and nervous system. (Source Wiki).

Gee’s thyroid illness has a name rupanya! It’s Graves’ Disease. It is not life threatening. Cuma the doctor is concern that the eye balls are starting to protrude. The nerve behind the eyes are pushing it forward. He can’t close his eyes completely. Yes, he sleeps with mata renggang (yang sangat renggang). Which sometimes scares me in the middle of the night as if he’s looking at me. Tapi sebenarnya dia tengah tidur. A normal person’s eyes should shut completely in order for it to “rest”. When the eyes are half-closed, it will cause dryness and in the long run could damage his cornea. Well, that scares us a little bit. He was referred to an eye specialist and alhamdulillah so far his eyes are ok.

That brought us to the next doctor. Dr Harjeet is the surgeon. She performed an ultrasound on Gee’s neck area and it looks like he doesn’t have an enlarged thyroid like the other thyroid patients. But again, the eyes. It all goes back to the eyes. The doctors do not want him to be dependent on Camazol for the rest of his life. The average person will be on the pills for a max of 5 years. Itupun untuk orang yang dah berumur and risky for surgery. Sepatutnya 18 bulan je boleh sembuh.

There are 2 types of treatments. One is radioactive. Two is surgery. Why not radioactive? Although it’s wayyyy cheaper (less than RM3K), there is no guarantee it will not come back. Plus, Gee needs to be quarantined for 2 weeks or more (until the radioactive traces are gone) from the kids. No contact AT ALL! He cringed at the idea of being away from us.

So we are left with surgery. A total thyroidectomy. It’s more expensive than radioactive. The surgeon will cut open his neck and remove the thyroid glands completely. The surgery will take about 2 hours or so. According to Dr Harjeet, she does this surgery all the time. I guess it’s kacang putih to her. But to us, surgery will always bring me to a state of panic, restless, over-thinking and mostly I feel helpless. All I do now is doa. Pray that everything will be ok. Just.okay.

Berharap dan berdoa the best for everyone. Amin.

T-4 days.

Tick tock tick tock.


Surgery it is

Hubby will undergo a surgery to remove his thyroid gland. Doakan dia. Doakan kami. Will update more when I have the time. InsyaAllah.

Thyroid gland is that red butterfly-shaped thingy. That's the thing that will be removed.

Thyroid gland is that red butterfly-shaped thingy. That’s the thing that will be taken out completely.

The surgery is scheduled on 1 April 2014 at 11.00am. He is now on 2-week heavy dose of Camazol to ensure the T3 and T4 readings are at the right level on surgery day. To avoid complications katanya. *sigh*. I hate that word “complications”. Hope I will never have to hear it again.

I’m pretty much nervous (who wouldn’t?). But I just want this to be over soon. To just get it done and over with. To be healthy again.

Rabbi yassir wala tu’assir. Rabbi tamim bil khair.

P/S: Our house was sold at the “right” time. No wonder it was a long wait. Maybe this is what it was waiting for. Thank you Allah.


No surgery..for now

Eh lupa nak update about the 3 October thyroid appointment.

It went well. Buat blood test and turned out his T3 and T4 reading have gone down. Alhamdulillah no need for surgery for now. The meds dah turun dose from 3 biji to 2 biji now. That’s more like it. Yay! Dr Faridah pun memang nak avoid surgery as much as possible.

So what’s next? Appointments and more blood test next month macam biasa. To see how he will react with only 2 biji Camazol.

Hope to see more progress as time goes on.


Gee’s thyroid – 18 months later

It’s been almost 2 years since the first diagnosis.

We were at the doctor’s office last month for his monthly blood test. Dr Faridah is quite worried that Gee’s not responding well to Camazol (the name of the med) for the past 18 months. Gee has not missed a pill (kalau ada missed pun it won’t be more than 12 hours gap). His T3 and T4 reading sangat la yo-yo and not stable. It doesn’t show any sign of going constant.

She then moved on to suggesting alternative treatments. Apparently, this is a very stubborn thyroid (exactly her words). There’s 2 treatments to choose from; radioactive or surgery.

Next appointment is in a couple of weeks. By then , we will decide which way to go. We are leaning more towards surgery though. Doakan yang terbaik untuk kami ya? Thank you.


8th year

We are 8 today! Happy Anniversary to us. I pray that this marriage will lead us closer to Allah. InsyaAllah. I love you sayang. Forever and ever.

And to mark our anniversary this year, we received a special gift. Love it!

p/s: Will blog more about this little surprise soon. Till then..Salam Ramadhan everyone!


You may start your engine!

Just in case you (or anyone you know) might be interested. Hubby’s co is organizing this event. It’s basically a day where you can race all you want at the Sepang race track. Yes! Just like the F1 drivers 😛

SP Auto Tuning Track Day12 May 2013

SP Auto Tuning Track Day
12 May 2013

Don’t ask me details. I know nothing about cars. Can’t even change the tires. Pfft!

Check out their FB page (search: SP AUTO TUNING) and website. Everything is there.


Our chaotic week

IY and Z have been on and off the fever for the past week. Sejak cuti Hari Wilayah 1 Feb last week, IY’s temperature went up. As usual, the panic parents rushed him to the hospital ER. He was spiking a 39.7C. They gave him a sponge bath and insert the supp meds into his bottom to bring down the temp. We were there for almost 4 hours. Doctor did not release him until his temp turun.

After 3 days dia dah ok suddenly naik balik temp! Haiyohh! Pegi balik the hospital (sebab doctor pesan if 3 days demam tak kebah kena datang balik). Lastly, kena lah succumb to the antibiotics which we dreaded the most. His tekak sudah sangat merah and he’s refusing food and even his milk.


Left: At home | Right: At the ER

Then Z pulak berjangkit! Uwaaa!! Kalau Z yang demam, mommy jadi zombie. Jaga abang is not so draining as compared to jaga adik. Adik tak pandai nak explain lagi what’s wrong. So dia  nangis and cranky je lah kerjanya. Mahu berdukung and mahu nenen saja. Bila dukung demand tak nak duduk pulak tuuu…mama kena jalan2 satu rumah.

Oh and in between, mama and ayah caught the flu bugs too!! 4 beranak tumbang back to back. Hoh! The house is a mess. The normal routine has gone haywire. I just can’t wait for everything to be okay and in order again.


Z at the ER

Tomorrow we were supposed to spend our CNY long weekend kat Lost World of Tambun, Ipoh. Cancel lah nampaknye. Takpe lah, we postpone until semua sihat kay?

Cepat la sihat anak-anak!