2013 highlights

Let’s recap!

This year has been an eye opener for me. In so many ways. I think I have learned to look things quite differently. I learned to see people, situations and problems positively. Belajar bersangka baik is the most rewarding lesson for me. When I started joining the Instagram bandwagon, little did I know that I was going to get hooked! I enjoy following IGers who posts beautiful pictures from all over the world. Also love reading their quotes, stories and experiences through their posts. Totally inspiring.

This year we enrolled IY to Adni. I’m glad we made that decision. He has blossomed academically and spiritually. He loves school. Alhamdulillah we are blessed.

This year we had the chance to travel. Travel too, opened my eyes. It’s refreshing. As much as it was a challenge to travel with the kiddos, I am happy that the boys learn a lot of things through their journeys. I am looking forward to more travelling adventures with my family in 2014.

Not to forget, this year we had a baby and lost a baby. I had the best 6 weeks carrying him/her. I even had a Turkish name ready. Saja berangan. Hehe. I still think about it sometimes. Especially when I see a few of my friends who got pregnant almost the same time as I did. I couldn’t help wondering how big my tummy would have gotten if I was still pregnant. But oh well, I know Allah knows me well. This is for the best.

Tahun ini adalah tahun kucing. At least for us lah. Haha! Budet came into our lives early this year and since then we kinda became cat people. But without really having cats as pets. I am still scared of them but as long as they keep the distance, I’m okay.

I never mention about Oggy in this blog, have I? A few months back, we brought back a stray cat (we named him Oggy). He had a severe case of skin rash and dehydrated. We took him to the vet and he was cured. All the while we kept him in our backyard. Sangat manja selalu nak memboloskan diri masuk rumah but we never let him in. Pandai dia tak pegi mana-mana pun masa sakit tu. Makan tidur je kerjanya. Garang pulak tu tak kasi kucing lain datang nak makan food yang kitaorang serve. Padahal boleh je share kan? Cehh! During our UK trip, we weren’t worried of his survival ability since he was a stray cat. Pandai la cari makan sendiri kalau dah habis stock Friskies tu. We put a whole lot of cat food and a bowl of water under the porch before we left. That was the last we saw him. He never came back. Hubby sedih jugak and search for him but I guess jodoh kami dengan Oggy sampai situ sahaja. I hope he is well wherever he is right now.

Sekarang kucing-kucing lain kembali untuk makan the Friskies we put in our backyard everyday. Pandai je share takde gaduh-gaduh. Dulu semua takut dengan Oggy. Hehe.

So I guess all of the above would be my highlights of 2013. I hope next year will bring us more rezeki and happiness.

Wishing all my readers a happy 2014. Toodles!



IY’s first milk tooth

He marked another milestone yesterday. His first milk tooth came out at 5½ yo. As usual, mommy yang over! Actually the tooth dah longgar for about a week plus, we were just waiting for it to tanggal sendiri.

My mom helped to cabut the gigi coz that’s her forte. She has the magic hands to cabut gigi without the pain!  My siblings and I punya milk teeth dulu semua dia yang handle. She was itching to do it for IY the moment we told her gigi IY dah longgar. Haha! So when I saw the tooth dah ready to come out, we went to Opah’s house for the “dentist appointment”!

I even recorded a video! Of course!

There you go! Yang sebelah kiri tu pun tak lama lagi tu.

There you go! Yang sebelah kiri tu pun tak lama lagi tu.

After it was done, the hard part was to ask him to kumur air garam (to stop the bleeding). Dia pegi telan air garam tuu! Memang la masin yang amat. Nasib baik takde lah darah banyak sangat.

IY is so proud of being toothless. Apparently he felt like a big boy! He kept asking me to take pictures of him and suruh send to everyone (his uncles and aunties). Even asked me “mama dah show kat kawan-kawan mama ke?”. I think he meant the Instagram. Kah kah kah!!

P/S: He doesn’t know the existance (or non-existance; more like it) of a toothfairy. Tak payah nak introduce pun rasanya. Save duit mak bapak. We just told him that we will bury the tooth beside baby adik in our backyard.



I just joined another bandwagon–KEEK!

Hmm..let’s see what I could do with this–36 seconds video sure penuh dengan celoteh anak2 je ni. We shall see.

Follow me–I’m pu3natul (as always!)

Keek on IG

Keek-ing announcement on my IG


Fat Mum Slim Photo A Day Challenge

Have you heard of this challenge?
It’s fun and I have jumped into the bandwagon too since bergiat aktif dalam IG ni.

Fat Mum Slim is a blogger from Aussie and she started this hype. Every month she’ll put up a theme for each day and everyone will post a picture on their IG that fits the theme but also relates to your own life at the same time. Then just hashtag. I suka pi tengok the pictures at the hashtag folders. From all over the world. Banyak gambar yang creative. Ada yang cantik sangat! And ada jugak yang ntah apa apa. But it made me realize the world out there is amazingly beautiful.

November list

November list

Here’s my collection of my first month #fmsphotoadaynov.

Here's my November

My November

Alaa the captions are small. Tak leh nak nampak la pulak. I’ll try to figure it out camne nak kasi besar sikit next month kay?