A little update

Last week IY told me that he read my blog. THIS blog. He said, best la mama abang baca mama cerita pasal kita pegi Perth aritu. And it strucked me that I have not been blogging for a long time. I am so malas these days to log in and babble about stuff. But when IY said he loves reading what I jotted down, I jadi insaf sekejap. Erk!

He said he can’t wait to read our Bali trip story. OMG! Pressure mode on. Anak sendiri nak baca blog mak pasal trip yang dia sendiri pegi! He said he wants to write something too about our travelling trips. He requested a notebook. A real notebook, not the computer. Phew!

I have always loved travelling although I might not be as avid traveller as some people. Though my body is not somewhere out there venturing the world, my mind is. I constantly found myself drawn to reading and finding interesting stuff on places and world maps and other culture and whatnots. The Amazing Race show has been my favourite since Season 1, OMG can’t it be more obvious?? Haha!

Instagram has brought me to see the world. I made new friends who has the same interest and I build new interest I never thought I would.

Anyway, back to Bali story. Huwarghhhh!! Will start to write about it soon. Very soon. Hopefully IY hasn’t finished his essays by then. Tercabar mak nya nanti!

So I guess stories about botol susu and work and ramblings will soon be extinct. More on travels (if we do travel) and positive vibes only. Hope there’s still people who wants to read. Oh well, at least I know I have one boy who will.



IY in Primary 1

IY dah darjah 1. I need a tissue please! *lap air mata*

12 January 2015 was IY’s first day in Primary 1. We continued with Adni as we think that is the best solution to avoid the pening-ness nak enrol him to SK and SRA separately. We figured senang sikit dia sekolah dari pagi 8am until 4pm everyday with both national and islamic syllabus integrated in his school hours. Plus, the teacher to student ratio is small 1:10 and we love Adni’s whole concept. InsyaAllah we hope this is one of our best investment ever, dunia akhirat.

His first day was a breeze. Seronok dapat kawan baru and seronok jumpa balik kawan lama from kindy. We left the school after assembly. All parents were not encourage to stay to stalk. Haha! Since food are provided in school 3x a day, so senang la cerita tak payah nak kasi duit belanja. IY is not a heavy eater so apa cikgu kasi makan, dia sebat je. No need for extra bekal from home.

It’s been 3 weeks now and he’s adjusting well to his routine. So far takde homework sekolah lagi so his after-dinner time masih boleh bersenang lenang depan tv or baca buku cerita. By 930pm he’s already asleep and wakes up at 630am in the morning.

It’s a whole a new experience for me as a mom of a primary kid in this new technology era. First day lagi cikgu class dah create Whatsapp group for all 20 mommies in his class. Sesi berkenalan para mommies bermula. And I must say the group is quite active and the mommies are all really helpful and informative. Contohnya, ada buku baru kena beli coz baru masuk stock but the bookshop only opens during office hours. One of the mommies offered to help buy the book for sorang mommy yang cakap dia tak sempat nak pi beli. And guess what,  in the end, all 19 mommies kirim kat dia. Haha!

Next entry nak cerita Z’s first day at school pulak.

Besar dah anak-anak saya. *lap air mata*


2014 in one go

It’s the 20th-ish day of 2015. So how was my two-oh-fourteen? Here’s a recap. Better late than never they say!


  • Nothing much in January. IY started his 6yo and final year kindy.
  • I was busy with prepping my brother’s house to be rented. Repair works and all the jazz was kind of fun. Tiring, but rewarding. It’s my first time being involved in this landlord-tenant business. Making sure the house is in a good condition and ada value for tenant. Interesting business. I might want to venture doing this property thingy when I retire early nanti.


  • IY started his art class and taekwando lessons. But in 2015, he suddenly started losing interest in the art class and I didn’t want to force him. Rugi duit bayar class yang dia malas nak pergi. And if paksa dia pergi, dia tak happy. What’s the point? So 2015 will only be his football training at The Goal Academy. Swimming masih dalam perancangan nak stop jugak sebab kat sekolah dah ada lessons jugak. Planning to enrol Z for the football training once he turn 4 nanti.


  • Sold our first property and boy that was such a relief. We managed to use the fund to pay off the car loan, other debts and fixing our current home. And some investments sikit. Alhamdulillah, rezeki.
  • MH370 happened. Need I say more? I don’t think so.


  • Gee had his thyroidectomy. Removing his thyroid gland. He’s hyperthyroid-free now!


  • IY turned 6.


  • Z turned 3
  • We had the robot party for the boys. A full blast birthday party was held. Fuhh nasib baik la tak buat selalu. Penat gilers. I remember that I never wrote an entry about the party kan? Oh well, dah terlambat, cerita basi dah. Kekeke! But this year we are not planning any party for sure. Layan dengan birthday trips pulak.


  • We turned 9. Happy anniversary!
  • My little brother went to Perth for his degree. Sorang lagi adik yang jauh di mata.
  • Hari Raya road trip up north. Same ‘ol same ‘ol.
  • MH17 happened. Let’s not go there. I just can’t.


  • I turn 34. Tua dah.
  • We finally installed fake grass to our tiny garden. I have always wanted to have a clean neat garden tapi ibu jari ini tak berapa nak hijau. Hehe! Sedih nye tanam apa pun mati je. Chronic sungguh. Last-last we decided to just put a fake carpet grass and see how we manage. Kalau tak jadi jugak, tak tau la nak cakap apa. Well, so far it’s been 5 months and we are okay. Haha! Ada la jugak case kucing berak sekali dua tapi small matter lah. Check out www.inspiregrass.com.my in case you are wondering.
Our tiny garden. The only yang hidup subur are the daun pandan and that pokok. Self-grown je. They are the survivors. Haha!

Our tiny garden. The only yang hidup subur are the daun pandan and that pokok. Self-grown  pulak. They are the survivors. Haha!


  • IY’s first video clip was aired for the first time during the World Summit on Media for Children. He went to shoot the video masa bulan puasa in July. I forgot to blog about this. Well, last year memang mojo blogging agak kurang. For the summit, there was an official video clip and IY was selected to play a part dalam tu. The song was by Helen Yap and sang by Atilia. The video is on Youtube. Here’s the link if nak tengok. Z was selected too tapi he was too shy and didn’t want to cooperate. Halahh adik oi!
  • Our JB-Singapore trip.


  • Our Kuantan trip. Went to Kuala Gandah to the elephant sanctuary. The boys had fun feeding the elephants.
Elephant feeding. We couldn't see gajah mandi kat river coz the sungai cetek that day.

Gajah makan tebu. We couldn’t see gajah mandi kat river coz the sungai cetek that day.


  • Gee turned 35. Pun sudah tua.
  • Z was circumsized on 3 November 2014. He was 3y 5m. I haven’t blogged about it. But basically he had an infection on his birdie. Same classic case like IY in 2012. Luckily we were more prepared this time sebab dah ada experience dengan si abang dulu. It took Z 10 days to heal compared to abang’s longer recovery period. Z had the exactly same method like IY. Under full GA and laser (clean) cut. This time Dr Razak put a polystyrene cup in Z’s brief to prevent from the wound to touch any surface. Sebab tu cepat heal.

    Taken before the surgery. All cheery and happy. Lepas keluar OT he was crying sebab uncomfortable. Boy that was an unforgettable experience handling OT aftermath. Satu ward boleh dengar dia jerit!

    Taken before the surgery. All cheery and happy. Lepas keluar OT he was crying sebab uncomfortable. Boy that was an unforgettable experience handling the OT aftermath. Satu ward boleh dengar dia jerit!


  • Z is fully potty trained! Yay! Sejak dia bersunat we went all the way to fully get him diaper-free. When he started school in January 2015, we stopped buying the pull ups and nekad to diaper-free malam pulak. Agak zombie la maknye ni checking him tengah-tengah malam buta and angkat dia ke toilet. Sian dia kena paksa kencing sambil mata tertutup. Haha!
  • My girlfriends and I planned a few playdates activities for our kids sempena cuti sekolah. We went to the Farm In The City, Jumpstreet Trampoline Indoor Park, baking class at Wondermilk and ended with the kids culinary class at Kidz & Creme (Aaron Aziz’s cafe). No, mommies did not get to see AA. Haha! But the kids had fun with the activities. Si abang kakak dekat class, si adik-adik buat hal sendiri main together. Mommies pulak catch up bersembang dan makan of course!
On their last day at Kidz & Creme

On their last day at Kidz & Creme

I guess that wraps up my 2014.

Hoping for a good 2015 ahead.


IY’s first Taekwando tournament

A few weeks ago IY came home telling us that his Taekwando coach at school selected him to enter a tournament. I didn’t believe him. Haha! I never saw IY as this fighting kungfu kinda boy. The only reason we picked taekwando as his extra curricular activity at school is just for some ilmu self-defence. Nak kasi confidence sikit la kan. Never crossed my mind about tournaments whatsoever. Then I contacted his coach and he confirmed that IY and his friends were picked for Sparring Under 7 Category. Heck, I didn’t even know what sparring means!

Then the day came. We went to watch him fight. Gosh, even saying those words made me cringed. Seriau yang amat nak tengok anak bertumbuk bertendang. It was a big tournament I must say, students from all over datang to UIA for this. The hall was packed with students, parents, teachers, coaches and tournament officials. Belum apa-apa kami dah berpeluh berlengas dah. Panas!

Nasib baik IY’s category was shifted outside the hall. Yay! More space to move to take pictures and berangin la sikit. Before the event started, the judges gave a short speech on how this tournament for kids were nothing serious. It’s just for fun. He made it clear that he wanted for the kids to learn the team spirit, enjoying themselves and most of all, he reminded us parents to support all the children. Not just anak sendiri. Bagus betul judge tu. Very kid-friendly. Berpeluk sakan dengan anak-anak kami. Thumbs up to the organizer!

IY won 3rd place. I was super proud of him. He took his semifinals defeat like a champ. Smiling and saying how he had fun that day. That’s my boy!

IY and his team mates from Adni

IY and his team mates from Adni

IMG_6507 IMG_6535 IMG_6547

Proud mommy moment!

Proud mommy moment!

IY at 6y5m

IY at 6y5m


Salam Aidilfitri 2014

Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri from the four of us — Shazli, Puteri, IY and ZU.

Minta ampun dah maaf if I have offended anyone virtually or personally. Yang  baik semua from Allah and yang tak elok tu semua dari kami.

May Allah forgive us all.

This is the best we could get. Don't even ask where are the sampings and songkok. I just gave up! *pulls hair*

This is the best we could get. Don’t even ask where are the sampings and songkok. And the boys are not even looking at the camera! I just gave up! *pulls hair*


Zayyan is 3

Baby Z turned 3 a couple of weeks a go. Wow, three! Obviously a baby no more.

Since his birthday fell on a weekday, I figured it would be awesome to let him have tiny party at his daycare with his mates. Well, as IY suggested “Mama, abang rasa kita kena buat birthday party untuk adik. Kesian adik takde party robot macam abang.” Heyy, the robot party was for both of you. Banyak cantik nak buat party asing-asing. Pengsan mama ayah!

Anywaayyyy, I ordered some brownies this time instead of a cake. Simply because tak puas makan those brownies masa robot party. Well, the ‘party’ at daycare was not really a party per se. Just one round of happy birthday singing during tea time. Enough to make everyone happy. Ahhh, the joy of being kids. Nyanyi Happy Birthday pun dah happy dah.

Birthday boy!

See that happy face!

Random milestones of this boy:

1. He’s quite the opposite of the big brother. A loud person at home with his antics, tantrums and cakap-tak-berhenti but a very shy and takes-a-while-to warm-up when he’s in public. Pretty much like the father.

2. He’s very attached to me. He still cries at daycare on his moody days despite being there for more than 2 years now. It’s not that he hates the daycare, he just wants mama. And it breaks my heart everytime.

3.  He’s the typical 2nd child. Every mommy with a second child would understand me. *insert emoji picit kepala here*

4. He’s not a picky eater. Thank God! He might not like what he eats, but he tries. Unlike IY who just rejects bulat-bulat anything yang tak menarik dia mata dia. Z would just open up and makan. If he decides he doesn’t like it, then only he would spit it out. But he’s a small eater. Dia makan sikit tapi kerap.

5. Still in diapers and bottle. Still a WIP for mommy.

6. His big bro is his idol. Apa yang abang buat, dia akan ikut.

The other day we brought him to the IY’s soccer school for a trial class. Z wanted to join the big bro since forever! Everytime he follows abang to training, we would occupy an empty court and play ball. He couldn’t wait for his 3rd birthday for this. Well, that’s what I thought lah kan. Guess what happened during the trial class? Please refer to point no 1 above. Mak aiii! He refused to run with the rest of the kids, he sulked when the coach asked him to sit in a circle and the coach finally had to hold his hand and run together with him! After 15-minutes, the kids had a break for water and guess what? Z took his water bottle and ran straight out of the court. Tak masuk-masuk dah. Haha! We decided he wasn’t ready yet. Nasib baik pegi trial class dulu tak payah bayar fees or anything yet. Phew!

I foresee a hard time to playschool next January. *emoji lap peluh di dahi here*

Another round of singing at home. Whatever makes you happy kid!

Another round of singing at home. Whatever makes you happy kid!

Happy Birthday Adik!



IY came home from school the other day asking “Mama, library tu macam mana? Banyak buku ke?”. I explained to him all about library and he was just too excited to go to one. I figured it’s about time we introduce him to the place.

So I googled for libraries around town yang child-friendly. I haven’t been to the library for sooooo long since the uni days. And of course, I have NEVER been to the kids section before. I don’t know what to expect. I want a place yang cantik kemas bersih and paling penting boleh buat bising! I know my kids won’t even stay still for a second! And they are loud. IY pulak can’t read senyap-senyap. I want him to read out loud sebab he’s still new at this. I need to hear him to correct him if needed. So to be in a kid’s library yang senyap is ridiculous if you ask me.

I posted on IG and FB about my quest to find the library and a lot my friends and followers have suggested PPAS (Perbadanan Perpustakaan Awam Selangor) or also known as Perpustakaan Raja Tun Uda in Shah Alam. At first I was like whoaaa Shah Alam! Jauh nye. So I senyap la kejap. But IY kept pestering me with “bila nak pergi library ni?” or “abang tak pernah pun pergi library (sila baca dengan nada sedih)”. Oh anak!

We finally gave in and decided to go to Shah Alam. And it wasn’t that far actually. Waze-d ourselves to the location and the journey was about 30 mins from our Cheras home.

The tree I was talking about

How cool is the tree? Spot Z who’s ready to run around!

The place is super fun! And it’s noisy. The have a corner with a small stage and also a corner with a big tv complete with bean bags for the kids to laze around. When we arrived, Cloudy With A Chance of Meatball was on. IY was this close to sit and watch but I said “kalau abang datang sini nak tengok tv, jom balik bukak HBO cite ni dah 10x ulang”. Haha! So he moved on to the shelves and find books to read. He was like so rambang mata seeing all the books!

He has this habit of wanting me to listen when he reads. I he finds me looking at the phone or doing something else, he would say "mama, kena focus kat anak". Oh my!

He has this habit of wanting me to listen when he reads. I he finds me looking at the phone or doing something else, he would say “mama, kena focus kat anak”. Oh my!

There’s a big fake tree in the library where we could read books under it. Or in Z’s case, we could golek-golek macam cerita Hindustan. Hehe! Speaking of Z, he was not interested in the books even for a bit! Sibuk berlari from one end to another and jumping and laughing like nobody’s business. Maybe he thinks this is Kizsports kot. Tinggal tak de slides and trampoline je!

Don't be fooled by this cheeky smile. I was trying hard to make him focus on the book but he didn't even blink!

Don’t be fooled by this cheeky smile. I was trying hard to make him focus on the book but he didn’t even blink. Sorry mommy, playing and running is more fun!

Clearly I wasn't ready! Sheeshhhh ayah!

Clearly I wasn’t ready! Sheeshhhh ayah!

Was looking for him when he didn't come back to the tree. Found him somewhere at the corner reading. Awww!!

Was looking for him when he didn’t come back to the tree. Found him somewhere at the corner reading. Awww!!

We lasted for about 2 hours until both boys started to run around and bergolek-golek. I knew that’s the que to go home. We had fun and I’m glad the boys’ first visit to a library was a nice library. We might try the ones nearer to our place in KL and hopefully it’s gonna be as good as this one.

Singgah Setia City Mall for a quick playground time and early dinner. Oh I love this big field here! Kite flying, bubble chasing and pefect picnic spot! You lucky Shah Alam people!!

Singgah Setia City Mall for a quick playground time and early dinner. Oh I love this big field here! Kite flying, bubble chasing and perfect picnic spot! You lucky Shah Alam people!!


Ilhan is 6

He turned six on 2 May 2014. It is obvious that I have been neglecting this page kan? Sorry about that. I guess that darn Instagram just stole the thunder.

Anyway, for the record, celebrated his birthday this year just us on the actual day. Took the day off from work to enjoy it with the birthday boy. Treated him with some shopping and playtime sampai malam! Boy he was one happy birthday boy!

We will be hosting a birthday party for the boys this year so mommy is currently busy with the party preparation. Trying to keep my calm and not to stress. I need to stop trying to make everything perfect! Semua benda nak buat and buat sendiri. Gosh mommy relax will ya! Yang penting the kids enjoy themselves and have fun helping preparing for the party.

Ice cream cake for the birthday boy and the it's-my-birthday-too boy

Ice cream cake for the birthday boy and the it’s-my-birthday-too boy

Random milestones:

On house chores:

  • Filling the dryer with washed clothes from the washing machine. Later emptying the dryer for mommy to fold the clothes. I already taught how to fold his own shirts and pants tapi QC tak cukup lagi so end up mommy have to re-fold. Oh!
  • Clearing the table after meal and stacking the plates in the sink. Mommy’s not ready to let him wash the dishes yet simply because mommy cannot tahan the water splashes! Although he sometimes insists. Oh!
  • Put in new fresh dustbin liners everytime mommy clears the rubbish.
  • Washes his own school shoes.

On being a big brother:

  • Putting on Z’s clothes/socks/shoes.
  • When they shower together, I can count on IY to make sure Z is squeaky clean.
  • On looking after Z when mommy needs to have her usual mandi koboi.
  • Surprisingly, sometimes when Z cries sebab jatuh or sakit apa-apa, he wails “Abangggggg…nak Abanggggg.” And that just melts my heart.

On learning:

  • Can read both English and Malay. Simple ones lah.
  • Can do simple math (addition and subtraction).
  • Currently on Qiraati Book3.
  • Started to solat although belum perfect. Training him to be alert of prayers times. He’s doing the actions with simple surahs. We kept telling him next year we will rotan if he doesn’t pray.
  • Swimming freestyle and breast stroke. Currently learning back stroke.

AND..he still co sleeps. Clingy parents we are. Heh!




Handling tantrums

In our case, it’s Mr Z’s tantrum.

Zayyan is now 2.9yo. Such a manja boy he is. But when he throws a tantrum, it doesn’t look pretty. Since we never had this kind of situation with IY, this a new learning curve for us as parents.

How do I describe Z’s melt down? Hmmm let’s see. He screams when he doesn’t get what he wants. Or if we don’t attend to him immediately. He doesn’t take “please wait” that well.

How do we deal with him? Certainly no spanking. Although I do “babab” my kids but only on the buttocks. I might scream and yell in the house when I’m angry ( which I’m reallyyyy not proud of and I know I need to improve on that), but no pukul. Anak bawah 6 tahun perlu dibelai. Bukan dipukul. If I get too angry or frustrated, I will just walk away. Calm myself first, istighfar banyak-banyak. Sebab masa kita tengah marah, syaitan berlumba-lumba datang cucuk jarum. Then, I’ll just keep quiet and stare at him. Stare with loving eyes not angry eyes. Eye level mesti sama dengan dia. Kalau dia baring, kita baring sama and look at him. With Zayyan, ignore strategy is the best tactic so far. At home, if he cries his eyes out or scream at the top of his lungs wanting what he wants, I’ll just walk away and ignore. Probably in an hour or so, senyap la dia. I pernah took pictures and videos of him crying. Marah betul dia but I did it anyway. And I played the video over and over showing him “haa tengok sapa tengah nangis dalam phone ni?”. He immediately stop crying!

In public, it’s tougher. Sebab mana boleh nak walk away je kan. Kena tebalkan muka dengan orang ramai. Just laugh it off sambil cakap sorry to the audience.

Zayyan once put up a show kat Labuan Airport. He wanted to ride on those RM5 for 5 minutes motorbikes pusing-pusing kat open area. The boys had one ride each. Then when it was time to go, he screamed bloody murder wanting more! I just picked him up and carried him away from the scene. God knows how much energy needed to do that. I just let him cry sambil peluk dia ketat-ketat. Later, he was still struggling and I just gave up. I passed him to Gee and went to the toilet to “walk away”.

Gee distracted him with things around the departure hall. Panjat tiang lah, bergayut kat railing lah, basically benda-benda yang dia suka and it worked! Phew! I came back and see a less tantrum boy. He requested for milk and doze off. Woke up half an hour later. Started crying again (but not screaming, just merengek) “Adik nak naik motor”. *sigh*. Halaahhhhh dia ingat balik. Again, Gee distracted him with food and the surroundings (luckily boleh nampak plane from the boarding area). Ada modal la si ayah nak melayan anak. So we found the formula. It is to distract him with other things that he likes. Although it is not easy, so far it works.

I find that working as a team with your partner is important. One parent will usually be the calmer one in each situation. Let the calmer parent handle the kid. Yang sorang lagi tengah mendidih, please go somewhere else. Well, if you are in the car, for example, memang tak boleh nak pegi mana kan. Just keep quiet and jangan masuk campur when the other parent is “working”. And of course, please support and complement each other. If your partner tengah naik angin, remind him/her to istighfar and sabar.

Dulu IY pernah tumpahkan vitagen atas sofa and I went crazy. Only when Gee said to me “Hey hey…it’s just vitagen. Awat marah anak sampai macam tu?”. Which is true. It’s.just.the.freaking.orange.flavoured.vitagen. *sigh*. I regret yelling at IY. Kesian dia. Mak meroyan tak tentu pasal. Sayang sofa ke sayang anak?

Last but not least, doa.

Doa supaya kita diberikan kesabaran in handling the kids. Doa supaya anak-anak lembut hati bila kita didik dia. Patience is virtue. Bila anak-anak tidur, usap kepala dia and tell them how much we love them and we want them to be a good boy/girl. Minda separuh sedar works wonders!

Thanks for reading. Although this article is actually a reminder to myself. Sebab I feel that I need to jot this down to read again in future.

More patience, less yelling. Watch that tone, mommy.