Jakarta Trip 2010 – The little details

Hepatitis A Vaccination

We didn’t hit as many malls as the rest of the family did. Once our shopping dah selesai, we split and took a cab straight home. We were concern of IY. We didn’t want exert him too much. I made sure he’s in bed by 8-9pm ish. Alhamdulillah, he followed his bedtime routine and behaved well. And also alhamdulillah, he was not ill during our whole trip. But still, I packed his paracetamol and cough meds just in case. 2 weeks before the trip, we brought IY to see Dr K to consult if IY needs the flu jab or the Hepatitis A jab. Dr K suggested IY took the Hepatitis A vaccination as we will be eating out  a lot. She also recommended us to take the jab too. We did. Although some say we didn’t need it as long as we watch what we eat, things should be fine. So it depends on your preference and concern. If you heart says to go for it, then just do it.

Tip: Watch what you eat when in a foreign land.

Upin and Ipin

The twins are big in Jakarta. I mean BIG. Every night ada cite U & I kat tv sana. Their merchandise is everywhere! Tepi jalan dok jual the inflatable dolls. Kat Tanah Abang, Mangga Dua they had the tshirts, bag, towel you name it the’ve got it! We had to divert IY’s attention everytime nampak apa2 barang U & I ni jual. If not dia akan tantrum dan dan tu jugak nak beli. Ada one time tu, we were waiting for our cab, the guy was selling the U & I inflatable dolls to Gee for IY. Gee buat dunno and said tak nak. He was persistant I tell you..he went to show the stuff to IY pulak. Of course la mamat kecik ni nak kan? So the father gave in lah. Nasib baik dalam RM14 je for 2.

Nasib baik inflatable - senang nak pack


Spa was in my must-do list when planning for this holiday. I was doing research to go to the nicest and affordable spa in Jakarta but to no avail. Lagipun the macet (traffic jam) was crazy in Jakarta, I didn’t want to stress myself stuck in the jam to go to a place where I should be relaxing. So I decided to go to the spa inside the hotel. I left IY with Gee for a couple of hours for a lulur, massage and milk bath. Aahhh…relaxing! The back ache of carrying IY too long and the lenguh2 feet of walking too much disappeared. I loved it. The spa cost me about RM100 je.

The spa menu - one of the first things I checked out upon arrival

The next day I went again (yes, again. just couldn’t get enough of it) for a reflexology. Best gak. Sampai tertido2. Until I was interrupted by a work-related phone call from KL. Aiyahh! Potong aaa! But nevermind, that’s why the company paid the bills. To-pick-up-the-phone-no-matter-whatever. Yes boss. Saya yang menurut perintah.

The boys had their own little spa too in the apartment. Gee and his brother called a guy masseuse over for a full body massage and reflexology too. Gee paid Rupiah 200K (that’s about RM72) for the service. His verdict? Syok tapi satu jam tak cukup. Memang la tak cukup sayang dear…why did you think I go down to 5th floor twice then? But he enjoyed it nevertheless.

His wife can come over too for the ladies

Coming home

For safety reason, we opted for the bag wrapping services at the airport. Mula2 tak terfkir pun nak buat. But my SIL Noi wanted to wrap hers, Gee decided to go for it too. Coz we had this one huge bag yang takde padlock which will be kept into the cargo. Risau gak if anything happen. Altho it’s just a plastic bag, still for Rupiah 30K, it was worth it.

The big plastic bag - our only extra bag that cost the 4kg excess baggage.

The wrapping machine doing its thing. Compact and safe.

More wrapping

SIL labelling her bag

Okay I think I’m done with Jakarta stories..If there’s anything else you wanna know about the trip, buzz me ya!



Jakarta Trip 2010 – More shopping

Third day we were at Tanah Abang. It’s a wholesale retailer hub where you can get almost everything under the sun. The price was super cheap. It’s even super-duper cheap if you buy in bulk and good at bargaining & negotiating. I can’t remember how big was the place. My SIL Iera made it to Block F. Me on the other hand pusing2 Block A je pun dah kering kontang dah..hehe.

The entrance of Tanah Abang - ramai gile orang jual barang. Kami terjebak beli patung Upin & Ipin here. We almost missed the taxi dek kerana U & I ni tau!

The aisle in this pic is big and spacious - but there are the ones yang sempit coz banyak barang blocking the way. That was the tricky part when you are with a stroller

Okay-I'm-done-let's-go-home look...or not!

The first time we went to TA (yes, we went twice), we didn’t bring IY’s stroller. We thought the place was going to be as bad as Mangga Dua. When we arrived, we saw the place was nothing like MD.  Tip: Tanah Abang is not so stroller friendly but better than MD. We could still manoeuvre the thing di celah2 lorong. Susah sikit tapi berbaloi. Iera said they have upgraded the place with aircond – that’s why it looked better than before. I saw the place ada banyak construction going on, I think in future the whole place will be upgraded and convenient enough for everyone.

At first we thought we’ll be okay without the stroller. Again we were wrong. So wrong. Lesson learnt: Never leave home without it. IY started to get sleepy and carrying him sleeping was way too heavy for me. He didn’t want to be carried by Gee ( tu yang leceh tu). So we decided to take a taxi back to the hotel and get the stroller. Luckily the hotel was not that far. We were back at TA in 1/2 hour. Taxi pandai cilok2 traffic.

IY slept for the whole 2 hours in TA. I was one happy mommy!


The next day we went to Mayestik – the place to get fabric. It is located in Jakarta Selatan. My oh my..this was my playground. Mata berpinar2 tengok cotton and all. Main tunjuk2 je…kalau fikir banyak sangat nanti lagi la pening..siap amik all colours available if I can’t decide. Balik hotel baru fikir balik mana yang for me. The rest were for sale/souvenirs/orang kirim. Shopping with a 2-year old in tow tak boleh lenggang kangkung mak minah. Sebelum anakanda cranky dan buat perangai, bonda harus zup zup zasss bershopingan.

We went to 2 shops, the first one tu siap jamu teh kopi and water to us..if we were there long enough, entah2 dia jamu nasi padang gamaknye…haha! The guy spoke fluent English so masalah bahasa enggak ada dong! IY siap poo poo lagi kat situ (luckily the toilet was very clean – macam toilet rumah). We got our matchy2 raya outfits – Gee with his baju Melayu ..and me, of course baju raya, baju kerja, blouse and baju yang tak tau nak buat apa lagi. Main beli je dulu.

While I was in the toilet washing IY, Gee was being persuaded to get fabric to do tailored suits..he said it’s so cheapo cheapo – Versace  fabric for RM200 only for a full set…luckily laki saya not the suit type – kalau tak, sama meroyan la dia macam bini agaknye.

Then MIL called asking us to join them at another store nearby. Opps! I thought I was done, I guess I was not! Another round of fabric shopping at the second store. But this time I was under control sikit coz I know Gee would be concerned on the luggage weight nanti.

Ok jom tengok gambar.

The streets of Mayestik - the road were a bit bumpy. Banyak lopak air and lubang atas jalan.

The first shop - Purnama Textile

The second shop - The Fashion Square

My patient boys

Done for the day - while waiting for the rest of the family

The face he does when asked to smile & say cheese

More stories to come…


Jakarta Trip 2010 – Activities

We spent most of our time in Jakarta shopping – of course. Upon arrival, we didn’t go to the hotel to check in yet, instead we headed straight to lunch and after that to our first shopping destination. Haha..sungguh tak sabar kan?

First was Mangga Dua. Oh my god! The place was like Sungei Wang but wayyyy too cramped! Suffocating! Tip: Start shopping early in the morning. IY had his worst tantrum ever. I knew he was too tired and we were just pushing his limits. Kesian anak mama. Tip: Mangga Dua is not stroller friendly. It was battle to manoeuvre the stroller in between manusia yang bersesak2. Although they had lift and escalators, baby wearing is the best way. But if your kid is a 2-year old who wouldn’t want to even sit still in the aircraft, do you think he would be an angel in the Mei Tai? Err, I don’t think so.

Part of Mangga Dua view from first floor *picture courtesy of Iera*

Our meeting point

Another lesson learnt: To go with IY’s flow. His needs were our priority. Tak boleh la nak rasa feeling2 couple2 jalan lenggang kangkung mak limah ala2 backpack style macam kat UK dulu. Kalau IY cranky, mood nak shopping pun hilang. Semua kena cepat2 pantas. Buy stuff in my list, pay and go.

After checking in, 3 of us stayed in while the rest of the family went out for dinner. I was too tired to even think of food. IY went to bed without dinner too at about 7-8 ish pm after his bath and a bottle of milk. Tip: Always check in the hotel first and freshen up once arrived before you start whatever you have planned. Coz at the end of the day, it does make a difference, especially on the energy and mood level.

The next day we went to Plaza Senayan. It’s a mall, a very big mall. There’s another one called Senayan City across the road. The malls reminded me of Mid Valley, Gardens, Pavillion and such. Gee & I didn’t splurge much at the malls. Just jalan2 checking out the sale. But one thing I couldn’t say NO to…….

Sale pulak tu!

Plaza Senayan - outside

Plaza Senayan - inside

Isi tangki dulu - but he refused to sleep in his stroller. Ayah jadi mangsa lepak depan LV. Selamba kodok!

Nanti sambung story lagi…


Jakarta Trip 2010 – The Arrival

And so the vacay is over. I don’t know where to start. But I’m just gonna write anyway. My main intention is to share my experience with everyone.  I was struggling doing my Jakarta research coz I could not find the exact information I wanted. But anyway, I hope my Jakarta entr(ies) will be useful to anyone doing their own travel research.

Here goes, Jakarta through our eyes…

The Journey

The day started early. We headed to LCCT at 6.15am to catch our 9.50am flight. Poor IY had to wake up at 5.30am. But he’s excited upon hearing the word “naik kapal terbang”. He would reply “kena pakai seatbelt, mama!!” (or so we thought). The journey to Jakarta took 2 hours.

As usual, IY started running here and there despite being up so early. And he kept asking for the plane. “An nak nek apa bang!! (An nak naik kapal terbang)”. He just can’t wait to board on the plane. Pantang nampak orang beratur je dia dah excited nak naik kapal terbang. I have been telling him for weeks before the journey that he has to wear the seatbelt in the plane. We bought the CARES seatbelt hoping that he would sit still like he usually does in his car seat. Boy we were wrong. So wrong.

He sat in the harness for about 5 minutes before trying to wiggle himself out. Then he tried to take off the original adult seatbelt. When he couldn’t do it on his own, he started shouting and crying “Ayah,bukak ni, bukak niiii!!!” He was really testing my patience. But when I came to my senses, I figured he wasn’t ready for the harness. We should have “trained” him at home before the real thing. What do you expect, he’s only two. Chill mama!

The before and after

Arrived in Jakarta at 11am (Indo time). Passport check went fine. Baggage claim was okay. Pak Manan our supir was waiting for us. Our supir was not a Jakarta local (he’s from Bandung), so he wasn’t as expert as what we expected him to be. Tip: When looking for a driver, get a local. If not, you’ll lose time in the traffic if he didn’t know the ins and outs of Jakarta. We paid 850K rupiah per day for the supir (flat rate).

There was one incident when we had locals who insisted to “help” loading our luggage into the supir van at the airport. Of course their “helpful” gestures came with a price. Pandai demand plak tu. Padahal we didn’t ask for their help pun. Sampai 3-4 orang sibuk tolong angkat bag altho we said no need. Tip: Never open your wallet in front of them. In our case, Gee accidently took out his wallet to tip the guys. They saw the big notes and tunjuk-tunjuk asking for the big ones & refusing the smaller change. Kecoh sikit lah masa tu. But anyway, lesson learnt.

We opted for taxis for the remaining days as that would be the cheapest and quickest way to everywhere. Tip: When looking for taxis, make sure it is using metre and from a registered company. Don’t get the taxi sapu or don’t agree if they wanted to charge flat rate before you started the journey.  We took the Blue Bird taxi (Toyota Vios) all the time we were there. The metre reading starts at 6K rupiah. But we had an incident where the Blue Bird cab wanted to charge us a fixed price, but we declined. So please ask and check if they use the meter even it is from a reputable cab company.


We stayed in a 3-bedroom + 2-bathroom apartment at The Aryaduta Suites Hotel in Semanggi. The place was cozy and very convenient. Walking distance to Plaza Semanggi Mall (there’s a Giant hypermarket inside the mall for our groceries shopping). It was also near enough to all our shopping destinations like Tanah Abang, Senayan Malls and the city centre area. If  the traffic was clear, we might reached every destination in 10-15 minutes je. The rooms were well kept and security was a big concern (to the extent that I thought they were paranoid – semua benda kena check, masuk mall check bag, masuk hotel scan bag, sampai mana2 kena stop bukak boot…but I’ve got no complaints though coz I know it’s for our own good).

However, I think the air in the apartment was a bit stuffy..they locked all the sliding doors & windows for safety reasons which I thought was a bit ridiculous coz we couldn’t get fresh air into the rooms. The air outside was humid too. I had my macam-nak-semput-moment at night before tido.

The Aryaduta Semanggi

The living room


Hallway to the 3 bedrooms

One of the rooms

The hotel lobby

The hotel pool - a disappointment coz it was not well maintained

To be continued…


Jakarta here we come

We are all set for this much awaited holiday. Been planning for months. Hoping that nothing goes wrong this time. I need this vacay oh so much!

Passports √

Luggage  √

E-Tix √

Rupiah √

Credit card √

Hepatitis A Vaccines √

Shopping list √

…oh this list will never end. I better stop here. But seriously, I had a REAL checklist.

And oh, wish me luck with the shopping list. Hubby kept reminding me on our mutual agreement – NO excess baggage. Must stay within 45kg sahaja. Oh well, we’ll just have to wait and see. *wink*.

See you next week!