8th year

We are 8 today! Happy Anniversary to us. I pray that this marriage will lead us closer to Allah. InsyaAllah. I love you sayang. Forever and ever.

And to mark our anniversary this year, we received a special gift. Love it!

p/s: Will blog more about this little surprise soon. Till then..Salam Ramadhan everyone!



Today I turn thirty one.

Being a mommy made me realised that birthdays are not about presents nor it is about the cake.

On this day, thirty one years ago, my mom gave birth to me. And I know that hurt. Sakit yang amat.

So I vow, from this year forward, my birthdays will be dedicated to my mom.

I know she’s reading…

“Mama, thank you..for everything. Ayong sayang Mama.”

And also a birthday shout out to my best friend Aizura who made me realised that MY birthday is not about ME. Thanks for your FB post. Happy Birthday awak!


Of being a mother

I found a new meaning of loving someone unconditionally

No but’s, no maybe’s, no what if’s..just love ♥

Happy Mother’s Day to both my moms. I love you Mama & Mama ♥♥

And to all mommy readers out there – this is our day ♥



♥Happy Mother’s Day to me♥