Osteopathy treatment: The Gesret Method

Continuation from this entry.

We had our first appointment with Nicolas Grimaldi, the certified GESRET practitioner last Wednesday. Alhamdulillah IY cooperated well. I was worried that he will be all restless or even cry when treatment was done on him. Tapi he was behaving well on the table.

First, Nicolas had a series of questions of IY’s history. What kind of birth he had? How was he as a baby? Any reflux problem? Was he a normal or breech baby?

What is Osteopathy? Osteopaths is an alternative med-free treatment which diagnose and treat problems with muscles, ligaments, nerves and joints to help the body’s natural healing ability. And the method is called Gesret. Sekali pandang, it’s like Chiropractic. But it’s not. They believe that if our body is perfectly aligned, we will have a natural mechanism to menepis penyakit-penyakit ni. Bunyi macam tak real je kan? Oh well, ni satu cara usaha kami for our son. Yang lain we leave it to Allah. Dia lebih tahu apa yang terbaik untuk IY. I’m still learning about Gesret. Nak kena pahamkan lagi supaya bila treatment time I takde la blur bila di explain.

Ok back to the treatment. After the sesi soal jawab, Nicolas asked IY to lie down on the table. Pastu dia start luruskan kaki IY and ukur. Kaki IY panjang sebelah katanya. And the straightness of the kaki tak simetri. That’s because IY was a breech baby. He has clicky hips. Selama ni pernah dengar tapi tak sangka IY has it too. I sometimes forgot he was a breech baby. Dia tekan-tekan, kepak-kepak, tarik-tarik IY’s legs, spine, back, kepala etc sepanjang 45 minutes tu. Sekali sekala terdengar bunyi “pop pop” (macam bunyi kita “letupkan” jari). Memang seriau gak tapi seeing IY relax je, I know he’s not in pain. He was kinda enjoying it kot? Macam kena urut dia kata. Haha! Lagi satu dia excited sebab treatment table tu boleh auto naik turun pakai remote (macam katil hospital).

This picture taken in front he clinic

This picture was taken in front the clinic — it is not just for allergy. Macam-macam lagi. Even infertility.

Gesret Method is still not widely known in Malaysia. Me myself is still skeptical but I'm not losing hope

Gesret Method is still not widely known in Malaysia. Me myself is still skeptical but I’m not losing hope.

Curi-curi amik ni. Segan lagi sebab first time. HE was explaining to us each and very move he does to IY's body.

Curi-curi amik ni. Segan lagi sebab first time. He was explaining to us each and very move he does to IY’s body.

Next week is our second appointment. So far we are going for weekly treatments. After that if he progresses well, kita akan reduce sedikit demi sedikit. Depending on his natural ability to heal, it is an ongoing process. Kalau tulang-tulang tu lari balik and not aligned after some time, kena la pegi balik and align kan balik.

Before we went home, Nicolas taught us the right way to sleep (on our back, not tummy), and if nak mengiring, must be supported with the right pillow. He also pesan bila nak pakai baju, seluar, kasut, socks kena duduk (not berdiri sambil terhenjut-henjut macam main teng teng – which IY lovesssss to do). Dia kata kalau boleh cuba praktikkan the right posture supaya tak waste all the treatments dengan dia.

Nicolas can be found on FB. Search: Nicolas Grimaldi Osteopath KL. Banyak info available on his page. You can learn more there.

The bill was RM150. In case you are wondering.



Allergic Rhinitis

IY has allergic rhinitis.

It’s been going on a few years now. When he was younger, he coughs at night. Bila nak tidur je dia start la batuk non stop sepanjang malam. After a few visits to the paeds, he was diagnosed with rhinitis. Right now he doesn’t cough much tapi he sneezes pulak! Especially in the morning after shower. Or during his swimming lessons, he will sneeze dalam pool and berlari dia naik to me nak lap hingus. His coach pun dah tegur tanya dia tak sihat ke? He thought IY’s having flu. I said no, he has sinus.

The boys take honey everyday as supplement. I was hoping that would relieve the symptoms tapi nampaknya IY’s condition is not getting any better. We bought the air fliter at home to clean the air, switch off the aircond at night and macam-macam jugak la usaha untuk make sure we eliminate the trigger factors. He used to depend a lot on anti-histamine meds which I don’t favour much. Tak suka la dia makan ubat banyak sangat. I have yet to take him to the ENT sebab I know the doctor is going to shove that camera thingy inside his nostrils (I’ve seen it during Gee’s sinus checkups). Kesian tau. Gee said that camera thingy is very uncomfortable. And since IY has started complaining that his nostril hurts when he blows his nose, lagi lah I hesitant nak bawak dia jumpa ENT.

I know IY got this from us. Gee ada asthma. I have asthma and eczema when I was a kid. I remember sneezing every morning masa nak pergi sekolah kecik-kecik dulu. I remember I rubbed my eyes sampai merah-merah sebab gatal. IY suka tonyoh hidung dia sebab dia kata gatal. Genetic lah ni. Z on the hand is healthy with mild eczema. His skin is not as smooth as. Suka menggaru bila panas. I pray Z tak de la sakit apa-apa yang lagi teruk dari itu.

Last week I saw a friend on IG who took her daughter to see an osteopathy practitioner. Her daughter has a severe case of eczema. I got intrigued to know more about this alternative treatment. It is said to be proven to help people with asthma, eczema, allergies, etc without drugs. I still haven’t grasp the idea of osteopathy treatment yet. Still tak paham. If you have any info please share. I’m still in doubt too. Tapi I think it might be worth the try.

I called and made the appointment. The clinic in Plaza Damas is called One Osteo clinic. Will blog more about this later after our visit next week. Until then, more research and googling for me. Keyword: OSTEOPATHY.


Double birthday lunch

This year we decided no fancy birthday parties for IY and Z. But we made it a tradition for both families to gather to celebrate their birthdays. Masa ni la pun besan dan ipar duai nak bertemu dan catch up kan. Plus, I love to see how happy the boys are when they see both grandparents and aunties and uncles around. My Cardiff bro pulak is back for summer so it was just perfect lah! Complete set semua ada. All 18 of were there to celebrate.

Lunch was held at Hadramawt Jalan Ampang. I booked a private room just for us. It’s a huge room on the first floor. Too huge but sesuai sangat untuk the kids berlarian within the closed area. Party deco by A2PPL and cupcakes by The Kitchen Guardian. Thanks ladies!

Now you enjoy the pictures ya!

Order cupcakes je this time. I wanted to try Kak Yani's famous cuppies dah lama dah! Doesn't matter the theme was pink mint roses tak matching dengan my macho boys sebab yang penting mama suka sebab sedap sangat! Flavour is salted caramel choc ganache. *drool*

Ordered cupcakes je this time. Senang nak serve and clean up bawak  balik. I wanted to try Kak Yani’s famous cuppies dah lama dah! Doesn’t matter the theme was pink mint roses tak matching dengan my macho boys sebab yang penting mama suka sebab sedap sangat! Flavour is salted caramel choc ganache. *sila drool*


Party deco by A2PPL

Ini la tokey A2PPL with IY

Ini la tokey A2PPL. Thanks Iera for helping out

Cake cutting. See Z's expression! Dia tak sabar dah nak tiup lilin. Excited orang nyanyi kat dia and abang.

Cake cutting. See Z’s expression! Dia tak sabar dah nak tiup lilin. Excited orang nyanyi untuk dia and abang

With the cousins

With the cousins Wawa and Aqib

Surprisingly they didn't bother the tie and bow. Pakai dari mula sampai balik. Mama is impressed!

Surprisingly, they didn’t bother the tie and bow. Pakai dari mula sampai balik. Mama is impressed! Z’s bow was handmade by Itsy Missy. IY’s tie from H&M.

The usual scenario bila nak shoot family pic. Haihh! Tidak berjaya.

The usual scenario bila nak shoot family pic. Haihh!

Happy Birthday, Sons!

Happy Birthday, Sons!


Photobook: IY’s First Year


After many many months since I last posted about the previous photobook, siap jugak akhirnya. IY’s first year photobook. A collection of his photos from the pregnancy days up to his first birthday. Pregnancy test also made an appearance in there! (Euww, I know. But hey, a mother got to do what a mother got to do,right? Errr, which is snapping the picture of the positive kit BEFORE throwing it away).

It took me a while to sort out his pictures according to month. 200 hundred of them. Phew! Then I sent to Asma and she came back with the draft layout. Then I took my own sweet time some more to comment on the draft and change this and that. Pastu submit balik to her to make the amendments. Pastu another round of checking. I think ada la dekat 4-5 kali kot back and forth sampai puas hati.

Next project? Of course la Z’s. But nak rehat kejap kot. But will definitely do one for him too. His pregnancy test had to be featured too, kan? Almaklumlah, mommy harus adil. LOL!

A friend asked me yesterday–when you named the album “His First Year”, does that mean there will be “Second, Third and so on?”. Jawapan: Oh tidak. Tahun pertama sahaja ye anak-anak. Tahun lain2 mama tak larat dah.

Check out Asma’s blog if you wanna know how to create your own photobook.

Made in Manchester

Made in Manchester

My tummies!

My tummies!


Fresh from the oven

Faces of IY throughout his first year

Faces of IY throughout his first year

His first birthday

His first birthday


Online shopping for my skincare

I found this website where you can purchase your skincare, makeup, perfume and many more at discounted prices.

It’s here at Bestbuy World

What I love about this site is they sell it in miniature sizes as well. So boleh la beli untuk travelling. Kata nak pack light kan? The quest of finding ways to pack light never ends for this mommy.

The other reason why I suka beli kecik2 is because sometimes nak try test dulu if they suit you or not. Especially kalau nak test perfume for the first time. Kalau over the counter semua besar2 belaka! And I can shop in peace. No SA sibuk2 commenting how dull my skin looks and how I need to buy item A, item B and item C sekaligus kalau tak beli nanti tak kulit tak cantik tak berkesan la or so they say. Gawdd! They can be annoying sometimes!!

I just converted to SKII recently. But I tak beli semua sekali serentak. Kopak nanti babe! Went to Parkson SKII counter last week to purchase just the basic trial pack dulu (ada FT Essence and Moisturizer je). Then I tuntut ilmu dengan beautician tu on their ranges of product. Siap take notes atas brochure tu! Then balik rumah I logged on into this website pastu pick and choose apa yang I nak (and rajin pakai je). I ni pemalas nak pakai toner and segala in between serums la mask tu semua. Basic dah cukup. Tapi disebabkan malas nak explain kat SA tu tahap kemalasan I (nanti dia lecture panjang lebar pulak). So I iya kan saja masa menuntut ilmu tu.

Because sharing is caring. Of course I want you to benefit from this site too (if you haven’t known about it already). Let’s stock up!



Puteri Harbour Family Theme Park

So after JPO, we headed to Nusajaya. I only found out about Puteri Harbour Family Theme Park sehari sebelum nak pi JB. Tak tahu pun kewujudan and dah open to public last October. It’s an indoor theme park located near Legoland. Dengar je indoor I suka sebab kalau hujan pun tak per lah tak spoil plan. The whole place is not fully developed yet so parking agak bersepah2 sikit di tepi2 jalan. Banyak lori besar keluar masuk situ coz the area still under construction. But it’s free parking. So no complaints lah!

The theme park consist of 2 parks. One is Sanrio Hello Kitty Town and the other is The Little BIG Club. The fees is RM50 for each park. Nak masuk both parks dapat discount jadi RM65. Adult and kid sama harga. Jangan lupa show your Mykad and MyKid kalau nak dapat those price. If not harga lagi mahal.

At the entrance – siap bawak payung sebab takut hujan kereta park jauh

We opted for 1 park only that is the Little BIG Club. Sebab anak2 jantan ku adalah tidak amik port siapa itu Hello Kitty. Hehe! Basically, dalam ni ada banyak rides based on characters from the kids’ world. Thomas & Friends, Bob The Builder, Barney, Pingu and Angelina Ballerina to be exact. Each character ada zone masing2. IY and Z enjoyed their time here the most. Ye lah kan tadi kat JPO mak bapak punya playground, ni depa pulak! Pulak tu it’s indoor and air cond..selesa la sikit. Cuma lighting agak gelap. Kalau cerah sikit lagi cantik and ceria kot. Well, I said that sebab gambar semua jadi gelap. I no like. Tu la kot main reason. Ceh diri sendiri tak pandai setting camera, salahkan lighting malap ye?

The inside of the park – 2 floors

Tempat dia not so big. Nak beratur naik rides tak lama and tak panjang. We took the train pusing2, naik helicopter, naik bus then ada playland macam Kizsports tu. Then ada appearance by the mascot and I guess it was Z’s lucky day sebab dapat jumpa Barney! The purple dino is his current favourite! Boleh nampak how excited he was. Siap tunjuk2 lagi. We Q sekejap je nak bergambar dengan Barney. They have their professional photog tapi at the same time kita bagi our own camera dia boleh tolong amikkan gak. Kalau nak beli gambar tu boleh ke counter they will print it for you. Kitaorang tak print pun. Mahai!

Z so excited!

Oh beware, the exit nak keluar will have to go through the souvenir shop. Strategic betul depa ni. Hoh! IY dah nampak segala benda dia nak beli. I want that and that and that. Please mom. Jenuh nak tarik dia keluar. Anyway, it was 5pm and we headed back to JB town balik hotel.

So that’s about it. Cuti-cuti Malaysia 2012 berakhir di sini. Now duduk diam2 kumpul duit cuti2 2013 plak. Kita cari tempat sejuk plak lah. Eh?


Johor Premium Outlet

For the record, we went there 3 times! Hoh! Macam banyak je borong ye? No lah! Mula tu first day survey dulu, second time baru full swing. Third time singgah je makan Baskin Robbins. Ahaks!!

Ni masa first day we went to look around dulu. Look at Z checking out his brother’s ride. Jealous ke dik?

The place was not far from our hotel in JB town. Dalam 20 minutes drive. Memang betul2 tepi highway boleh nampak dah. Tapi Ya Allah banyak nye toll nak pusing masuk tu! Parking space banyak tapi open carpark and kena bayar RM3 per entry. I couldn’t help myself reminiscing Cheshire Oaks Outlet in UK. Masa kat Manchester, Boxing Day memang tuju ke Cheshire Oaks sudah pasti! Concept yang sama. Size wise, JPO is much smaller. Hubby kata nampak besar dari luar, bila dah masuk dia habis pusing and he said eh abis dah ek?

That buggy car fees is RM30 but we need to pay RM130. The RM100 is refundable when we return the car. Tak yah parking2 kat luar..bawak masuk tolak kedai terus. Most of the kedai memang spacious nak tolak benda tu masuk dalam.

In terms of the brands available, JPO caters for the luxury upper side and also the mid affordable range. You can see the full list of the available brands here. Bagus jugak dia cover semua range coz bukan semua orang nak beli Armani and bukan semua orang pandang Padini. We spent most of our moolah at Adidas, Puma, Nike (guess who?). For mommy I went to Charles and Keith, Fossil and Clarks. And also for the kids I beli kat Gap, Padini and Poney. I was a bit frustrated sebab tak banyak choice for kids. Kalau ada Mothercare, Pumpkin Patch best la gak. Cotton On pun ada but for kids takde. Frust lagi.

JPO – from my lense

Price wise? Ada yang baloi and ada yang “eh banyak ni je discount?”. I tak reti nak comment on the price tapi yang pasti semua of course lagi cheapo dari KL. Choice wise? For people yang dah biasa pegi factory outlet, it is expected that the stocks will either be too big, too small, too this and too that. Design of course la off season. And cara susunan baju2 pun tak akan sama macam kat kedai retail dia yang standard. That’s how factory outlet roll. You kena rajin dig and kena rajin selak satu2. Ada yang longgok2 je or gantung kat rack main campur2 je. If you gigih dan bernasib baik, sure banyak hasil tangkapan.

This time I let him choose his own baju and for adik. Dia main sauk je masuk basket. I secretly took a few out. Nasib baik dia tak perasan. In this picture he was looking for his size. Now he thinks he’s 5 years old sebab pakai size 5.

I’m not sure how many times they replenish the stock but hubby said on the 2nd day “eh semalam design tu takde tau. Hari ni ada pulak.” So kalau lucky memang dapat la tengok stock baru. I got hubby his belated birthday pressie here. Bini cheapskate cari present yang discount off season kat suami. Kah kah kah! Dah cakap siap2 masa birthday dia aritu your gift you pilih kat JPO nanti k?

What else nak citer eh? Oh the upper luxury brands I tak amik port sangat. Tak masuk pun Coach, Burberry, Armani and semua tu. Sorry if you guys are waiting for a review. Tak de nafsu tengok handbag, boleh? Tak mampu pun ada jugak. Marilah sedar diri dan beli di Fossil saja ok? LOL! Lagipun nak masuk Coach kena beratur di luar dulu tunggu turn ye. Alah malasnye.

We were done dalam 4 hours (that includes teman IY main kat playground sambil makan crepe). Takde la lama sangat kot eh? My mom lagi cepat. 2 jam je dia dah call cakap I’m done and going back to the hotel.

My 6yo Adidas sneakers terkoyak mulut buaya at Legoland the previous day. Had to buy the black Puma at JPO. Love it. Light as air. Oh check out Z’s Puma sandals. Tak tahan comel! Both at 50% less. Catch of the day!

After the shopping spree, we went straight to Puteri Harbour Family Theme Park in Nusajaya. Will story more in my next entry.


Legoland Malaysia

We are back from the road trip. Alhamdulillah selamat pergi dan balik. Although I had a few berdebar moments in the car, I survived the trip – emotionally.

So let’s talk about Legoland Malaysia.

I bought the tickets online and printed them at home. Tak kuasa lah nak beratur panjang. Although I ada 35% discount voucher I decided beli online lagi save time (and stress-free). I still get a 25% discount sebab beli 7 days prior to the date.

We arrived at 10am and the Q to go in pun dah panjang. But it was moving fast. First sekali I headed to the strollers counter. These strollers are genius! It kept my hyperactive son manageable. IY sat on the stroller the whole time! Kalau sampai destinasi baru dia turun. I heart strollers!! The rental price of the stroller is RM20 for single and RM30 for double. No need refundable deposit (unlike JPO). The stroller ada our name and phone numbers tagged to it. Kalau masuk mana2, just park the strollers outside jangan risau tak hilang.

The Q untuk beli tickets lagi panjang dari Q nak masuk. Orang memang ramai as expected since it’s a school holiday

It was a hot day. Memang panas bahang. We all semua sun burnt! Z yang putih melepak pun dah hitam! Haha! I dok baca from other blogs people complaining that Legoland panas sebab baru and takde banyak pokok. Well, what I saw ada je banyak pokok yang dah besar. But this is Malaysia lah, so the heat was expected. Kalau pokok banyak pun rasanya still akan tetap berlengas. It’s the humidity. Kalau tanya my opinion, I would suggest the park pasang banyak2 fans yang macam kedai mamak tu. The ones with the water spray tu. Especially kat tempat lining up for the rides. Tak perlu la nak pasang fan yang cantik2 tapi tinggi benor ceiling nye. Tak rasa pun angin. Letak je yang mamak style tu. People will appreciate that more. One more tip for you, let the kids wear shorts and sleeveless. Pakai sunblock, bawa baju spare 2-3 pasang and don’t forget water nak minum. Mak bapak pun kalau nak bawak baju spare pun bagus gak. You’ll be soaking wet! Either in sweat or rain! Yes, it rained towards the end of the day! Cats and dogs.

I love these pictures. Z was in awe tengok orang kecik Lego ni. It’s like he’s saying “hey, you are as small as me!”

Luckily we covered most of the kiddy rides before it rained. Cuma mama ayah je la tak sempat nak naik the tower yang boleh nampak the whole park tu. Also nak naik train going round the park sebab the Q was gile panjang! Kena gigih menunggu. One smart thing is they have a mini corner of Legos for the kids to play with sementara mak bapak beratur tunggu turn. A good distraction. The Lego corner tu dalam tempat beratur jugak so the kids are still within the vicinity. Biar mak bapak je yang sabar menunggu, anak seronok bermain lego. The things parents do for love. Oh!

The kiddos are enjoying themselves. Well, the daddy, the mommy, the uncle and the auntie too!

People say the Legoland tickets are way too expensive. But I say unless you go in and see the park yourself, you will understand what are you paying for. The place is full of Lego. And you know how much is the price of each Lego tu kan. Especially at the miniature land where they have the landmarks of Malaysia and Singapore made of little Legos. The intricate details are just amazing. Sangat specific sangat sama. Of course the (pricey) tickets you pay nak bayar salary the people behind the scenes, the upkeep of the park and whatnots expenses. They have a standard they need to mantain. Putting fun aside, I am truly proud that we have Legoland in Malaysia. Cuba bayangkan the job opportunities created, the revenue yang masuk and the reputation built. Sour grapes will say orang Singapore boleh la pegi, forex depa baloi. Well, if that brings in more money into our country, bring it on! Come on Singaporean, spend your SGD here! If they can be proud of their USS, we can be equally proud of our Legoland. Haa kan dah ter patriotik kejap.

The miniature land. Imagine the time spent on the intricate details. Fuhh tabik!

We were stranded at one of the cafes inside the park while it rained. The boys were dry tapi me and my sis dah drenched wet coz we rode on a roller coaster yang ada splash water. I’m not a roller coaster kinda girl but demi my sis yang suka, ku redah sahaja. Sisterly love? Iyo lah! If you ask my 15-year old sis what she thinks of Legoland, she’d say Genting rides lagi best. If you ask my 4-year old son, he’d say I like it mom! 2 reasons – one sebab tak sempat nak cover the adult rides (which I think ada a few yang best2 gak). And two because Legoland is catered for the kids. I think my sister would love USS more. Next time we go USS ok sis?

Tertinggal jantung kat atas! IY patiently waited while Z sudah zonked out!

Will I come again? Yes, definitely. Next time Z dah cukup umur cukup tinggi boleh dah nak join abang naik rides. That would be more fun!

Next up – JPO and Puteri Harbour Family Theme Park.