Z’s first school

7 January 2015 was Z’s first day to Treetop House. We chose the same route Abang IY went 2 years ago. We believe a play-based school is a great way to introduce kids to the real school later.

A few months before school starts, we kept telling him about school so that he will be mentally ready for it. Everytime lalu depan sekolah, beriya-iya lah kami ni cakap tu sekolah adik, sekolah adik best. Abang nye pun semangat bercerita.

So the first day was fine. He was aware of the whole morning fiasco bersiap ke sekolah. Bangun pagi tadahal, happy gumbira. IY was still on holiday, so dia pun tag along hantar adik ke sekolah. When we arrive, the teachers pun excited and still kenal IY from 2 years ago. Ada teachers yang still kenal me, “ooohh is this Ilhan’s little baby brother that you dukung dulu everytime you send him?” Yes, this is THE baby. All grown up and ready for school!

And what a co-incident, Z’s class teacher is IY’s class teacher dulu. So imagine how happy I was nak tinggalkan Z with someone we are familiar with. We enrolled Z to a half-day programme i.e. from 9am to 3pm (instead of 9-1 macam IY). The reason is because we wanted to synchronize the pickup time supaya align dengan IY yang balik pukul 4 everyday.

Little did we know Z was not ready for that.

On the second day, I received a call from school saying that Z cried during the afternoon session. He was fine in the morning. But after lunch, when they change the classroom for afternoon activities, he started to cry. Menangis sampai tertidur. At first I thought this is normal, but when he still cries even after day 4 (but only during the afternoon session), I figured he wasn’t ready for long hours yet. I had a chance to peek and it breaks my heart seeing him crying like that. Macam lost and takut. Walaupun the teachers tak marah dia sebab tantrum macam tu (they were very sabar), I see that he’s a distraction to the class dengan high pitch voice tu. So we decided to pull him out from the afternoon programme and stick to the normal 4 hours programme je.

Things get much better after that. Except for the drama peluk kaki nangis during the morning goodbyes. He’s just too clingy lah. He was 100% okay ONLY after day 11. Only then he could wave me bye with A SMILE! No more tears and happy to go to school. Now dah tak sabar pegi sekolah. Bila weekend “adik rindu cikgu adik lah.”

Phew Z! With you, it’s always that first-time-mommy-feeling moment.


IY in Primary 1

IY dah darjah 1. I need a tissue please! *lap air mata*

12 January 2015 was IY’s first day in Primary 1. We continued with Adni as we think that is the best solution to avoid the pening-ness nak enrol him to SK and SRA separately. We figured senang sikit dia sekolah dari pagi 8am until 4pm everyday with both national and islamic syllabus integrated in his school hours. Plus, the teacher to student ratio is small 1:10 and we love Adni’s whole concept. InsyaAllah we hope this is one of our best investment ever, dunia akhirat.

His first day was a breeze. Seronok dapat kawan baru and seronok jumpa balik kawan lama from kindy. We left the school after assembly. All parents were not encourage to stay to stalk. Haha! Since food are provided in school 3x a day, so senang la cerita tak payah nak kasi duit belanja. IY is not a heavy eater so apa cikgu kasi makan, dia sebat je. No need for extra bekal from home.

It’s been 3 weeks now and he’s adjusting well to his routine. So far takde homework sekolah lagi so his after-dinner time masih boleh bersenang lenang depan tv or baca buku cerita. By 930pm he’s already asleep and wakes up at 630am in the morning.

It’s a whole a new experience for me as a mom of a primary kid in this new technology era. First day lagi cikgu class dah create Whatsapp group for all 20 mommies in his class. Sesi berkenalan para mommies bermula. And I must say the group is quite active and the mommies are all really helpful and informative. Contohnya, ada buku baru kena beli coz baru masuk stock but the bookshop only opens during office hours. One of the mommies offered to help buy the book for sorang mommy yang cakap dia tak sempat nak pi beli. And guess what,  in the end, all 19 mommies kirim kat dia. Haha!

Next entry nak cerita Z’s first day at school pulak.

Besar dah anak-anak saya. *lap air mata*


IY’s first Taekwando tournament

A few weeks ago IY came home telling us that his Taekwando coach at school selected him to enter a tournament. I didn’t believe him. Haha! I never saw IY as this fighting kungfu kinda boy. The only reason we picked taekwando as his extra curricular activity at school is just for some ilmu self-defence. Nak kasi confidence sikit la kan. Never crossed my mind about tournaments whatsoever. Then I contacted his coach and he confirmed that IY and his friends were picked for Sparring Under 7 Category. Heck, I didn’t even know what sparring means!

Then the day came. We went to watch him fight. Gosh, even saying those words made me cringed. Seriau yang amat nak tengok anak bertumbuk bertendang. It was a big tournament I must say, students from all over datang to UIA for this. The hall was packed with students, parents, teachers, coaches and tournament officials. Belum apa-apa kami dah berpeluh berlengas dah. Panas!

Nasib baik IY’s category was shifted outside the hall. Yay! More space to move to take pictures and berangin la sikit. Before the event started, the judges gave a short speech on how this tournament for kids were nothing serious. It’s just for fun. He made it clear that he wanted for the kids to learn the team spirit, enjoying themselves and most of all, he reminded us parents to support all the children. Not just anak sendiri. Bagus betul judge tu. Very kid-friendly. Berpeluk sakan dengan anak-anak kami. Thumbs up to the organizer!

IY won 3rd place. I was super proud of him. He took his semifinals defeat like a champ. Smiling and saying how he had fun that day. That’s my boy!

IY and his team mates from Adni

IY and his team mates from Adni

IMG_6507 IMG_6535 IMG_6547

Proud mommy moment!

Proud mommy moment!

IY at 6y5m

IY at 6y5m



IY came home from school the other day asking “Mama, library tu macam mana? Banyak buku ke?”. I explained to him all about library and he was just too excited to go to one. I figured it’s about time we introduce him to the place.

So I googled for libraries around town yang child-friendly. I haven’t been to the library for sooooo long since the uni days. And of course, I have NEVER been to the kids section before. I don’t know what to expect. I want a place yang cantik kemas bersih and paling penting boleh buat bising! I know my kids won’t even stay still for a second! And they are loud. IY pulak can’t read senyap-senyap. I want him to read out loud sebab he’s still new at this. I need to hear him to correct him if needed. So to be in a kid’s library yang senyap is ridiculous if you ask me.

I posted on IG and FB about my quest to find the library and a lot my friends and followers have suggested PPAS (Perbadanan Perpustakaan Awam Selangor) or also known as Perpustakaan Raja Tun Uda in Shah Alam. At first I was like whoaaa Shah Alam! Jauh nye. So I senyap la kejap. But IY kept pestering me with “bila nak pergi library ni?” or “abang tak pernah pun pergi library (sila baca dengan nada sedih)”. Oh anak!

We finally gave in and decided to go to Shah Alam. And it wasn’t that far actually. Waze-d ourselves to the location and the journey was about 30 mins from our Cheras home.

The tree I was talking about

How cool is the tree? Spot Z who’s ready to run around!

The place is super fun! And it’s noisy. The have a corner with a small stage and also a corner with a big tv complete with bean bags for the kids to laze around. When we arrived, Cloudy With A Chance of Meatball was on. IY was this close to sit and watch but I said “kalau abang datang sini nak tengok tv, jom balik bukak HBO cite ni dah 10x ulang”. Haha! So he moved on to the shelves and find books to read. He was like so rambang mata seeing all the books!

He has this habit of wanting me to listen when he reads. I he finds me looking at the phone or doing something else, he would say "mama, kena focus kat anak". Oh my!

He has this habit of wanting me to listen when he reads. I he finds me looking at the phone or doing something else, he would say “mama, kena focus kat anak”. Oh my!

There’s a big fake tree in the library where we could read books under it. Or in Z’s case, we could golek-golek macam cerita Hindustan. Hehe! Speaking of Z, he was not interested in the books even for a bit! Sibuk berlari from one end to another and jumping and laughing like nobody’s business. Maybe he thinks this is Kizsports kot. Tinggal tak de slides and trampoline je!

Don't be fooled by this cheeky smile. I was trying hard to make him focus on the book but he didn't even blink!

Don’t be fooled by this cheeky smile. I was trying hard to make him focus on the book but he didn’t even blink. Sorry mommy, playing and running is more fun!

Clearly I wasn't ready! Sheeshhhh ayah!

Clearly I wasn’t ready! Sheeshhhh ayah!

Was looking for him when he didn't come back to the tree. Found him somewhere at the corner reading. Awww!!

Was looking for him when he didn’t come back to the tree. Found him somewhere at the corner reading. Awww!!

We lasted for about 2 hours until both boys started to run around and bergolek-golek. I knew that’s the que to go home. We had fun and I’m glad the boys’ first visit to a library was a nice library. We might try the ones nearer to our place in KL and hopefully it’s gonna be as good as this one.

Singgah Setia City Mall for a quick playground time and early dinner. Oh I love this big field here! Kite flying, bubble chasing and pefect picnic spot! You lucky Shah Alam people!!

Singgah Setia City Mall for a quick playground time and early dinner. Oh I love this big field here! Kite flying, bubble chasing and perfect picnic spot! You lucky Shah Alam people!!


Art class for IY

I think I wrote in my previous entry about enrolling IY into an art class. But at that time we didn’t feel the need of it yet. However lately, he’s been showing interest. For instance, he really enjoys when we go to Kizsports in GE or Get Crafty in OU for the 1 hour art session. He would be begging to go there each time and tak sampai hati rasanya to say no. Bukannye dia mintak yang bukan-bukan, kan? By the way, for the record, we are happy that he has cut down the iPad hours tremendously. The art class would be a good way to channel his energy and creativity.

Then we saw the Kiddo Science Centre banner at the same place where he goes for his swimming lessons, we found out that they have art and gym class too. Aduhai seronok dia bukan kepalang! We went for a site visit and we liked what we saw.

I love the space and the light. It somehow reminded me of his previous kindy Treetop house.

I love the space and the light of the place. It somehow reminded me of his previous kindy Treetop House.


The art classroom

As usually, the daddy was not so happy at first because he said tak nak anak penat. Too many activities already. Walaupun in my defense, bukan banyak mana pun. Daripada dia duduk rumah with the iPad or tengok tv, better he goes somewhere to do something he likes. And mommy was ready with her reasoning and all. Of course mommy won. Yeehaa! *flips hair*

We agreed to start in March. New month, new week. But this little fella is so tak sabar. Luckily they don’t charge for the missing classes in February. Just pay for the remaining. And to my surprise, Toys R Us members dapat discount! Ahhh the perks of collecting membership cards here and there. Teehee!!

I hope this art class will do good to IY’s development. Polishing the right brain. And hopefully will benefit him in the long run. And I hope ini bukan hangat-hangat tahi ayam.



Hello February!

So what’s up? What’s new?

We enrolled IY into a taekwando class at Adni. He was super excited! Well, he’s always excited when it comes to school and such. Alhamdulillah. Teruskan excited sampai grad ye nak!

Class is 1x each week after the normal school time. Every Monday we pick him up a little late and kena bawak snacks sendiri. Usually on normal school hours, the teachers prefer no bento coz they want the kids to learn to eat together whatever the school provides. And also to teach the kids to not be a picky eater. Well, I guess that works on IY. He’s much better at food selection now and open for trying new type of food. Kalau tak, memang jenuh la nak ajar dia makan variety.  For taekwando class je kena bawak bekal snacks for after training session. Usually, IY bawak cookies or bread.

Z on the other hand lately kept asking if he can go to school like Abang. He’s pretty much a chatter box now. Pelat here and there, but we could still understand him nevertheless. We discussed a possibility of playschool but so far we have not decided on anything yet. Apa-apa pun tunggu he turns 3 dulu this June. Oh my, he’s going to be 3! How time flies. My baby is no more a baby. I sometimes feel like wanting to freeze the time and go on slow mo mode, just for the sake to enjoy their growing up moments.

Anyway, here’s the latest of IY with his taekwando uniform. Recycle gambar from my Instagram. More updated pictures of the boys and of us on my Instagram if you feel like following. Blog has been abandoned (sorry blog). But I try to update as much as possible for memory sake.

See you in March? (Errkk!)




Dear Ilhan: Second year Adni

Dear Ilhan,

It’s 2014 and you are now in your second year at Raudhah Adni. This is you going to school on the first day. So confident and excited. I know you’ll have a great year ahead.

Sorry son if I embarrased you to pose by the road side. All mommies are like that.

Sorry son if I embarrassed you to pose by the road side. All mommies are like that.

Spot your name?

Spot your name?


When I asked you to spell you class name, you said “A N (take away) N A J M”. I burst out laughing (behind your back of course). It’s a hyphen sayang, it’s not math.

Okay, I'm going now. You have fun! One last embarrassing pose for mommy.

Okay, I’m leaving now. You have fun! One last embarrassing pose for mommy, please.

When you read this post way in the future, just so you know that you had fun in kindergarten. You love school.

Love as always,


2013 highlights

Let’s recap!

This year has been an eye opener for me. In so many ways. I think I have learned to look things quite differently. I learned to see people, situations and problems positively. Belajar bersangka baik is the most rewarding lesson for me. When I started joining the Instagram bandwagon, little did I know that I was going to get hooked! I enjoy following IGers who posts beautiful pictures from all over the world. Also love reading their quotes, stories and experiences through their posts. Totally inspiring.

This year we enrolled IY to Adni. I’m glad we made that decision. He has blossomed academically and spiritually. He loves school. Alhamdulillah we are blessed.

This year we had the chance to travel. Travel too, opened my eyes. It’s refreshing. As much as it was a challenge to travel with the kiddos, I am happy that the boys learn a lot of things through their journeys. I am looking forward to more travelling adventures with my family in 2014.

Not to forget, this year we had a baby and lost a baby. I had the best 6 weeks carrying him/her. I even had a Turkish name ready. Saja berangan. Hehe. I still think about it sometimes. Especially when I see a few of my friends who got pregnant almost the same time as I did. I couldn’t help wondering how big my tummy would have gotten if I was still pregnant. But oh well, I know Allah knows me well. This is for the best.

Tahun ini adalah tahun kucing. At least for us lah. Haha! Budet came into our lives early this year and since then we kinda became cat people. But without really having cats as pets. I am still scared of them but as long as they keep the distance, I’m okay.

I never mention about Oggy in this blog, have I? A few months back, we brought back a stray cat (we named him Oggy). He had a severe case of skin rash and dehydrated. We took him to the vet and he was cured. All the while we kept him in our backyard. Sangat manja selalu nak memboloskan diri masuk rumah but we never let him in. Pandai dia tak pegi mana-mana pun masa sakit tu. Makan tidur je kerjanya. Garang pulak tu tak kasi kucing lain datang nak makan food yang kitaorang serve. Padahal boleh je share kan? Cehh! During our UK trip, we weren’t worried of his survival ability since he was a stray cat. Pandai la cari makan sendiri kalau dah habis stock Friskies tu. We put a whole lot of cat food and a bowl of water under the porch before we left. That was the last we saw him. He never came back. Hubby sedih jugak and search for him but I guess jodoh kami dengan Oggy sampai situ sahaja. I hope he is well wherever he is right now.

Sekarang kucing-kucing lain kembali untuk makan the Friskies we put in our backyard everyday. Pandai je share takde gaduh-gaduh. Dulu semua takut dengan Oggy. Hehe.

So I guess all of the above would be my highlights of 2013. I hope next year will bring us more rezeki and happiness.

Wishing all my readers a happy 2014. Toodles!


ADNI’s performance day

I received a note in IY’s communication book a few weeks ago that he will be performing in his year end concert and graduation day, of course mommy sangat excited!

“Ilhan Yusuf will be doing an Arabic sketch as a Monkey”

… Errk!! LOL! Monyet pun boleh lah!

Everyday he comes back from school and singing an I-wish-I-could-understand Arabic song and started jumping like a monkey. Siap ajar kita lagu tu macam mana nak nyanyi. And siap betulkan pronunciation kita lagi. “Mama, it’s ka..kaa…not KA..KA..”..(errr, they both sound the same to me boy!).

We were sitting on teh 2nd tier. Quite far jugak lah. Sebab tu la mommy kena turun depan stage. Tee-hee!

We were sitting on the 2nd tier. Quite far jugak lah. Sebab tu la mommy kena turun depan stage. Tee-hee!

Then the day came and he couldn’t be more excited. Mama and Ayah sudah ready dengan camera and video. We were sitting a bit far and I was worried tak nampak dia nanti. Little Z was not feeling well that day. He was recovering from a nasty viral fever. Although fever has subsided, he was still coughing and budak ni kalau batuk, tak muntah dia tak sah. So we were on standby mode when he started to make funny sounds with his little coughs. Nasib baik la dia tak muntah dalam dewan tu. Instead he decided to vomit in the car on our way home. Terima kasih adik. *mama tarik rambut*.

While waiting for Abang to start. Adik is getting restless. He just couldn't sit still.

While waiting for Abang to start. Adik was getting restless. He just couldn’t sit still.

Back to IY’s performance, mama seperti biasalah excited sampai turun bawah duduk bersila depan stage (with the rest of the excited parents, of course — bukan saya seorang ye!) untuk amik gambar AND video sekali. Terrer tak buat 2-in-1? Sangat lah tidak professional. The video goyang-goyang but mommy don’t care. Asalkan dapat capture. Where is Ayah? Well, adik was having his morning nap on daddy’s lap. So mommy has to go solo lah.

IY and his friends lining up before naik stage

IY and his friends lining up before naik stage. He saw me then asking for daddy. Dia nampak Gee kat atas tu and terlompat-lompat waving “hi ayah! hi ayah!”

After the show, the teachers held the kids in the waiting room sebab ada prize giving at the end of the event. I wasn’t aware of that (tak mention dalam communication book). So we waited for a while. Z was getting a little anxious by then so Ayah went for a walk with him outside the hall. Rupanya IY was receiving award for his achievement in class! He got the award for BEST IN HAFAZAN! Awww, daddy missed that. Nevertheless, we are proud of you son.

I couldn't get a good view for this one. Hope that photog on stage captured a better one. You better! I want a copy please.

I couldn’t get a good view for this one. Hope that photog on stage captured a good one. You better! I want a copy please.



So that’s the end of his 5yo kindy. Next year he will be in his final year before the real school starts. Wow, the word real school sounds so so surreal to me. *sigh*. Besar dah dia.

By July, we will know if he gets the SK school we registered him for. We still haven’t decided if it’s going to be Adni all the way or not. Maybe yes. Maybe no. We’ll just wait and see.