The birthday treat for IY

We brought IY to OU last weekend for some birthday treats. It was his day. Lately sejak2 Z melasak and IY being, well, IY la kan..we cannot tahan lama2 sangat kat malls. It has always been straight to the point tuju ke kedai apa nak beli barang or makan and balik. Memang bersilat dengan anak jantan. Wachaaaa!!

But since it’s IY’s birthday, we braced ourselves. After IY’s soccer training, we head on to Camp5 for some rock climbing. At first we thought nak kasi dia masuk with trainer and climb the wall with other kids. Among other skills, memanjat is his forte! Tapi since it was his first time, we let him panjat2 for fun dulu kat the entrance area. It was free unlimited so mommy happy lah! Test run dulu. Tak nak bazir duit if end up dia tak pandai nak make full use of the 1 hour paid trainer. It turned out memang dia cepat bosan. Panjat2 dalam 1/2 hour pastu sibuk nak tengok benda lain. So we concluded he’s too young for this. Playland here we come.


This ABC rock is so comel! IY trying to climb for the first time.

Next was the Starship Galactica Playland in the new wing. Kizsport jauh sangat kat wing lama. We spent an hour or so there so memang puas la the boys lari sana sini turun slides, play ball, panjat2 segala. Mommy and daddy pun penat sekali mengejar melayan. Sampai ada la sorang budak kecik tu tak nak balik! Tantrum I tell youuu!

We had lunch at Chili’s and they sang him Happy Birthday to him. Merah padam muka IY. Senget-senget mulut tu tahan senyum. Last2 dia nyorok behind me sebab malu! Especially bila other people meja sebelah2 pun nanyi sama and clap hands for him.

Cannot resist the molten eyh birthday boy?

Cannot resist the molten is it? Birthday boy malu-malu meow!

They took a polaroid of him with the ice cream cake. Dapat birthday card as a souvenir too.

They took a polaroid of him with the ice cream cake. Dapat birthday card as a souvenir too.

After meal we thought of going home. But IY spotted Get Crafty outlet on our way out and wanted to do some art attack. Left him there for a bit while we went for solat and he didn’t even mind at all. He’s usually not like that. Suka sangat la tu kan. Now he is bugging me to go there again. Hmmm…I’m thinking of sending him here for the art class lah. We shall wait and see ya!

With his artwork. Sayang betul dengan jet tu. Adik tak boleh sentuh sikit pun.

With his artwork. Sayang betul dengan jet tu. Adik tak boleh sentuh sikit pun

While waiting for Abang, Adik Z had his fun too! Menjerit2 “nak nak nak!” pointing at this…

Budak ni beaming ear to ear. Bila dah habis, dia tantrum tak nak keluar! Haish!!

Budak ni beaming ear to ear. Bila dah habis, dia tantrum tak nak keluar! Haish!!

Happy Birthday Abang. We love you so much!

p/s: Oh I haven’t put up the entry for the birthday celebration at his daycare. Will do soon. Stay tuned!



Photobook: IY’s First Year


After many many months since I last posted about the previous photobook, siap jugak akhirnya. IY’s first year photobook. A collection of his photos from the pregnancy days up to his first birthday. Pregnancy test also made an appearance in there! (Euww, I know. But hey, a mother got to do what a mother got to do,right? Errr, which is snapping the picture of the positive kit BEFORE throwing it away).

It took me a while to sort out his pictures according to month. 200 hundred of them. Phew! Then I sent to Asma and she came back with the draft layout. Then I took my own sweet time some more to comment on the draft and change this and that. Pastu submit balik to her to make the amendments. Pastu another round of checking. I think ada la dekat 4-5 kali kot back and forth sampai puas hati.

Next project? Of course la Z’s. But nak rehat kejap kot. But will definitely do one for him too. His pregnancy test had to be featured too, kan? Almaklumlah, mommy harus adil. LOL!

A friend asked me yesterday–when you named the album “His First Year”, does that mean there will be “Second, Third and so on?”. Jawapan: Oh tidak. Tahun pertama sahaja ye anak-anak. Tahun lain2 mama tak larat dah.

Check out Asma’s blog if you wanna know how to create your own photobook.

Made in Manchester

Made in Manchester

My tummies!

My tummies!


Fresh from the oven

Faces of IY throughout his first year

Faces of IY throughout his first year

His first birthday

His first birthday


Online shopping for my skincare

I found this website where you can purchase your skincare, makeup, perfume and many more at discounted prices.

It’s here at Bestbuy World

What I love about this site is they sell it in miniature sizes as well. So boleh la beli untuk travelling. Kata nak pack light kan? The quest of finding ways to pack light never ends for this mommy.

The other reason why I suka beli kecik2 is because sometimes nak try test dulu if they suit you or not. Especially kalau nak test perfume for the first time. Kalau over the counter semua besar2 belaka! And I can shop in peace. No SA sibuk2 commenting how dull my skin looks and how I need to buy item A, item B and item C sekaligus kalau tak beli nanti tak kulit tak cantik tak berkesan la or so they say. Gawdd! They can be annoying sometimes!!

I just converted to SKII recently. But I tak beli semua sekali serentak. Kopak nanti babe! Went to Parkson SKII counter last week to purchase just the basic trial pack dulu (ada FT Essence and Moisturizer je). Then I tuntut ilmu dengan beautician tu on their ranges of product. Siap take notes atas brochure tu! Then balik rumah I logged on into this website pastu pick and choose apa yang I nak (and rajin pakai je). I ni pemalas nak pakai toner and segala in between serums la mask tu semua. Basic dah cukup. Tapi disebabkan malas nak explain kat SA tu tahap kemalasan I (nanti dia lecture panjang lebar pulak). So I iya kan saja masa menuntut ilmu tu.

Because sharing is caring. Of course I want you to benefit from this site too (if you haven’t known about it already). Let’s stock up!



Puteri Harbour Family Theme Park

So after JPO, we headed to Nusajaya. I only found out about Puteri Harbour Family Theme Park sehari sebelum nak pi JB. Tak tahu pun kewujudan and dah open to public last October. It’s an indoor theme park located near Legoland. Dengar je indoor I suka sebab kalau hujan pun tak per lah tak spoil plan. The whole place is not fully developed yet so parking agak bersepah2 sikit di tepi2 jalan. Banyak lori besar keluar masuk situ coz the area still under construction. But it’s free parking. So no complaints lah!

The theme park consist of 2 parks. One is Sanrio Hello Kitty Town and the other is The Little BIG Club. The fees is RM50 for each park. Nak masuk both parks dapat discount jadi RM65. Adult and kid sama harga. Jangan lupa show your Mykad and MyKid kalau nak dapat those price. If not harga lagi mahal.

At the entrance – siap bawak payung sebab takut hujan kereta park jauh

We opted for 1 park only that is the Little BIG Club. Sebab anak2 jantan ku adalah tidak amik port siapa itu Hello Kitty. Hehe! Basically, dalam ni ada banyak rides based on characters from the kids’ world. Thomas & Friends, Bob The Builder, Barney, Pingu and Angelina Ballerina to be exact. Each character ada zone masing2. IY and Z enjoyed their time here the most. Ye lah kan tadi kat JPO mak bapak punya playground, ni depa pulak! Pulak tu it’s indoor and air cond..selesa la sikit. Cuma lighting agak gelap. Kalau cerah sikit lagi cantik and ceria kot. Well, I said that sebab gambar semua jadi gelap. I no like. Tu la kot main reason. Ceh diri sendiri tak pandai setting camera, salahkan lighting malap ye?

The inside of the park – 2 floors

Tempat dia not so big. Nak beratur naik rides tak lama and tak panjang. We took the train pusing2, naik helicopter, naik bus then ada playland macam Kizsports tu. Then ada appearance by the mascot and I guess it was Z’s lucky day sebab dapat jumpa Barney! The purple dino is his current favourite! Boleh nampak how excited he was. Siap tunjuk2 lagi. We Q sekejap je nak bergambar dengan Barney. They have their professional photog tapi at the same time kita bagi our own camera dia boleh tolong amikkan gak. Kalau nak beli gambar tu boleh ke counter they will print it for you. Kitaorang tak print pun. Mahai!

Z so excited!

Oh beware, the exit nak keluar will have to go through the souvenir shop. Strategic betul depa ni. Hoh! IY dah nampak segala benda dia nak beli. I want that and that and that. Please mom. Jenuh nak tarik dia keluar. Anyway, it was 5pm and we headed back to JB town balik hotel.

So that’s about it. Cuti-cuti Malaysia 2012 berakhir di sini. Now duduk diam2 kumpul duit cuti2 2013 plak. Kita cari tempat sejuk plak lah. Eh?


Johor Premium Outlet

For the record, we went there 3 times! Hoh! Macam banyak je borong ye? No lah! Mula tu first day survey dulu, second time baru full swing. Third time singgah je makan Baskin Robbins. Ahaks!!

Ni masa first day we went to look around dulu. Look at Z checking out his brother’s ride. Jealous ke dik?

The place was not far from our hotel in JB town. Dalam 20 minutes drive. Memang betul2 tepi highway boleh nampak dah. Tapi Ya Allah banyak nye toll nak pusing masuk tu! Parking space banyak tapi open carpark and kena bayar RM3 per entry. I couldn’t help myself reminiscing Cheshire Oaks Outlet in UK. Masa kat Manchester, Boxing Day memang tuju ke Cheshire Oaks sudah pasti! Concept yang sama. Size wise, JPO is much smaller. Hubby kata nampak besar dari luar, bila dah masuk dia habis pusing and he said eh abis dah ek?

That buggy car fees is RM30 but we need to pay RM130. The RM100 is refundable when we return the car. Tak yah parking2 kat luar..bawak masuk tolak kedai terus. Most of the kedai memang spacious nak tolak benda tu masuk dalam.

In terms of the brands available, JPO caters for the luxury upper side and also the mid affordable range. You can see the full list of the available brands here. Bagus jugak dia cover semua range coz bukan semua orang nak beli Armani and bukan semua orang pandang Padini. We spent most of our moolah at Adidas, Puma, Nike (guess who?). For mommy I went to Charles and Keith, Fossil and Clarks. And also for the kids I beli kat Gap, Padini and Poney. I was a bit frustrated sebab tak banyak choice for kids. Kalau ada Mothercare, Pumpkin Patch best la gak. Cotton On pun ada but for kids takde. Frust lagi.

JPO – from my lense

Price wise? Ada yang baloi and ada yang “eh banyak ni je discount?”. I tak reti nak comment on the price tapi yang pasti semua of course lagi cheapo dari KL. Choice wise? For people yang dah biasa pegi factory outlet, it is expected that the stocks will either be too big, too small, too this and too that. Design of course la off season. And cara susunan baju2 pun tak akan sama macam kat kedai retail dia yang standard. That’s how factory outlet roll. You kena rajin dig and kena rajin selak satu2. Ada yang longgok2 je or gantung kat rack main campur2 je. If you gigih dan bernasib baik, sure banyak hasil tangkapan.

This time I let him choose his own baju and for adik. Dia main sauk je masuk basket. I secretly took a few out. Nasib baik dia tak perasan. In this picture he was looking for his size. Now he thinks he’s 5 years old sebab pakai size 5.

I’m not sure how many times they replenish the stock but hubby said on the 2nd day “eh semalam design tu takde tau. Hari ni ada pulak.” So kalau lucky memang dapat la tengok stock baru. I got hubby his belated birthday pressie here. Bini cheapskate cari present yang discount off season kat suami. Kah kah kah! Dah cakap siap2 masa birthday dia aritu your gift you pilih kat JPO nanti k?

What else nak citer eh? Oh the upper luxury brands I tak amik port sangat. Tak masuk pun Coach, Burberry, Armani and semua tu. Sorry if you guys are waiting for a review. Tak de nafsu tengok handbag, boleh? Tak mampu pun ada jugak. Marilah sedar diri dan beli di Fossil saja ok? LOL! Lagipun nak masuk Coach kena beratur di luar dulu tunggu turn ye. Alah malasnye.

We were done dalam 4 hours (that includes teman IY main kat playground sambil makan crepe). Takde la lama sangat kot eh? My mom lagi cepat. 2 jam je dia dah call cakap I’m done and going back to the hotel.

My 6yo Adidas sneakers terkoyak mulut buaya at Legoland the previous day. Had to buy the black Puma at JPO. Love it. Light as air. Oh check out Z’s Puma sandals. Tak tahan comel! Both at 50% less. Catch of the day!

After the shopping spree, we went straight to Puteri Harbour Family Theme Park in Nusajaya. Will story more in my next entry.



When other people menabung for their next handbag, I menabung for this!


Limited Edition Canon EOS 1100D (Red) a.k.a Camera Yuna (that’s what I’ve been calling it)

Whoaaa! I guess this is my biggest splurge of 2012.


The party planning process

I nak share on the party planning process. It was such a long process since it’s my first time planning for such big event. In my case this is big lah. Tak pernah organize party besar. Overlapping pulak dengan my brother’s wedding planning. Banyak benda yang tak pandai nak estimate and expect. Plan lain, jadi nya lain. Nevertheless, I’m satisfied.

Ok come..let’s take a tour.

The logo

Copyright Reserved!

The blue and yellow Big Brother Little Brother logos were designed by Lisha from Show The Love. I think I paid less than RM50 for the design. Tak ingat dah last year buat ni. Initially the logo was just for a Tshirt design. I wanted to print for IY and Z last year when Z was born. For fun je masa ni belum plan pun nak ada birthday party. Last2 terus jadi official logo pulak. Since I have the pdf file in high reso, I bawak je pegi printing shop and print stickers, tags and whatnots. I went to the printing shop kat Taman Melawati – Advanco. Sapa2 dok area Melawati sure familiar kot.

The Tshirts

IY’s T turned out green’s supposed to be blue. Dunno la why. The printing guys tried so many inks tapi still keluar colour hijau Petronas jugak

I printed the Tshirts kat Azmie Tshirt in Wangsa Melawati. Found out about this place from ShilaShower’s blog. It’s RM15 per Tshirt. I bought the white T’s from Mothercare masa sale aritu. They use the heat press method. Tak rosak pun lepas masuk washing machine and dryer. For RM15, not bad!

Remember the Batman logo I printed on Z’s tshirt for Aqib’s party? Haa I buat kat sini jugak. I cakap je nak logo Batman, they googled and print terus atas his T. Oh, mama & ayah pun print logo atas Tshirt jugak! But ours were on black T’s.

The birthday cakes

Still from my dear friend Sue. Sebab dah memang tahu cake dia sedap. I did my own cake stand. It’s just an empty box dibalut wrapper polka dots.

Jerry cake is for Z

Tom cake is for IY

You may wonder why Tom & Jerry? Ini request from the Big Brother IY. It’s either that or Oggy and The Cockroaches. Oh I am not going to serve “lipas” to my guests! Haha! Tikus and Kucing takpe pulak eh? Well, Jerry is cute. He’s an exception. Joey, Dee Dee and Marky aren’t!

Brown bag for the party packs

Beli kat sini. I wrote about it here. Memang berguna lunch bag ni. Apart from the party packs, I put extra bags on the table for the guests to tapau anything home. I had 2 buffet tables setup. One was the dessert and the other was the goody treats. Thanks to Iera (A2PPL) for her help. She did most of the table setting up. By the way, I also rented the Happy Birthday garland and some of the party stuff from A2PPL. Checkout their website to see what’s in store for you!

IY  helped me a lot to pack the party bags. And he’s so proud of it. “Abang yang tolong mama buat party bags ni!”. At night when Z’s asleep, both of us will start packing sikit2 sampai siap. Dekat 2 minggu jugak la buat benda ni.  Haha..2 minggu lama gile! Sebab sebenarnya mama kena repair balik apa yang IY pack! Takpe lah, asalkan dia bahagia. I wanted him to experience his own party. Not just the party day, but the party prep as well.

Bought the pegs from DIY Shop kat Jusco AEON. Isi dalam lunch bags beli kat Joe Meng Taman Melawati. Ada M&M’s, Chupa Chups and Eclairs candies inside

The PLEASE TAKE ONE table buffet. I didn’t put the toys inside the lunch bag sebab I wanted to kids to play the stuff during the party. It worked! They loved the bubbles and the helicopter pusing2 tu


I ordered this rubberstamp from Dear Azalea. I wanted something everlasting yang boleh guna over and over. This stamp just has their names on it. Tahun depan leh recycle pakai lagi!

Stamped belakang lunch bag

Balloon arch and bouquets

What’s a party without balloons, right? We had an arch balloons at the entrance by Jungle Playland. Also ada balloons bouquets side by side the cake table (yang Z sibuk nak main tuuu).

We had to shift the arch masuk khemah coz the wind was blowing kuat jugak

Castle bouncer

I didn’t plan any games nor pinata for this party so I figured this castle would be a great replacement as kids’ entertainment. It sure was! Thanks to Razzle Dazzle Party Box.

The bouncer looks big in the pictures. Actual takde la besar sangat


Custom made by blogger friend, Ira. IY’s garland memang dah ada since his 2nd birthday. Z punya baru this year. So for the years to come, kita recycle saja!

I guess that’s about it. More or less the info on where I bought and ordered stuff for the party. In case I missed anything out, drop your comments ya!


Shopping: Itsy Missy

I guess you’ve seen my bib necklace from the aqiqah entry. Wanna see more?

She is Carol. And she runs Itsy Missy. Another SAHM generating income from home. *envy envy*.

Itsy Missy sells accessories for babies, kids and adults. When she first started, I was in awe tapi tak leh nak amik port sebab….I don’t have a girl!

But when she started her brooches collection…I like! I bought a few of her satin roses brooches. Pictures below credit to Itsy Missy FB page and Carol’s blog.

Satin rose brooches – these are not handmades by IM

Then I bought a whole lot of Rosie Blooms brooches from her. These Rosie Blooms come in baby streachable headband and cekak rambut too.

Rosie Bloom Baby Stretchable Headband

Rasa macam nak beli semua colours

One of my favourites! If only I had a girl.


This is the close up picture of my bib. She handsewn the pearls and the blue chunky beads one by one. Talk  about handmade!

True Blue Bib Necklace

She also made these for me. Sweet eyh?

Lace-y theme

Like her page and I guarantee you’ll like her work. Chop! You’ll LOVE her work!

And another great news..IM is on SALE. Time to stock up your Raya accesories!!


Shopping: Hijabs

Hati tertarik nak tulis ni lepas baca entry Aizura ni. So where do I usually get my tudungs?

Sri Munawwarah

This is not an online shop. It’s a boutique in Taman Tun Dr Ismail selling Muslim attire from head to toe. I love SM because they produce quality clothing. The fabric they choose are top notch and bertahan bertahun2. I still wear their stuff I bought 4-5 years ago. Yes they are bit pricey, but the quality justifies the price. I also think they are in a different league from most of the Muslimah boutiques out there.

I only wish they have online service.

De Zahra

I don’t remember how and when I started knowing De Zahra. I love DZ coz their material, cutting and length menepati piawaian saya. Just like SM. Sedap pakai. Also sebab they have alteration service. Contoh kalau your awning dah worn out, you can send it back to them for new awning at a very minimal charge. They can do size alterations too.For me I suka pakai lycra awning sebab thai silk awning susah nak jaga. I dah jarang buy the thai silk ones elsewhere. Tapi kat DZ I still buy the thai silk awning pakai sampai lunyai pastu send back to them tuka lycra awning pulak. They only accept their own DZ tudung though. Jangan pulak pi hantar tudung beli kat tempat lain.

They always update the FB page for new releases.


Percaya tak if I say I was first attracted to buy from here sebab model tudung dia cantik! Also sebab the price is reasonable so I gave it a go. Tapi sebab dah biasa tudung sedap from SM & DZ, theirs I tak berapa favour in terms of the cutting and awning yang agak kembang for me. They do give instructions on how to mend the senget awning by ironing from inside tapi I feel that tudung baru tak payah buat semua tu if sewn perfectly. So anyway, I stopped purchasing the awning style but moved on to their other collections. Long cotton shawl dia cantik2. The neck covers inner sedap pakai. Sejak pakai inner neck cover from SS baru I suka pakai syria or lilit2 style. Somehone my baby hair kat sideburns tak sibuk nak terkeluar bila pakai inner neck cover SS. Planning to buy more when they have more colours available. Currently tak banyak colour choice sangat.

Recently they just opened their boutique in Shah Alam. Dekat dengan Jakel. I’ve been there once. Sangat cantik and cozy. And I met the tudung model to i.e. tokey kedai. Sangat cantik. Hehe!

Alhumaira Contemporary

Ni yang latest I just found. Ada both online and real boutique kat Kota Damansara. I like their collection tapi lepas beli satu one of their instant syria sarung style, I find the length of the tudung agak pendek. Just ngam2 covers my chest. I find myself keep pulling the front part to cover my boobies but end up yang belakang pulak tertarik sama so terus yang belakang nampak bare pulak. Nehi nehi. Tapi no doubt design dia cantik2.

I bought this but tak jadi pakai sebab ingat macam pandai pakai rupanya tak pandai. Any takers? Still ada tag lagi tau. It’s double sided chiffon.

I guess that’s all for now. Ada la jugak website and kedai lain tapi I’m just listing my favourites.