Shopping: The wedding stuff

I’m going to list the main vendors and suppliers I worked with for the past 6 months when planning my brother’s wedding.

The hall: Dewan Sri Siantan of Perbadanan Putrajaya (012-9230 237)

The hall can accommodate up to 1000 pax at one time. The price starts at RM8,500. Not including kerusi meja ya. Hence, the starts at.

PIC is En Ridhwuan, a nice guy who calls me Put. Hehe! Easy to work with although you have to be prepared to go through the bureaucracy processes dealing with a government agency. So many rules and regulations to adhere to. A little pening there.

Dewan Sri Siantan Perbadanan Putrajaya

The wedding planner: Sherly from Tie The Knot (012-3270 556)

She saved me from a lot of headache. That’s the best thing about having a wedding planner. Although her scope was not from A to Z as hers was mainly for the event day. I knew from the start that I wouldn’t be able to juggle on my own between coordinating the arrival of the pengantin and the ushering of the bride’s family while chasing IY around the hall! That’s where she stepped in. Everything about the kenduri day is on her. She made sure the caterer was on time, booking the gamelan, the newlyweds’ grand entrance and most of all the deco of the hall. She’s very organized being the middle person. She updates me with her meet-ups with other parties involved.

My dad is very simple guy. He doesn’t like things to be OTT. So basically the deco of the hall was suited to his taste. Simple and sweet. I wanted the pure kesucian terserlah look with mostly all white colour with a pinch of green ala garden wedding. I love white weddings! (Eh sapa pengantin ni?). When I found out that the pengantin also nak pakai white. I was afraid they would become invisible. But Sherly convinced me that won’t happen. And I guess it didn’t. Pengantin TETAP terserlah. I am happy with the result.

Meja makan beradap

The flower stand reminds me of my wedding

The wedding favours and invitation cards: Nad from Ole Ole Manis (012-3447 400)

Easy to work with and she got lotsa ideas. I just said I want something that’s looks Tiffany-ish and she just get it. Tak payah describe lebih2. Banyak yang dia suggest for designs and materials. Also very organized and kept me updated. Sekali sekala she will tag me on FB or send picture messages of the things that they are currently working on. Kotak dah sampai tengah lipat or dodol dah masukkan dalam box, etc. I suka macam tu. Takde la senyap je and keep us wondering. She delivered the boxes on the eve of the kenduri straight to the hall. Another headache cured! Recommended! Enough said.

The lace-y theme


Wedding favours

Polka dot boxes with dodol inside

The wedding favours: Mutiara Dodol (013-3755 587)

I liaised with their guy called Izat. Never met him. Just via email and sms. 2 weeks before the kenduri, they delivered the dodol directly to Ole Ole Manis for packing. Mutiara Dodol supplied dodols for my wedding too 7 years ago. My parents suka and ramai pun suka the dodol, so we opt for the same this time around. They supply to Petronas Mesra too. The packaging for Petronas is different la. But the taste tetap sama. Sedap.

Contact Izat if you want to order in bulk. Kalau nak beli sikit, pi cari kat Petronas Mesra je.

The wedding cake: Sue from Pumpkin Mummy (016-3379 916)

It’s a 3 tier cake with 3 different flavours. Chocolate moist, red velvet and buttercream with chocolate layer. We discussed a lot about this cake. A lot! Whatsapp hari2 towards the kenduri day to confirm the design and everything. Dia beli brooch tu pun dia send me pic dulu tanya ok ke tak. I kept telling her less is more. We want simplicity. And she did it.

I have to say I love the outcome. And the cakes taste as good as it looks.

Yummy no dummy 😛

The caterer: Fari’s Catering (017-8886 188)

This is dad’s favourite caterer.  Dah bertahun-tahun dia setia dengan En Hamid Sultan. My wedding dulu pun we use the same caterer. The food memang sedap. No doubt. Just maybe they need to polish on presentation and efficiency kot. Ahh well, biasa lah…kenduri kalau tak hiccups tak sah.


The hantaran: Shajaratul Design (013-3405 321)

I think ramai yang kenal Shajaratul Design ni. Her work memang cantik. For the hantaran designs, I leave it all up to her. I wasn’t that fussy. As long as they are presentable, we are happy enough. Due to a few clashes of her schedule, we were lucky enough for the completed hantarans to be delivered to our doorstep. Selalunye kena pick up! Talk about rezeki, eyh?

Hnatarans by Shaja

Oh please bear in mind, I’m not paid to say all of the above. I’m just a satisfied customer.



Wedding Amrun-Najwa: Putrajaya Reception

The day has finally arrived. The day we’ve been planning for the past 6 months or so.’s all over and done with.

Glad that it went well (despite the hiccups here and there..adat la bermajlis kan). Glad that it’s over! Now I can put my feet up (if I can ever find where my feet are) and rest for a little.

No so many pictures in my camera. Tak sempat nak ber posing bagai. Just 1 or 2 je dalam keterpaksaan dan dalam kebz-an. Hoping the photogs have captured great shots.

As usual, sneak peaks taken from the FB and apa yang ada in my phone.

This is kinda my favourite. Romantic!

Baby Z and his K-Pop uncle (that explains the hairdo :P)

Carrying a baby on heels is hardwork. And I’m not even on stilettos! Wedges je. Still I can’t feel my legs at the end of the day

Little Z was such a darling. A happy baby throughout!

What about Abang IY? He’s just everywhere! At one point I just gave up asking him to stop running. Tapi yang best tu, songkok tak cabut the whole day! Melekat di kepala sampai habis kenduri

I finally can say this now…IT’S A WRAP!!


Wedding Amrun-Najwa: Another reception

The bride held another reception at their home last weekend. This one was more relaxed and laid back. The newly weds berjalan-jalan menyambut tetamu and had a quick bersanding, renjis2 sikit and back to mingling around with the guests.

Even the food tak macam kenduri kawin pun. Best! Ada lamb grill, chicken BBQ, char keow teow and even an ice cream parlour!

Pelamin adalah sangat cantik. Very nicely done. Sweet and soft. Everything about the wedding was oh so nice. IY was being IY, as usual running around (sikit lagi nak terjun pool – mama urut dada). Z was in such a good  mood, smiling and giggling away.

Pictures not so clear though..just from my phone. Later if I have from the photog, will tepek sini k?


He was a happy baby that night

Selamba dia je baring kat pelamin

Us us and us!

Next up..our reception this coming weekend. Praying it will go smooth as planned. And as for me personally, I pray that:

  • the cake will turn out cantik! Also for it to arrive the hall safe and sound. A 3 tier cake cake from Damansara to Putrajaya needs a lot of TLC!!
  • the hall deco will be awesome! Oooohhh I can’t wait to see the end result! Saw the sketches and the sample picture from the wedding planner. Rasa nak kawin balik bole?
  • all family members to be on time and semua sihat walafiat
  • makanan cukup and sedap dan no wastage
  • my boys to be sihat, well and behave! No cranky drama please!!! That reminds me, I need to bring an Ipad for IY just in case he’s bored running around. And extra baju too!
  • the pengantin to be sihat too. The bride was down with fever a couple of days ago. Hoping she recovers well for this Saturday
  • all in all..I hope this Saturday will be a memorable day for all of us

For those who know me and my family personally, hope to see you there. Please accept our humble apology should the wedding invites haven’t reached you yet. You may email/text me personally for the venue and time of the kenduri. We would be grateful if you could come. Semoga kehadiran anda semua dapat memberkati majlis kami. Amin.


Wedding Amrun-Najwa: Tropicana Reception

The bride’s family held a reception for the newlyweds on Saturday 9 June 2012 at Tropicana Golf and Country Resort. Nice!

It was a full swing of a Malay traditional theme lengkap dengan hulubalang siap! My other brother was the pengapit. Guess what IY asked upon seeing the other uncle walking down the aisle with the maid of honour? “Eh Ayah Chik kahwin jugak ke? Kahwin dengan siapa pulak tu?”. Aren’t kids the cutest! LOL!!

He was also puzzled as to why there are so many weddings? He asked “Ayah Ngah nak kahwin dengan siapa pulak ni? Semalam kan dah kawin dengan Auntie Najwa?”. *gelak guling2*

Little Z was no so well that night. Fever subsided but he started purging. He refused to eat and depended solely on my milk. I was getting worried. He pooped in the middle of the reception. Luckily the toilet was big and clean and had that baby board for diaper changing. I couldn’t focus into the reception sebab asyik melayan Z. Makan pun ala kadar je. Just gobbled up the food while MIL layan dia kejap. My mind kept wondering what’s wrong with little Z.

After the reception, I quickly grabbed our photographer and kumpulkan family members for family pictures. You know how everybody wants to take pictures with the newlyweds kan. Have to Q naik stage! Since Z was not well, I just wanted to rush home and nurse Z. He was uneasy and restless. Kesian tengok dia. Cepat2 amik gambar and we headed home.

It was a beautiful wedding I must say. I wish I could enjoy it more.

Again, Selamat Pengantin Baru!

Sneak peaks dulu..full album later!

Happy couple

Our entourage


Wedding Amrun-Najwa: Akad Nikah

Pejam celik..the nikah day is finally here and my not-so-little-anymore brother is now someone’s husband.

The akad nikah ceremony was scheduled on 8 June 2012 at 3pm right after the Friday prayers. Since the distance from our house to the bride’s house was quite time consuming with the traffic and solat time, we decided to be there earlier. We made a pit stop at the bride’s auntie’s house not so far from hers. Orang Melayu panggil “rumah bertanggak”. Duduk sama KL-Selangor pun dah kena ada rumah bertanggak these days. Crazy traffic la katakan.

Oh Z was having fever since the day before. Another tooth coming out. Timing of the tooth and demam was so off! Tapi kesian dia. And this mommy redha saja lah. I had to go through the wedding with Z’s condition anyway. And to make things more dramatic, he puked on me about 15 mins before we were about to leave the rumah bertanggak. Dalam orang tengah sibuk bersiap, kira dulang and nak sort siapa bawak dulang yang mana.. Uweekkkk!!! There goes my tudung! His tiny baju melayu pun kena tapi sempat cuci sikit and letak bawah kipas coz material tu senang kering. My tudung however, tidak dapat diselamatkan. My last resort was to wear the earlier tudung I was wearing in the morning when we came. Nasib baik colour match. If not, hmmm…I might just have to pretend I was pulling off a colour blocking style or somesort. Haha!

Anywhooo, the show must go on. Me smelling baby puke will not stop me from seizing the day. Of course it will stop me from salam peluk berlaga pipi muah muah with people though. I tried to avoid that! I braved through carrying cranky Z jalan slow2 je behind the pack. I tak bawak dulang. Z was sleeping when we arrived the bride’s house but later woke up and started to baby talk right before tok kadi nak start khutbah nikah. I took the kids to the empty TV room kat tepi tu and hide in there. From there I could see jugak the crowd outside cuma tak boleh nak focus biji butir sebab berdukung dancing2 dengan Z sambil geram dengan IY yang tak paham bahasa tengah sibuk dok tekan nak try pasang TV. Mama, boleh tak abang nak tengok Oggy? Mama, kena tekan butang ni ke? Mama, ni yang macam TokMan nyanyi kat rumah tu ke? Mama this Mama that! Grrrr!!!

So back to the solemnization ceremony, the couple sah jadi husband and wife after one lafaz. Alhamdulillah. *teary eyed*. Rasa tak percaya he is now a husband. Bila teringat zaman nakal dia dulu, lagi la tak percaya. *boy oh boy, this brother of mine is a true case of a Second Child Syndrome*. Haha!!

Lepas makan it’s time for family pictures and we were done for the day.

These are sneak peaks from our official photog – Myshots Wedding. Nanti when the album siap, will post more photos!

Welcome to the family – SIL!

Selamat Pengantin Baru – Amrun & Najwa

Mereka adalah sama-sama tinggi

Us and our boys!

Next up..the bride’s reception at Tropicana Golf!


3 months to go!

Kenduri dah dekat!

It was put on hold for a while. Now it is back on track.

  • Cards – sent for printing. Jenuh mencari map Putrajaya.
  • Baju (ours not the pengantin’s) – Dah pick up from tailor and to be sent to Beadme please for touch ups.
  • VIP Favours – finalized tapi belum beli.
  • Hantaran – done! Will be done by Shajaratul Design. Met her in person today. Such a cheerful young lady.
  • Catering – done!! Finally…pheww!! *lap peluh*. Bukan main lama nak finalize yang ni.
  • Music – done! Found a gamelan group to perform during the kenduri.
  • Hall deco – Considered done. Sebab yang ni I serahkan bulat-bulat to the wedding planner. I hope she’ll do some magic!!
  • Bunga telur girls – done! Thanks to my darling sis and her darling friends!!

Apa lagi yang un-done:

  • Emcee & doa – tak decide lagi siapa.
  • Baju Melayus of the dad, the other bro, the hubby and the boys – belum hantar tailor pun lagi. Sempat kot. Bukan nak beading bagai.
  • Accommodation near Putrajaya for the pengantin and us to berkampung the night before the kenduri – supaya kami tidak lambat. Lesson learned during my wedding – the first guest sampai awal, my parents pun tak sampai hall lagi masa tu. Let’s make sure that won’t happen again!
  • Guest list – ni satu lagi nak kena lap peluh. Susah nye nak finalize tang ni. I paling risau yang ni sebab this is a free flow kenduri. Ya Allah, biarlah cukup makanan semua. Or tolong la tak nak ada bazir apa-apa.
  • Sending out the invites – which relates to item above!

Oh I’m nervous! Kalah pengantin.

-Kakak pengantin-

Wedding Planning

Kita sidetrack sikit. *wearing my wedding planner hat*

When my parents serahkan to me tugas to plan the bro’s wedding, of course I can’t do it alone. I have to outsource. With IY & Z in tow, jangan harap saya dapat mengikat ribbon, menepek kertas apatah lagi menggubah hantaran. I googled for affordable wedding planners in Malaysia and found Tie The Knot. Sherly is her name. I contacted her and we have been emailing each other for the past few months now. So far she’s okay. I’m reserving my reviews and comments until I see the end result.

Today we meet for the first time at the Putrajaya Hall. There’s a wedding today and the hall organizer allowed us to go in to discuss further on the hall deco and event flow. She took pictures and suggested this and that. As long as she’s in the budget limit, I okay saja. I wanted her to do the hantaran too but she’s trying to focus on the deco and event planning only. So my hantaran is still uncheck.

Here is the picture of the hall. Muat 1000 orang at one time.

Dewan Sri Siantan Putrajaya

For the wedding favours, I chose Ole Ole Manis to work with. She’s also so far an easy person to work with. Cepat reply email and pandai kasi suggestions without offending my taste. Deposit paid and she’ll deliver everything to the hall the night before the wedding. Malam before tu Sherly will be there with her team to start working on the hall. I will be there too to be the mandor. Ahaks! Senang kan? Tak payah nak fikir ikat itu, tampal ini.

Photographer tak sah kalau bukan Kak Chik kan? But this time it is not LittleBig Shots. It’s Myshots Wedding. Deposit paid and all set.

Next in the check list will be the caterer. Will be having a meeting with him and daddy next Monday. Should be no problem as daddy knows what he wants. He’s in control in the food department.

Will update more when there’s an update. Seronok jugak plan wedding ni coz I’m not the bride so there’s no bridezilla moments. Groomzilla moments tak mungkin berlaku kot. Kalau ada, siap la kena pelangkong dengan kakak ni. Keh keh keh!

Wedding planner hat is now off for now.


The hall

We surveyed high and low for a decent place to hold the kenduri. Father of the groom pulak has specific criterias of the hall. His requirements ada 2 je – we can choose our own caterer (coz he has his favourite – he wants the same guy who cooked for my wedding) and it has to be free flow people come and go kinda style (not the sit down ber-protocol type). And no hotels. So there I was, googling and blog walking. Reading reviews and jotting down pros, cons and whatnots.

I guess I almost forgot how hard it was to secure halls for kenduri these days. I heard from my soon-to-be SIL that we have to book the place a year in advance. I was like seriously??? Come on!!! Then when I put it on my FB status, everybody shared the same thought. That reminds me of a FRIENDS episode masa Monica tempah that place she went with Phoebe (just for fun takut fully booked) pastu that lady called to confirm and Chandler picked up the phone and he freaked out! Remember that scene? Anyone anyone?

*Alamak! Tiba2 rindu nak tengok FRIENDS*

Then I remembered a friend’s wedding a few years back in Putrajaya Presint 3. I liked the place. It’s Dewan Sri Siantan (Perbadanan Putrajaya). Went to Mr Google for the info and managed to email them. The email was with no particular hope to get a reply sebab it was sent to the general line. I thought “Hmm.. entah2 diaorang tak perasan pun the email tu”.

Tiba-tiba dapat reply, I was given the phone number of the PIC. I called and mentioned the date I wanted. He gave me a quick laugh. I asked him “gelak tu sebab jauh lagi date ke or sebab dah penuh?”. He replied “sebab dah penuh.” But still , he took my details and put me in the waiting list. I gave a few alternative dates as well.

A couple of weeks passed by and I received a text from the PIC, somebody cancelled and one of the dates I wanted is available. Talk about rezeki ya! So we set an appointment to take my parents to see the place and paid the deposit.

Phew! Alhamdulillah. Satu kerja dah settle.

Moving on the next item the checklist.

Nota kaki: Email me personally if you need to know the PIC’s number. I’ll be happy to share.


The cake

We ordered the merisik strawberry topped cake from my dear friend Sue. Yummy I tell you! How do we know? Sebab we ordered 2! Of course la nak rasa sendiri jugak. When Sue advertised her cake dulu, I was drooling over it tapi takde occasion nak meng-order. When my mom suggested that we bring a nice cake as a gift for her soon-to-be besan, I quickly jumped to the idea. Mahu cake strawberry itu!

The best part is, IY thought it’s his birthday cake. He said “Wahhh, cantik birthday cake abang! Ada strawberry”. Belasah je lah…Cucuk la lilin 3 batang and nyanyi kat dia. Seronok bukan main. Jenuh la anak oi kalau setahun 10 kali birthdays!

Tengok tu! Muka bersinar-sinar!

Gigih tiup lilin


I chose chocolate, but it could be any flavour of your choice

Pumpkinmumycupcakes is here.


A new subject: Wedding

So it’s official.

My little brother is getting married. Well, he’s not so little anymore. Dah nak jadi laki orang dah.

Yesterday was the merisik cum meminang family meet-ups. Our side bawak the ring, kain for her and a cake as buah tangan. We all pun dapat cake and a basket of fruits as the balasan.

Gifts from our side

The wedding is set to be in June 2012. Macam lama lagi je kan?


When you have a kenduri to plan, June 2012 is not far away. I’m the unofficial wedding planner now. Nasib baik la kita belah lelaki, less segalanya. One majlis je and we’re done.

So my dear readers…from now on, apart from my boys, my breastfeeding and other ramblings…I have a new topic – WEDDING!

6 years ago, I planned my own wedding. Now, I’m working on my brother’s. It’s all coming back to me now. The quotations, the colours, the catalogues, the flowers, the theme, the favours..suka suka!! *tepuk tangan happy*!!

Note to self: Oh, saya harus kurus by June 2012. (Sapa yang pengantin nih?Eh!)