If he can’t go to the pool…

…let’s bring the pool to him.

I was looking for a pool macam Ichiro’s rainbow pool tapi tak ada kat Toys R Us GE. Ada design giraffe tapi I think it’s a bit too small for IY. So rembat saja la yang ini since this is one of the cheapest on the shelf.

Happy betul dia..”An nak ming!” (Ilhan nak swimming).

Since IY will be cooped in the house for the whole week, I thought we need to be creative. Need to find activities for him before he decides to be the Little Picasso he already is.

Takde rupa orang tak sihat pun kan?

Splish splash splush

HFMD update – IY is getting better alhamdullillah sangat-sangat that he’s not infected severely. The rashes kat his palm and tapak kaki has dried off and so far we don’t see any new rashes coming out. As for the ulcer in his mouth, he did try to brush his teeth by himself yesterday (that’s a good sign coz he didn’t let me touch his mouth masa tengah sakit tu).  But tak berani lagi nak brush for him. I just let him “play” with the toothbrush and let him “brush” his teeth at his own pace.

Actually we went to see the GP dekat clinic near our house on Saturday for a second opinion. And also to request for a different kind of ulcer meds coz we felt that at the rate we were going with the ulcer gel application given by the APSH paed, we were not even close of hitting the target where the ulcer is. Whoaaa! Sangat susah. Berperang bergusti bersilat sekali.  Sampai nak kena gigit jari pun ada. So the second doctor gave the mouth-drop kinda meds. This is much easier coz we just need to wrestle him down and let him cry. Once he opens his mouth wide – there you go!

We hope he’ll be as good as new by the time he’s back at the nursery next Monday. Amin.



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