Child safety harness

I read an FB status of a friend the other day. She was making a remark to parents who put child harness on their kids. Specifically the ones yang macam bag pack tu. She even mentioned the phrase “treating your kid like a pet”. Well, as expected, she received a lot of comments going FOR and AGAINST her statement. I said something on her wall too but although I wanna say more, I better not. Since this my MY blog and I can say whatever I want here, let me say it the way I wanna say it.

IY has a teddy bear child harness

If you have a kid who is oh so polite, dengar cakap, ikut je pegang tangan jalan pegi sana sini..the type yang okay mama, okay ayah, tak beli toy tu pun takpe…ok jom kita balik…or the type yang duduk je dalam stroller..tengok kiri kanan enjoying the view..let me tell you, YOU ARE LUCKY! Please teach me how you do it because I’ll be the first to enrol in your PARENTING 101 class.

However, the reality is, our kids…eh silap..MY kid is not like that. He is the type who menyorok dalam deret baju yang gantung kat hanger banyak-banyak tu..pastu buat-buat panggil kita “mama, where are youuuu?”, he will memboloskan diri dari pegangan tangan, if he sees something that catches his attention..he runs straight to it without alerting us. We are the ones who needs to catch up with him. Why do you think my husband lose so much weight (ok thyroid is one, but IY is the other). He loves being chased. Kalau  kita buat tak tahu, dia akan start buat-buat nak lari and say “kejar la kejar abang”. Tu pun I’m grateful he’s not the type yang guling-guling atas lantai tarik tudung kita sampai tercabut kalau tak dapat apa yang dihajati.

Stroller? He doesn’t sit in the stroller anymore. We already sold his stroller months ago sebelum jadi white elephant dalam store room tu. He prefers to walk..or in his dictionary walk means run. At times, hubby prefers to dukung him so that he is more manageable. Again, more calories burnt for hubby. IY is 16.6kg now. We are thinking of a getting a buggy board soon.

Buggy board

When we were in Langkawi last year for a holiday, I was 20 weeks pregnant and we bought the safety harness coz I know if hubby missed him, I’d be too pregnant to chase him. So we brave through the stares and the whispers in KLIA. Yes, I see the eyes. I can tell people are looking on how I treat my kid. Dengan anak yang hyper macam ni, kita tak boleh nak miss sesaat pun tengok dia. Sekelip mata dia boleh hilang. Look all you want, if you don’t have a kid that runs every minute, count your blessings darling.

New year 2012 we were in Melaka. Was having lunch at Nando’s and IY decided he wanted to play the balloon in front of us. There was a spacious area kat depan tu. I was eyeing him like a hawk. Sesaat I was looking at Z and he’s nowhere to be seen. Gee could see I was pucat and I was shouting his name already. Suddenly, he came out of nowhere and continue happily playing. See? Kids know nothing. They are innocent and couldn’t tell the difference between danger and safety. Between good people who is angry at them or bad people who is smiling at them. You wouldn’t want to risk it, would you?

Nevertheless, I’m not complaining that my kid is active. Sebab tu I like taking him outdoors to play and let him be as free as he wants. Not just cooped in the house, the school, the daycare and the car all week. I believe kids are SUPPOSED to be active. We as parents tak boleh nak sekat dia. All we can do is watch their step every second and pray that they will be safe all time.

There! It’s outta my system now.



14 thoughts on “Child safety harness

    • LOL!

      I could see that. You were really going at it at her statement. Kita naik takut nak mencelah.

      But yeah, what can we do? Jaga la anak sendiri baik2. Itu je boleh buat.

      • Oh no… That was me with penapis… If I was really going at it, it would be hard to stop… I GET that is what most ppl think, but like I said, thinking about something like that and actually writing it down for all to see, really has two different effects…

  1. Betul…I was thinking 2-3 kali jugak before posting this entry. But I REALLY need to get it out of my head. Been thinking about it ever since. Tak puas x dapat nak comment banyak2. Even kalau comment, people will get defensive.

    Penangan mukabuku…*sigh*

  2. Oh… And in all seriousness and willingness to “see from another point of view” please tell me what are the negatives in using the child harness on the child besides getting stares and comments and ‘what other people think’… Psychological? Seriously?

  3. I see where you are coming from although my boys do not need a harness, I totally understand the frustrations. However, I personally think (except a few people who feels so strongly against it, for some reason or another), Malaysians are opening up to the concept. What can people say? Crimes rates are escalating, its scary. But people can be defensive in so many other issues, memang tak boleh dilayan semua-oh Malaysians have so many taboos.

    So stick to our grounds, bear with the stares, as long as our kids are safe, aights mama?

    • A’ah these days banyak types ada. But my friend was specifically referring to yang teddy bear bagpack tu.

      Betul tu, apa saja asalkan anak tak hilang. And you know how IY is kan? Orang makan kat restoran, dia masuk bawah meja. Grrrr!

  4. Gibran is exactly like IY, so i get u. Once when i was 7 months pregnant he ran ahead of me and nak kluar gate skolah, right into traffic, tapi nasib baik penjaga gate tu peka as usual and grabbed him fast. Byk la songeng nak comment pasal org yg pakai harness. One day karma will go biting her in the arse i hope. Hahaaaaaa yes i’m nasty that way :p

    • Hahaha!! Garang mommy yang sorang nih. Hehe…

      But anyway, yes, a mommy with a same type of kid like IY would feel me. I’m sure there’s a lot of IYs and Gibrans out there.

      So my point is please don’t judge when you’re not in our shoes.

  5. hi. i baru je kat sini. Sekarang tgh pregnent 31weeks. mmg dr awal lg rancang bila anak ni dah pandai demand nak ber’jalan’ sendiri mmg nak beli harness ni. zaman sekarang bnyk design yg cute, n by time setahun 2 lagi (thanks to in-facebook-selling-xtvts) most parent akan pakai harness ni. meanwhile, bersabar je la ye kak. hehe..

    by the way. entry sumer best. nnt i bookmark.

    • Hi Linda..
      Mmg dok bersabar dengan kerlingan orang. Tapi takpe lah..biarkan saja.

      Oh thanks for the compliment. Entry semua berdasarkan pengalaman sendiri je. Saja nak sharing2 dengan all mommies (and daddies) out there. Hope all of us can learn a thing or two from everyone’s experiences. Sila la bookmark/follow ya!

      Congrats on your pregnancy! Hope you’ll have a smooth delivery.

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