Knackered weekend!

We had Z’s aqiqah kenduri and IY & Z’s double birthday party this weekend – back to back in one Saturday.

Self reminder – Think twice before doing 2 events in one day! Panadol please..headache, backache, kaki-ache, pendek kata all the -aches lah!

But putting all the penat aside, we had fun! And yang penting..our boys had fun. I hope our guests did too.

Little Brother Z during the aqiqah in the morning – wearing a Liz Othman jubah

Big Brother IY during the party in the evening – all sweaty after the running and jumping around. I had a comb in my pocket semata2 utk dia to look presentable in the family pictures! And boy punya la susah nak kejar dia untuk sikat rambut! Tapi kalau tak, memang kusut masai la jawabnye

More pictures laterz!



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